Nominated as a IGF Seamus McNally Finalist, NightSky is an ambient action-puzzle game that offers a gameplay experience unlike any other, as cerebral challenges fill uniquely designed picturesque worlds. The player must maneuver a sphere by using realistic physics to advance; each of these worlds is broken into different areas. The original soundtrack by experimental jazz musician Chris Schlarb will further heighten the surreal experience. says: "NightSky does things with balls that you never thought possible, and is stunning in motion."

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I really loved this game: the moody graphics, soothing music and lovely physics. It's only failing is that it's very short. However, there is another difficulty level to try so it's not too bad.


I how the graphics are very very simple. In terms of colours, that is. The next thing is the physics, just wonderful!



As always, Niclas made little piece of art, that made not for everyone, but to peoples that feels overall experience prior game components.
Maybe, this game dont have colorful graphics. but it have fresh vie on physical puzzles.
This game dont have a real plot, but it have a lot to get you go far and far - interesting puzzles, atmospheric sound and some little jokes in it too.
Some of puzzles is easy, some not, but all is unique. You need to cross bridges, jump walls, fly as part of strange machines.
Overall, is great.

NightSky is a rolling puzzle platformer, like Gumboy Crazy Adventures or to a certain extent Gish. You (mostly) control a circle rolling across a series of 2D screens. It does have a few neat tricks of its own, the times when it puts you in a vehicle or totally removed control of your ball and gives you control over various aspects of the environment are funny little breaks from the formula. It also have a very nice interesting difficulty curve for a puzzle game. Too many puzzle games just get harder as you go on and each puzzle beaten is replaced by one which is harder which really kills the sense of accomplishment at times. NightSky has on average gradually increasing difficulty and no particular spikes but it has a lot of difficulty peaks where it throws in some very trivial levels to make you feel awesome.

It has a plot or rather it has an opening cut scene and a closing cut scene which both feature the real world counterpart of the apparently dream world ball you're controlling. It is basically just a short bit of nonsense to bookend the game.

The puzzles and the controls are both pretty nice though. It does what it does pretty well, is it just a shame it feels like a cut down version of Gumboy with a different aesthetic. It is about five hours long to get through the main campaign on normal without bothering to collect the stars to unlock the bonus level or doing the alternate mode. Goodness knows how long it would take to do every but it didn't leave me with the desire to find out right now. The main campaign doesn't outstay its welcome or repeat itself too much. The sound track is nice. All in all I had fun with it and it is far from a bad game but if you have choice between this and Gumboy then I'd find it hard to recommend wholeheartedly simply because Gumboy is better. If on the other hand you enjoyed Gumboy and want that same rolling platform puzzler itch scratched or can't get hold of Gumboy then go for it.

Awesome piece of puzzle and platformer in decent setting. This is how indies should be made - simple but charming.


Very relaxing game. Worked flawlessly on my 64bit ArchLinux.

This game is perfect. The art, music, and small background story create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. The developer never stops changing the gameplay which is always focused around some creative physics mechanic. It runs (on the latest version) flawlessly on linux. I have played through the levels 3 times now and I can't get enough.


this game (or at least the "alternative" mode. i haven't tried normal yet) uses a combination of mind-bending puzzles and, to a greater extent, pixel-perfect execution requirements to provide hours of addictive gameplay while using a calming ambience to stave off frustrated ragequits. XD

Good music, good graphics, good semistory, good gameplay, good puzzles. Just good. And thats all it needs sometimes.

Nightsky is a unique 2D platformer/puzzle. It's challenging and a lot of fun. Gameplay is also surprisingly varied. Personally I think it's a bit short, but a sequal would fix that problem :)

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