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I'm a writer who enjoys listening to good music (which, to me, is most anything by Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, and a few other artists who create similar music). I also love playing video games, mostly keeping to single-player RPGs (Dragon Age [Origins] and Skyrim). I do however occasionally play PlanetSide 2, but that's the extent of my multiplayer experience. I'm also part of a Star Wars RPG taking place on this site, mainly because I like Star Wars and I love creating stories. If you're reading this and you like Star Wars, I recommend trying it out to see how you like it. And that's about it. Now go do better things with your time, as I'm sure there are better things to do than read up on the profile of a teen with too much time on his hands. Good day!

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Of course. You'll have a lot of reading to do (basically the articles above), and that should be enough to figure out how to set up a new character. Just choose a faction, get creative with a (reasonable) back story, allocate skill points, and join in.

Also, it might behoove you to become somewhat familiar with other player characters at some point. But we'd love to have someone new, so feel free to join. Also, for convenience, join this group, as this is where basically everything happens.

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AK151 Apr 25 2015, 9:57pm replied:

OOC: Stealth field generator and shadows basically gives her almost total invisibility. There's sound dampening too, but it doesn't necessarily catch everything, so I haven't got a problem with you picking up on something.

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AK151 Apr 25 2015, 12:40am says:

Serena notes the standstill, deriving humor from it; neither group wants to engage the other. Under other circumstances, she would love to make them fight one another, but it would be too easy to trace such chaos back to herself. Thus, she continues to keep her distance; patience is a tool she's always been able to wield impressively.

As Thaxos and his men hide, Serena moves forward, sneaking past the party and going back down the hallway; she goes slowly, undetectable via the Force and invisible thanks to the shadows she lurks in and her stealth field generator. The Sith party comes within earshot and Serena's honed hearing can make out what sounds vaguely like an ancient Sith dialect; too bad she doesn't speak the language. Their speech becomes clearer as she draws closer, and she keeps to the shadows, taking every precaution to ensure she remains undetected.

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AK151 Apr 24 2015, 7:00pm says:


Victory listens intently for movement. The organic is clever, blinding him and consolidating its forces where his masterworks cannot reach, but its consolidation is also his. Victory observes quite happily that the organics have forgotten that he has ears as well as eyes.

"You ready, buddy?" Victory hears the irritation ask; the interrogative is followed immediately by a metallic clank, which would have had to be generated by the hide of that massive war droid. How dare it use mechanical works against him! Just what does this meatbag think it is? In the end, it won't matter. Victory continues to listen as the foolish organic spews its entire plan: "Fido's the vanguard," it says, referring to the war droid by his demeaning pet-name. "He'll follow the smoke." Smoke. Victory remembers the feed from a camera the meatbags had forgotten to disable, seeing another worm pushing a crate alongside the war droid. It must have brought some smoke grenades. Such simple tricks. Victory realizes that there might also be more EMP grenades, but the barrier his masterpieces had constructed should protect from such attacks.

Victory quickly makes calculations, using the cameras that observe the hallway where his children are mounting their defense. He sees a cylindrical canister fly around the corner, moving too quickly to be shot down in time to keep it from doing anything; smoke fills the area, and Victory is blinded; a loud bang is also heard, but the deafening sound lasts only a short few seconds. Victory hears the war droid approaching, rounding the corner. It's a shame that he could not be saved, but some sacrifices must be made. This is what Victory thinks as he hears the war droid pass, entering firing range of the missiles.

OOC: Wanted to switch to Victory's perspective for this to add to the effect. He hasn't made a move; I'm just detailing his observations.

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AK151 Apr 24 2015, 6:58pm says:


Cadrin looks again at the hardware, and then again at the footage of Elize uploading herself. He pays attention to the process she used, then nods to himself. "What the hell," he mutters, pressing a few buttons on the inert device Elize had used to transfer her mind to the computer.

Nym motions for Fido to stop before it rounds the corner that would put in range of the hostiles. The cooked ion grenades are thrown, as if they are held in wait for Fido, they would end up annihilating the defenders, and do little damage. The soldier pushing the crate stops behind the massive war droid, looking around. A quick motion from Nym tells him to watch his tongue, lest Victory hear them.

Nym walks over to the soldier, who opens up the crate. There are a few canisters: some of Nym's flashbang-smoke grenades. There are also a few EMP grenades, but the barrier would end up rendering them essentially useless. There is also another device, which Nym picks up, at the same time grasping for the worn-out shield generator.

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AK151 Apr 23 2015, 8:19pm says:

Nym keeps in cover, looking around after realizing that Victory still has eyes and ears in the area. He notes any cameras or visual sensors and promptly destroys them, blinding the AI; there's nothing he can do about the auditory sensors, so he'll just have to be more careful. Rogue cloaks and peaks her head around the corner, taking as good a look as she can when she gets an opportunity. She notes the rocket launchers and the impressive fortifications.

A shuttle arrives in Icarus Station's hangar bay, larger than the one used to transport the initial strike team. The men that had pulled back are no more worse for wear, and throw a quick gesture of acknowledgement to the new party. The loading ramp descends and a massive war droid marches out, its stature intimidating; it's set up with a massive artillery cannon on its back, as well as several smaller weapons. Beside it, a soldier escorts the droid, a bandolier hanging from his shoulder with a few pouches. He nods to the others and moves forward with the war droid, advancing towards Nym's position. He isn't worried about Fido getting hacked; the droid doesn't have any communications hardpoints through which Victory could remotely transmit its programming; if the AI wanted Fido, it would have to be physically uploaded into the war droid's body.

Cadrin pauses for a second and looks up. "Victory's going to upload as soon as his communication tower's online. The Sleight can't cut through the shielding without destroying the station, and right now, it sounds like the reactor's fortified against whatever Nym's throwing at it." He sighs again, then walks towards the operating table, stopping to examine the hardware Elize used to upload her conscience. "Not many options," he mutters.

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AK151 Apr 22 2015, 3:00pm says:

OOC: Going to make another move because I'm an impatient prick and because it's more or less a standstill for now.

IC: Elize's silence at Cadrin's comment is proof enough; she's always been too prideful to admit any shortcomings. He goes to the terminal and accesses one of the terminals in the station that he's already secured against Victory; specifically, the security station. For a moment he glances at the transmitter. It's just about complete, but not quite. There's still a small bit of time. He hears combat outside and guesses that Victory's consolidated the majority of his forces at the reactor; it would be tough, if at all possible, to break through in time to stop him from uploading. He then pulls up the security footage of Elize uploading herself, glancing back and forth between the feed and the hardware still around Elize's body. He sighs.

Nym opens up the secure line to the Sleight. "Raptor, we need Fido. Send him over. Set him up with an artillery configuration."

The pilot's voice crackles back. "Give us five or ten minutes and he'll be there."

"We don't have five minutes!" Nym growls, afraid that the AI will finish its communication array at any time. "We need him thirty seconds ago!"

"We'll go as fast as we can," Raptor sends back, uncertainty in his voice apparent even over the comm.

"Be ready, people," Nym orders, keeping an eye on his motion tracker in case the droids built some sort of door through which they could advance.

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AK151 Apr 22 2015, 9:22am says:

Serena repositions herself, noting that the area is a dead end and that Thaxos and his men would be turning around after realizing that themselves. She also senses the Imperials behind them, and doubts that a confrontation will be avoidable, considering the latter group had certainly sensed the former at this point. She gets ready to fight, but stays hidden and out of the way, taking a quick glance around for anything interesting.

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AK151 Apr 20 2015, 1:42pm says:

"Damn it!" Nym growls, taking cover. "Really should've brought Fido." Fortunately, the welding keeps the enemy from moving forward, and as long as everyone stays out of the hallway, there's no threat. "Stay down," Nym orders. "They're dug in but they can't advance."

"You've got a plan?" Rogue asks.

"Short of calling in Fido from the Sleight, not yet. Give me a second." This isn't going to be an easy formation to beat...

Cadrin continues to go through the terminal, and decides to take a look at the AI framework. After a moment, he ***** his head. "That can't be right," he mutters, running a program.

"What?" Elize asks, her mechanical voice ringing from above.

"This framework you designed... it's beyond anything I've seen. It would have taken me years to come to with it. Something like this should be able to steamroll Victory's firewalls, regardless of how established he is in the system. Unless..." He waits for Elize to reply, but before she does, Cadrin's program finishes running. " You're only using 60% of this thing's processing power. You can't completely run this thing, can you?"

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AK151 Apr 20 2015, 12:39pm says:

Cadrin eyes the terminal in the room. "Nym, go on. That door across the hall puts you a few rooms away from the main reactor. I'll stay here and see what damage I can do now that we've got an AI of our own."

"Watch your back," Nym replies. "We've cleared most of this place, but some of those freaks might still sneak past us."

"I'll seal the door," Cadrin says. "That should hold any hostiles."

"Do what you can," Nym orders, then turns around. "Alright. people! Let's move!" The group moves out of the room.

"Nym!" Cadrin calls, tossing him a few devices. "These'll help you slice systems. If you find a terminal, plug one of those in and I'll be able to access it from here."

"Thanks," Nym pockets the devices and leaves the room. He starts using one of the devices to slice the opposing door as the heavy blast door to Elize's room comes down. Everyone takes up their previous positions, and Nym gets ready to move out of the way, powering up his shields.

Cadrin moves to the terminal, accessing its systems. "Just like old times, eh?"

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AK151 Apr 20 2015, 12:02pm says:

"This is Nym," Cadrin replies. "He's-"

"We can catch up later, Cad," Nym interrupts. "There's not much time left."

"He's right," Cadrin says. "That AI's getting ready to upload. It's been building a comm array. We need to shut down the reactor so we can destroy that thing and trap it here."

"Out of curiosity, did those scientists keep the AI's old project name? What did they it before I left? Victory?"

OOC: If you've got a better name for the hostile AI, now's your chance to share in the form of correcting Blacklight here.

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AK151 Apr 19 2015, 1:52pm says:

Serena smirks, glad that the others are capable of handling themselves, allowing her to stay hidden. Behind her, she senses the two Sith and the pet commandos facing down their own surprise attack. That should keep them occupied. She still maintains the rear guard, ready to reveal herself should another ambush occur behind the group. She is likewise prepared to be attacked, but is confident that she'll be able to stay hidden.

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AK151 Apr 19 2015, 11:55am says:

Cadrin looks around, taking in everything. His breath catches for a moment when he sees Elize's body, and he's slightly surprised to hear her voice. "Elize," he breathes. At a bit of a loss for words, he replies with the same nonchalant tone she had just used. "Bit of a fix you've got yourself in. What the hell happened?"

Nym and his troops look around, cautious but glad to not be in combat at the moment. Nym himself is paranoid about this new AI, but he doesn't voice his concerns just yet; he'd led Cadrin have a bit of time before introducing himself.

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AK151 Apr 18 2015, 5:23pm says:

Blacklight shakes his head. "This won't work. To hell with it." He looks around at the others, then looks up. "Elize! It's Cad! Open up!"

Nym is slightly surprised to hear Blacklight use his real name, but is more concerned that the hostile AI would try to retaliate. "Stay ready, people," he mutters.

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AK151 Apr 18 2015, 2:31pm says:

"Two more doors," Rogue reports, appearing beside Nym once more. "One to the reactor, one to the quarantined area. I'd guess that the researchers we took down were trying to break down the door to the other AI."

"Blacklight?" Nym asks, turning to him. "Your call. We can go for the reactor, or try for the other AI."

Blacklight things for a moment. "We'll need the help of another AI to fight this one. Vendetta's too busy keeping our own systems from getting hacked, so we'll need something else. I say we go after our friendly AI first."

Nym signals for his men to move up and set up a defensive perimeter in the area by placing down portable cover and also by dragging the remains of the droid barricade into the hallway. Everyone gets ready for combat. "Focus on the door to the reactor," Nym orders. "That's where trouble's gonna come from."

Blacklight moves up and starts slicing the door, keeping as much distance as possible; he's ready to dive away at the slightest motion of the reactor door, and he's covered by everyone else.

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AK151 Apr 18 2015, 2:26pm says:

Serena keeps back, still shadowing the group. When the Massassi charge, she keeps behind the group, expecting them to be perfectly capable of handling the attack. She keeps an eye behind them, though, ready to cover their backs if anything comes at them from the rear; she doesn't want to give her position away, but she's not particularly interested in losing the only potential allies she'll have; she can sense the Sith behind them, and she doubts that they'd be willing to work together.

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AK151 Apr 17 2015, 12:28pm says:

Blacklight curses as the AI keeps him out of the system. He does, however, download the new map. "I've got everything I can get from this," he tells Nym after once again shutting off the bridge's auditory sensors. "This area right here is where we need to go," he explains, referring to the marked section close to the reactor. "If I were to harbor a guess, when Elize uploaded herself, the AI tried a takeover, but she stonewalled him in this area. It's got no influence there, but Elize can't do anything outside that area."

"So our insane friend's got the new AI contained?" Nym asks, "but he can't destroy her for good?"

Blacklight shakes his head. "I think she's locked him out of that area."

"Then that's where we need to be," Nym decides. "Rogue, can you scout?"

She nods, cloaking and moving into the new room. She continues until she reaches a door or another obstacle, or until she comes across enemies, at which point she turns back.

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AK151 Apr 16 2015, 6:09pm says:

OOC: Well, Ori`verda brought this to my attention a while back. Then I decided to respond, but procrastinated on that. Then it slipped my mind entirely. And now here we are. Sorry about that.

IC: The politicians don't feel like being general pricks today due to a strange feeling of weariness, as if they had been in session for the past four days. They also realize that not giving Bakura aid would seriously jeopardize their reputations. "We approve of these measures," they say simply.

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AK151 Apr 16 2015, 10:43am says:

Serena drops her Force cloak as the group moves on, letting the shadows and her stealth field generator keep her hidden. She waits for a bit, then follows Thaxos' group; she follows closely, but stays in the shadows, out-of-sight. If the group shows signs of suspicion, she lags behind, but keeps tracking the group. She expects them to activate any traps in the hall, but keeps aware of her surroundings regardless, just in case the group somehow misses a trap by luck.

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AK151 Apr 16 2015, 12:53am says:

Before the researcher is able to get off the shot, Nym has cut down two of them, and two more have been gunned down by the firing line on the other side of the hallway. The freak fires, hitting the mouse droid and causing it to explode, engulfing itself and Nym in light.

Nym's armor protects him from any potentially harmful effects from the blast, and his visor adjusts quickly to the sudden flash in order to protect his eyes a bit better. However, he cannot see for a few seconds; he is, however, able to guess as to the location of the last researcher and swings Talon in a wide arc, the long blade coming across and catching on anything in its reach, hopefully slicing the last researcher apart.

Rogue waits by the door, safe from the explosion, ready to take out whatever comes through the entryway should it evade Nym; Blacklight is still hacking, but is angled out of the direct line of sight of the door, safe for the moment.

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AK151 Apr 15 2015, 11:18am says:

Nym's men are able to gun down their attackers thanks to their superior positioning. Nym himself draws Talon as he sees the researchers charging into the command center on his motion tracker. He charges forward, moving fluidly from one for to another, easily cutting them down and keeping them away from Blacklight. His shields protect him until he's closed the distance, at which point he's able to move out of the way of any potential attack. If his men are unable to take down the researchers, Nym cuts them down as well. He's ready to dodge out of the way of any more incoming or unseen hostiles.

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AK151 Apr 13 2015, 6:57pm says:

Serena hears the craft landing outside the temple and looks around; picking a path at random in a temple like this would not be the best of ideas, but at the same time, while she trained as an inquisitor at one time, she never specifically studied ancient temples and only ever got her hands on a few artifacts. She keeps her presence in the Force completely masked and augments her stealth field generator with her own Force stealth, sinking into the shadows as she's done a thousand times, waiting for the next visitors to show themselves.

She's slightly relieved to see the Mandalorian and his men as opposed to the Sith; the former group she expects will be far easier to work with compared to the latter group. As Thaxos walks in, Serena sizes up the men; the two commandos she could take out quickly with either her shield or her lightsaber; that would leave the Force user and Thaxos himself; Serena suspects the Force user is akin to an inquisitor or a consular, judging from his interest in the relics.

She chooses a position and waits, watching and observing the group, listening in on their conversations, curious as to what their next move will be.

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AK151 Apr 13 2015, 8:47am says:

As the droid speaks, Nym prepares the last of the EMP grenades Blacklight tossed him before, setting it up with a very short delay timer. As soon as the door opens, he tosses the canister in; the resulting pulse disables the mouse droids and the tech in the researchers alike; the momentary lapse in the researchers causes the grenades they were cooking to explode in their hands or around them. "Stay sharp, people," Nym orders, keeping an eye on his motion tracker; it should alert them to any movement before said movement gets into range.

Blacklight smirks to himself behind his visor as the AI takes his bait, not only engaging in conversation but diverting more resources to controlling the droids. As soon as it does so, Blacklight launches another hacking assault, and this time, he begins to gain a foothold in the system.

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AK151 Apr 12 2015, 11:46am says:

Blacklight for a moment refocuses his efforts on disabling or locating the bridge cameras. Once he does so, depending on what he's able to access, he either shuts the cameras down or shows Nym where they are so the pirate and his forces can destroy them. This renders the AI blind. "Get your men ready." Blacklight warns. "I might be about to stir up an anthill."

Nym nods and motions for his men to take positions; some go back out to the hallway where the AI is blind, dragging pieces of cover to the end where there are no droids, setting up a good firing position for any droids that could come out of the unopened door to the station reactor. Rogue cloaks and draws a knife and a pistol, but stays away from the entry points for fear of being blindsided by kamikaze units; she moves to one corner of the bridge area, waiting for potential enemies to come in for her to take down from the side. Nym draws Talon in one hand, staying on the bridge, and waits for what could come through, moving to the entryway for cover and a good vantage point on the other door. He keeps an eye on his motion tracker and is ready to draw either Stinger or Viper, depending on the speed of what is on the other side.

Blacklight takes a deep breath, then reactivates the droid's auditory sensors. "So, you're what we ended up designing?" he asks. "I put together the basis for your framework, if I recall. I wish I could have stayed on the project longer, because so far, from what I've seen..." he pauses for a second, "I'm pretty disappointed in your abilities."

OOC: Five of Nym's men are set up in the hallway where the AI is blind, basically where they were when they were taking on the droids in the bridge; this gives them a good shot at whatever might come through the unopened door. Nym and the other five men are set up on the bridge, with Nym and another using the doorway as cover, and the others using the consoles. Rogue's cloaked in the corner of the bridge, away from the potential fighting.

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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 8:10pm says:


Fortunately, time travel doesn't work as Aaron thinks it does; it instead operates on multiverse theory, which means that his entire plan is completely irrelevant and wouldn't have done anything to help anyone in his galaxy. But it also means that all of those events never really happened in the totally legit REAL universe.


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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 8:08pm says:


Silentium, Unity, and Yuuzhan Vong forces jump out of hyperspace close to the Armifer, having destroyed all other signs of resistance in the galaxy. Aaron senses the disturbance caused by their arrival, and takes a seat in his meditation chamber. "Hello, gentlemen," he says cordially.

The forces converge, and Aaron grins widely. "At this point, I've got just one thing to say to all of you."

He closes his eyes and detonates the bomb. The bomb's details aren't detailed, but it is known that it shook the galaxy to its very core, literally, causing it to completely destabilize; it destroyed the fourth, invisible dimension, and this caused the entirety of reality to collapse, destroying everything in the universe. As nothingness engulfs everything, only one thing can be heard: the last words of the greatest, most stupidly over-powered and ridiculously old Jedi/Sith/demigod/transdimensional overlord/irritation to have ever existed.


The End.

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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 8:02pm says:


Ori`verda and his fleet are the first to go, with Silentium ships jumping in and blowing all of his fleets to bits, utilizing his most hated tactic of ignoring all damage taken while annihilating his own fleet.

Drayson's fleet is set upon by the Unity, and he himself is killed in single combat with a hooded man in a dark robe who did nothing but chuckle, launch Force lightning, and speak some strange foreign language that Drayson could not understand. Before he died, Drayson felt the oddest sense of deja-vu before activating his ship's self-destruct and blowing both of them up.

The Lord of Pain is attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, who incinerate him time and time again; due to his nature as a zombie, he doesn't die, so the fleet assigns a ship to him to keep vaporizing him each time he tries to reform himself using the Force.

All three forces finally catch up to Praxis, and in a bout of irony, decide to board his ships using only primitive technology; this ends up backfiring somewhat, as iron armor is generally not particularly effective against blasters. Eventually, however, Praxis' forces are overwhelmed and he is beaten to death with a club.

Branden Magister, having believed that his information to the invading forces would result in his being spared, graciously welcomes the galaxy's new hosts to the planet of Csilla; they then incinerate him and the rest of the planet from orbit. Again.

Ace Moonwood's gungan crew realize that doom is imminent and engage in a ship-wide orgy; Moonwood tries to participate but is killed while trying to perform contortions far too complicated for any humanoid to even attempt, with far too many partners.

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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 8:01pm says:


Aaron Karax sighs as the conversation begins to devolve. He has a strange feeling, and suddenly realizes that the same transdimensional forces that had done away with his beautiful uber-fleet had now shut down the galaxy's final hope. Accepting that defeat and death is inevitable, there is only one thing left for him to do.

He sends a signal through the Force, creating mock disturbances in every location in the galaxy where the resistance is still active. The Unity sense these disturbances and coordinate with the Yuuzhan Vong and Silentium, using them to track down the remaining resistance members.

Aaron smirks and ends the call, withdrawing. "So done with these people," he mutters, walking out of the meditation chamber.

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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 12:36pm says:

Serena makes it to the temple, having dropped down close to it. At this point she masks her presence in the Force, and activates a stealth field generator when Thaxos' ship passes overhead.

She enters the first room of the temple quietly, her shield on her arm. She comes to the massive crossroads and extends her senses outwards; as an assassin, she learned that detection is as valuable as stealth, and hopes that she'll be able to find something that can hint as to where she has to go.

OOC: Hope you don't mind me making it to the temple so quickly. I was the first to land, and I touched down close to the temple.

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AK151 Apr 10 2015, 12:31pm says:

Nym at this point is done with the AI's tricks and games. He walks forward, pulling out Talon and flicking it to extend the weapon. He activates it and brings it to the shield, the intense vibrations of the weapon quickly depleting and deactivating the shield. "Blacklight!" he calls, motioning for his men to cover the entrances to the bridge area.

The tech walks up without a word, accessing the console and beginning the long process of battling the AIs own defenses. Nym walks up to him, looking over his shoulder. "What're you looking for? Is she here?"

Blacklight shakes his head. "Unlikely. He's trying to destroy her, and if she were here, he'd have done so already." He growls in frustration, as even with his slicing devices and his own technological experience, slicing the system against the AI is incredibly taxing. He disables the auditory sensors on the bridge before continuing. "I'm trying to access detailed schematics, as well as research logs. If I can isolate the system, I will, at which point, I might be able to do something with that shield outside." He glances at Nym. "You're in my light."

Nym moves away, keeping an eye on his motion tracker. He notes the entrances to the bridge and takes note of the remaining pieces of cover in case they have to mount a defense.

OOC: How many entrances are there to the bridge and what's the defensibility of the place? Any more cover in the area?

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