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I have currently undertaken the task of overhauling my profile page. How you ask? By making it all Undertale-related! I don't care if it's just a phase; I've had this game for, like three days at the time of writing, and I've played through it almost four times, deriving incredible enjoyment out of each playthrough. It's such a wonderful game, and it easily joins my list of my favorite games of all time, a list inhabited only by two other games: Bastion and Transistor. Those who know me know I've clocked in, like, 3000 hours of Skyrim, but that doesn't mean it reaches the top spot; it's good fun, but it doesn't have a good story aside from the ones you make yourself. Bastion, Transistor, and now Undertale all have wonderfully written stories that I've fallen in love with, with brilliantly written characters that I can shamelessly hold up as examples of how to properly forge a good character in fiction. Undertale is such a dynamic game, and it's a fantastic experience that I enjoyed....

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Stinger is Nym's counterpart to Viper, serving almost as a foil for the heavy pistol; it is light, compact, and designed for close-quarters combat, given its automatic nature. It has a rapid rate of fire which requires either large clips, and abundance of ammunition, or both.

Two custom features are installed onto the weapon to increase its effectiveness, and they are useful in conjunction. The first is an extended magnetic acceleration barrel which increases accuracy and projectile speed, allowing for more damage to be done. The second is a modification to allow Stinger to fire in semi-automatic mode, to accommodate the detachable barrel.

Nym is adept with Stinger as he is with Viper, and often uses both at once to devastating effect; together, they allow him to take on almost any situation.

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