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Aarkreinsil Dec 5 2013, 4:05pm replied:


+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 4 2013, 4:54pm replied:

Dunno actually. I haven't really noticed a difference. I mean it's rather easy to retreat from the wraith, as it's only advancing really slowly and calmly. But with it mercilessly following you around, there isn't really a chance to do anything besides kiting it until you pass out from exhaustion.
Is it supposed to despawn if you retreat or anything? I mean it doesn't help that it makes bandits and other people run away in fear. You chase the guy who got your talisman, the wraith chases you, and the raider dude sprints away upon seeing the wraith.

+2 votes   game: NEO Scavenger
Aarkreinsil Dec 4 2013, 11:06am says:

If you have a problem with not enough starting gold, just re-roll your captain until he hits the "Rich" perk. That way you start off with 1000$

Still, it needs some serious balancing and a few bugfixes before you'll be able to get started easily xD

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 3 2013, 9:08pm replied:

I tried escaping, but whenever I end a turn I usually have the Wraith just entering my field of view in that moment. I mean you usually surrender for a reason, that is, your enemy being way superior in strength or numbers, or you being in a pretty bad shape already. That way it's kinda impossible to get the talisman back, and if you fall asleep from exhaustion, you're dead.

+2 votes   game: NEO Scavenger
Aarkreinsil Dec 3 2013, 12:18am replied:

I guess the whole tipping thing is a bit different in the US, where waiters are barely being paid a dime. In some other countries, the tipping mentality isn't so great. And yeah, I got the hint with the supernatural thing. It makes me think of leprechauns for some reason.
I'd love to see a full-blown picture of that diner between all the skyscrapers and arcologies, though. A way to make up for not paying would be nice, too. Maybe another quest or encounter?

Oh and the surrendering thing makes sense from a character point of view, since you usually have no clue about the necklace, but from a gameplay perspective, surrendering is pretty much a suicide button. Besides, did I completely miss the point of Zom Zom's? I know what happens when you regularly eat human meat, but I didn't notice the same effects from eating their barbecue xD

Oh and great job with the sleeping bag encounter. Repeatedly freezing to death in the first day actually made me quit the game a couple of months ago.

+2 votes   game: NEO Scavenger
Aarkreinsil Dec 3 2013, 12:10am replied:

If they dont stop attacking, try ordering your crew to grapple back to your own ship. That worked for me. Sometimes you cant capture the ship because the person they keep killing repeatedly still counts as alive.

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 2 2013, 9:59pm says:

Oh and Solidust, do you check the forums, too? Didn't see a lot of replies on there lately.

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 2 2013, 7:29pm replied:

You can actually capture ships after defeating the crew, by using the ship command -> capture ship option.

But the ship will still be turned to the left, and will float backwards once you sail it xD

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 2 2013, 1:09am says:

I have a problem with crewmen still attacking dead enemies, and spiders randomly spawning on my ship after winning a battle.

+2 votes   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Dec 1 2013, 11:41pm says:

So, for not tipping I get chased out of the diner and are never allowed to come back?
What kind of place is this, where they pass you a bill, you pay, and the cook comes raging at you for not tipping?

+2 votes   game: NEO Scavenger
Aarkreinsil Dec 1 2013, 5:55pm says:

Just when I thought I was a maniac for randomly stabbing people with a shard-shank-spear, I happened to kill someone who pulled a sled LOADED with rotten, human meat.. about 70 kilos of it..

That just made my day.

Oh and please make it so we can actually surrender without the Merga Wraith instagibbing our naked, freezing butts xD

+2 votes   game: NEO Scavenger
Aarkreinsil Dec 1 2013, 12:54am replied:

Oh, and it would be nice if the "We're under attack" would show us the difficulty of the encounter. Since we can't retreat once we accepted a challenge, this tends to be a death sentence more often than not. Especially if you're heading for a specific encounter and get intercepted in the process without noticing it.

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Nov 30 2013, 11:43pm says:

Could you make it so the towns respawn crew or have an unlimited crew pool to draw from (like the block shops)?
I quickly burn through my crewmembers, since their salary seems to increase with every time I pay them (which is weird), and I can't keep up the morale forever.
Some of the towns are completely devoid of life now.

Also, the prices to sell loot are waaaaay too low. Knives and most of the cutlasses sell for 0-2 gold, and once I cleared out all the encounters and islands in an area, I have to sail forever and ever to get to new looting and hiring grounds. The long voyages quickly drain my cash, and people quickly start cutting each other over the last bits of food n booty.
Oh and yes, I have sailors to clean the poop deck.

+1 vote   game: Pixel Piracy
Aarkreinsil Nov 30 2013, 1:28am says:

Any relation to Fragile Allegiance?

+1 vote   game: Direct Hit: Missile War
Aarkreinsil Oct 24 2013, 10:12am says:

Looks a bit tedious to weld every single block by hand o_O

+1 vote   media: Space Engineers - alpha footage 8/2013
Aarkreinsil Sep 27 2013, 3:02am says:

I dunno, maybe on e621 or FA? xD

+1 vote   member: Scripty
Aarkreinsil Jul 29 2013, 9:52pm says:

Kinda strange to see tanks and choppers just letting those towers wreck them to bits without even trying to dodge or fight back

+1 vote   game: Urban War Defense
Aarkreinsil Jul 12 2013, 4:51pm replied:

Only one map? Hrm..
Yeah I can see that it gets tedious to repeatedly and manually repair every single pothole and broken vehicle.. I wonder if there are any planned updates, patches or expansions for this.

+2 votes   game: Traffic Manager
Aarkreinsil Jul 12 2013, 12:29pm replied:

Looks like nobody wants to be the lab rat/guinea pig for this game... maybe there's a LP of it somewhere on Youtube.

+1 vote   game: Traffic Manager
Aarkreinsil Jul 10 2013, 5:01pm says:

Whats up with the reviews? Apparently people reviewed it before the release date and nobody really gave an opinion about the game...

+4 votes   game: Traffic Manager
Aarkreinsil Jul 3 2013, 4:14pm says:

This looks like the unholy bastard child of Cities In Motion and Dwarf Fortress..
Will the maps be procedurally generated?

+3 votes   game: Traffic Manager
Aarkreinsil Jun 11 2013, 12:37am says:

Maybe you should switch the camera controls to WASD instead of the arrow keys.

Oh and.. "Surivive?" XD

+1 vote   media: Tutorial image
Aarkreinsil Jun 5 2013, 12:20pm says:

Whatever you smoked or threw in... I want some..

+7 votes   game: The Unbreakable Chain
Aarkreinsil May 27 2013, 2:51pm says:

Phew, indeed.. Though Greenlight is full of tough customers, and people usually vote for the "larger" games on there.

+1 vote   news: Operation SD: Space Defense update COMING SOON
Aarkreinsil May 1 2013, 1:40pm says:

Skootenbeeten @_@

+2 votes   media: Towns plushies for the contest
Aarkreinsil Apr 7 2013, 8:01pm says:

Welcome to planet SUUUUUX °.°'
The robot voice should pronounce it like AXE...

+2 votes   news: 3089, sequel to 3079, alpha available!
Aarkreinsil Mar 9 2013, 1:10pm says:

Mutliplayer o.o
This will change the whole game, you could even add some stuff like fusion lasers or other crap, where two players focus their power to create a wormhole or blast everything apart xD

+2 votes   news: To Multiplayer, or not to Multiplayer
Aarkreinsil Mar 3 2013, 6:52pm replied:

Afaik the developer is working on management improvements right now. Besides, there are goblin raiders already.. And mant invasions, zombies, skeletons, beetles, spiders, wild animals..

+3 votes   game: Gnomoria
Aarkreinsil Jan 28 2013, 10:23pm replied:

Oh so this is is just an overview in the editor. Hmm yeah I thought it was another change of the design, cause you had quite a lot of those until now o.o

+1 vote   media: long time no see
Aarkreinsil Jan 28 2013, 8:44pm says:

Somehow this pic looks like a step back. The terrain doesn't tile at all anymore, the textures are separated too harshly n all.

+1 vote   media: long time no see
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