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AK151 Jul 24 2014, 6:15am says:

Quick notice: I will be completely absent until next Monday, as I am going on vacation. Have fun, everybody!

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AK151 Jul 22 2014, 10:14pm replied:

Only if there's a cart of hay nearby.

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AK151 Jul 11 2014, 12:17am replied:

They tried setting up a zoo of creatures like this on an island...

Didn't really go too well, unfortunately.

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AK151 Jul 10 2014, 12:09am says:

Heh, school taught me that sleep is optional.

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AK151 Jul 8 2014, 11:13pm says:

They need tanks. Then it'll be America.

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AK151 Jul 7 2014, 3:47am says:

Steal instead of shop. Problem solved.

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AK151 Jul 4 2014, 2:43am replied:

And very true.

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AK151 Jul 4 2014, 2:38am says:

So that's why people went to see Transformers 4...

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AK151 Jul 1 2014, 2:57am says:

OOC: With regards to the security, it's more like that "in the shadow" security. Your character would still probably be able to pick up on the signs, but his security is pretty clandestine.

Also, if you're going to steal names from KotOR mods, then so will I.

IC: Mythus inclines his head at Ori`verda's arrival. Under other circumstances, he would consider playing verbal games with the Mandalorian, but he feels it would be best to just cut to the point. As Ori`verda sits down, Mythus begins, reaching into his pocket. "You did the job, and you did it well. And it was a pretty good show."

Hunt pulls out a data crystal, placing it on the table between them before sliding it to Ori`verda. "She's on Korriban. The crystal's got information on how many men she's got and where their base of operations is." He sits back. "Enjoy your hunt, Ori`verda."

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AK151 Jun 30 2014, 10:49pm says:

"He's here," an agent notifies Mythus through the crime lord's earpiece. "Just landed in his fancy warship."

The crime lord takes a sip from a glass goblet, this time filled with fine liquor. He had been waiting, but not too long. Just long enough to get his bodyguards into place; he is certainly capable of defending himself, but his most dangerous enemies know this and will come after him with overwhelming force. Hence, the great many men at his disposal within a thirty meter radius. "Send him here," he responds to his agent, expecting his order to be given to another emissary, who will meet Ori`verda and direct him to the cantina.

"Sir," another voice notifies him; this one coming from his headquarters. Hunt rolls his eyes in irritation at the interruption.

"I'm busy. What is it?" he snaps, having ordered before-hand to not be interrupted for the duration of his absence.

The man's voice sounds slightly nervous to have disturbed the crime lord. "Sir, forgive me, but Daemon Drexl is waiting for you."

Mythus rolls his eyes, remembering now that he had a meeting with one of the many mercenary pirates in the system. "Tell him I'll send for him when I am able. I am otherwise preoccupied. Don't interrupt me again."

He waits patiently for the Mandalorian, sipping his fine wine, comfortable in his power; Ori`verda may be one of the most dangerous warriors in the galaxy, but Sleheyron belongs to the Hutts first, and Mythus second.

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AK151 Jun 29 2014, 4:16pm says:


"No," Nym says. "Remember that project you were talking about?"

"That one that would be nearly suicidal to pursue on our own?" Blacklight asks.

"That one. I think it's time we tried to figure out how to pull that off."

Shiva looks at Nym, almost incredulous. "I thought we agreed that idea was insane. I still think it is."

"All we need is a bit of help," Nym says. "I have a few ideas. We still got our contacts at Jericho?"

"No idea," Shiva replies. "Haven't heard anything from them in a long time."

"Well, dust them off and see if they're good," Nym orders. "They might be interested in helping us."

Shiva raises an eyebrow. "What did you find down there?"

"Something... interesting," Nym replies. "I'll tell you on the Sleight. For now, let's just get home."

OOC: Ori`verda, there's your explanation. I assume your part in this event is basically over, so I'm going to make a separate image where you get your intel. There's a bit more I want to do here (heading to BeskadTech and collecting the bounties), but aside from that, we're done.

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AK151 Jun 29 2014, 4:14pm says:


Nym breathes a sigh of relief, taking off the Mandalorian helmet. Shiva walks up to him. "What happened?" she asks, noticing that the pirate didn't bring Nunes with him.

"You know our friend?" Nym replies. Shiva nods. "You know who it was?"

"Who?" Shiva asks.

"Ori`verda," Nym answers.

"Ori- the Mand'alor?" Shiva's voice is almost in disbelief.

"Former Mand'alor," Nym corrects. "He was here for information. He kills Nunes, he gets info from someone else, I don't know who. There wasn't much I could do against him. I could probably hold my own in a fight with him, but he was pretty ******. I wouldn't have risked it."

"So you let him kill Nunes?" Shiva asks. Nym nods in reply. "Well, damn."

Nym shrugs. "He was small-time, anyways. We've got more important things to worry about. Where's Blacklight?"

"Right here," the tech answers, stepping out from the cockpit of the shuttle. He sees the gash in the armor; Nym's own wound is healed, but the armor itself is still damaged. "Nunes?"

"Yeah," Nym nods. "Can you fix it?"

"Of course," Blacklight scoffs. "But I don't think that's why you were asking for me."

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AK151 Jun 29 2014, 4:03pm says:


Jester inclines his head once again. "Ret," he mutters. Part of him wants to go after T'Rani Stargazer, but after seeing Kingpin, he feels there are other plans he needs to accelerate. He walks over to the Demon's corpse. "Sorry mate," he says under his breath once Ori`verda is gone. He draws a knife and slices off one of the corpse's fingers for identification; there's still a somewhat decent bounty for the assassin dead.

He walks through the tunnel examining the carnage; in the bar he had managed to leave every Red Moon thug alive. Here, his enemies weren't so lucky. Some he was able to save from Ori`verda's ruthless barrages of death, and these were unconscious from the wounds Jester was able to leave them with. He decides not to bother with the meager bounties of the dead thugs, and counts the remaining live ones, ending at three.

He radios his shuttle. "As soon as you think the coast is clear, set down. I've got three more live ones. We'll take them back to BeskadTech. Add 'em to the others." He lifts two of them up and drags them towards the exit, planning on going back for the third.

"What about Nunes?" he hears a reply.

"I'll tell you when we're in the sky," Jester responds. After a bit, he reaches the exit; Ori`verda is long gone when Jester's shuttle de-cloaks and its side-door opens. The Mandalorian tosses the men into the shuttle. "There's one more," he calls, turning around and jogging back. He picks up the last body and takes it back to the shuttle, tossing it in. He then steps in and the door closes, the shuttle activating its cloak and disappearing.

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AK151 Jun 28 2014, 12:11am says:

Then it gets run over by a truck coming down the road.

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AK151 Jun 27 2014, 6:20pm says:

OOC: Praxis, if you've got something to add or something to do, unless it's something that somehow negates Ori`verda's move before, we can say it happened during this exchange. But with regard to what's happening here, Ori`verda's move basically booted you from the majority of the event. Sorry.

IC: Jester's made several calculations ever since finding out about Ori`verda's purpose here. Part of him is hesitant to say what he is planning on saying, but if he is successful, the excursion could very well be worth it. He would have to be successful first, of course.

"T'Rani gana ori'sol verde. Gar liniba gaa'taylir kyr'amur kaysh."

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AK151 Jun 27 2014, 5:52pm says:

That's something that could very easily backfire...

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AK151 Jun 27 2014, 5:19pm says:

OOC: Sorry Praxis, but I've approved Ori`verda's move. He's got the means to disable the droids and the shield.

Jester inclines his head in response. He isn't sure exactly how Ori`verda brought down the droids and the shield, but he has some suspicions. "Tion'ad hukaat'kama vaal gar oya'karir?"

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AK151 Jun 27 2014, 2:21pm says:

Jester feels the tension return as Ori`verda remains silent, ignoring the droid's offer. He understands why: he's got a potential lead on T'Rani Stargazer from a reliable source that he's guaranteed so long as he kills the Demon, and he's going to give that up because there's some fancy probe droid saying that it'll do the same thing if Nunes is spared?

Jester is sure the fact that the broker of this new deal decided to appear via probe droid instead of coming in directly sets off myriad alarm bells in Ori`verda's head. He doubts Jericho, or whatever they call themselves now, will get more than a few hostile words from Ori`verda.

Personally, Jester likes the deal, but he isn't willing to fight Ori`verda for it, for several reasons. Under other circumstances, he would love to test his skills against the former Mand'alor, but at this point, he believes that defeat would end in his quick dismemberment... or death. Jester believes that no bounty under several million credits is worth that risk. Praxis' guys would have to shell out a lot more than credits for him to even consider taking on the Mand'alor in his current state.

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AK151 Jun 26 2014, 11:20am says:

IC: Jester turns towards the droid. "I'll take the deal, but I'm not going to stop him," he nods towards Ori`verda. "You can have fun with that."

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AK151 Jun 25 2014, 5:08pm says:

OOC: Sorry Ori`verda, but I want to get a bit of this out of the way.

IC: "A bit," Jester replies after the explosive goes off; he glances behind his visor towards Ori`verda, and hurries his response before the Mandalorian has a chance to retaliate against the force keeping him from his prize.

"Not many know much about you; those that do aren't really privy to your real goals. Most see you as a group that wants to bring down most every galactic faction. And all the better for you, as if people think your some simple terrorist organization, they won't be able to predict your long-term goals. What you really seek is, quote, 'reform, to eliminate corrupt influences, and to clean the slate', if I remember correctly. You've been gathering a lot of strength in secret, and if I were to guess, you're almost ready to make a few... less obscure moves."

Jester pauses for a second. "How am I doing?"

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AK151 Jun 25 2014, 4:47pm says:

Jester is a good distance away from the shield, so when Ori`verda activates the explosives he casually averts his eyes for a brief second as the ordnance flashes; if his suspicions regarding their new arrival are correct, he doesn't hold much faith in the ability of the explosives to break the shield.

He looks towards the probe droid, examining it. The droid itself is foreign, but he recognizes a few pieces of the technology from another droid he once saw from the same faction. "Jericho," he mutters.

OOC: Third page!

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AK151 Jun 24 2014, 3:22pm says:

Jester keeps his pistol ready when the droids cease firing. He is suspicious of this strange turn of events, and slightly disappointed that the battle ended before he could try and bring down the Annihilator. He sees the strange probe droid and approaches carefully. He realizes it is a familiar design, but one he's seen only in passing. But that would have to be a huge coincidence. Then again, there seem to be more and more coincidences these days. "Isn't that interesting," he thinks to himself.

He notices Ori`verda brush past the probe droid and set the explosives down next to Nunes. At this, Jester is surprised: doesn't Nunes have information on Stargazer? Why would Ori`verda risk blowing him to smithereens, along with his only lead? Then it hits him. "Ash'ad gaa'taylir mar'eyir T'Rani Stargazer meh Nunes ramaanar."

OOC: God it's difficult finding a way to construct a sentence in an incomplete, non-existent language.

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AK151 Jun 24 2014, 3:59am replied:

Oh Ori`verda and your rampant ego.


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AK151 Jun 24 2014, 2:54am replied:

Awesome. Good to have you back.

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AK151 Jun 20 2014, 11:18am says:

As Nunes switches cover, Jester pops out of cover as well, ignoring any blaster bolts that may strike him, and fires two shots from his once again overcharged blaster pistol. He is no longer firing blind, and as such, the shots strike with incredible precision, nailing the assassin, the bolts aimed for his lower body in order to cripple him. Jester hopes he's done so as the middle of the bay shifts and the Scorpenek rises.

As Ori`verda distracts the massive droid, Jester makes sure the Demon stays in cover, ready to bring him down for good should he pop out again. His attention is half-diverted to the Scorpenek as he thinks up a plan. He's faced Droidekas before, but they were nothing compared to this. He does remember one weakness of theirs, though, and notes the cargo doors the droid came through. He looks towards Nunes' piece of cover; his plan is slightly suicidal, but it could work if he could get to the assassin.

OOC: Praxis, does Nunes have direct control over the movement of the cargo bay doors?

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AK151 Jun 18 2014, 2:25pm says:

OOC: Ori`verda, I think it's just the two roof droids that are cloaked from motion tracking.

Jester sees the Demon taking aim, but waits for the shot for confirmation. As soon as Nunes takes his shot at Ori`verda, Jester switches the mode on his pistol, ready to fire at the Demon to pin him down. He moves to another piece of cover, barely avoiding the aerial strike from the assassin droid.

As the droid tries to take off his head, Jester turns around, his pistol pointed towards the droid. He fires off a few shots, but these are just a distraction as he draws his left beskad. In one fluid motion, the weapon comes out of its sheath and comes across, beheading the droid with a brutal blow.

Jester grabs the possibly still-active carcass and uses it as a shield from a few of the assassin droid shots before moving to another piece of cover that would defend him from Nunes, who he is able to re-locate. He spots Ori`verda retreating. "Ori`verda!" he calls. "Ni haa'taylir kaysh! Hukaatir ni!" He keeps an eye on the Demon, ready to either dodge or warn Ori`verda should the assassin try to take another shot. He hopes his foe doesn't understand Mando'a.

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AK151 Jun 15 2014, 2:34am says:


He tosses the devices as far as he can in the two directions Nunes could have moved in after taking the shot, and they detonate, a powerful kinetic shockwave propelling a transparent, water-like liquid in all directions in a massive radius in the two areas. Jester hopes some of the liquid catches onto Nunes. He blinks once and his vision changes; everything takes on a purple tint, and new sources of light are visible, among them the seemingly transparent liquid. It emits a massive amount of ultraviolet light, essentially making anything coated in it glow brightly for those who can perceive it.

Jester scans for Nunes, hoping his ultraviolet "paint" had at least partially covered his adversary. The liquid covered a huge radius, and it is not unlikely, that the Demon is caught in it.

OOC: My character can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Just one of his little tricks (that's been approved; again, this will basically all make a lot more sense by the end). The "grenades" are new, and really are only an advantage to Jester. They've got a huge radius, but do little damage.

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AK151 Jun 15 2014, 2:34am says:

OOC: Alright.


IC: Jester brings down another droid and falls back into cover. As he comes out to fire at his next target, he recoils from a blaster shot from one of the assassin droids. As he recoils, he hears the loud sound of a heavy sniper rifle, and feels a sharp pain in his arm; the bullet would have gone to his head had he not dodged at the last second. Instead, it grazes his left arm, slicing through the armor and carving a shallow gash.

Jester clenches his teeth in pain but is able to pinpoint the origin of the shot. He had already figured his mystery attacker was Nunes, and the lack of a presence confirms his suspicions. Grimacing, he activates his distortion cloak to buy him some time; stationary, it can hide his actions and hopefully make aiming more difficult for his more human opponents. From the pouch at his hip he pulls a pair of spherical grenades, devices of Jester's own design, that only a select few such as himself would be able to utilize.

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AK151 Jun 14 2014, 8:21am says:

So that's how it works...

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AK151 Jun 12 2014, 5:44pm says:

As Ori`verda opens fire on the assassin droids, Jester turns as well. His beskar'gam, unfortunately, does not have a motion tracker installed, but the optics in Jester's HUD allow him to spot the assassin droids before they can recover from Ori`verda's attack, and he begins downing them with his blaster pistol, careful to select targets not in Ori`verda's line of sight; best not to waste time and ammunition on droids that are doomed either way.

He stays in cover, which defends against the advancing battle droids, and focuses on gunning down the assassin droids; between himself and Ori`verda, they quickly are able to dispatch the majority before they are in any real danger. Jester notes other pieces of cover to move to if the battle droids whittle his away, or the assassin droids manage to recover, but it seems like it is an unnecessary precaution.

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