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-Clone Wars Multi-Media Project Fans-

-Clone Wars Multi-Media Project Fans-

188 members Fans & Clans

This group is for fans of Clone Wars Media that was Established before the 2008 Clone Wars series and now faces the threat of being forgotten & overwritten...

Airborne Assault Fan Group

Airborne Assault Fan Group

42 members Hobbies & Interests

This group is for Airborne Assault Jumping Fan Group. All can join, invite and post their files and thaughts.

Battlefield Fans

Battlefield Fans

995 members Fans & Clans

Join this group if you are a big fan of the Battlefield series by EA/Dice!

Company of heroes (anthology) fan group

Company of heroes (anthology) fan group

16 members Fans & Clans

Anyone can join who enjoys playing Company of heroes, its expansion packs, its mods and is waiting anxiously until CoH 2 comes out. Feel free to add your...

Empire at War

Empire at War

320 members Hobbies & Interests

This is a group for all the people that like the game star wars empire and FoC

Mod DB

Mod DB

4,015 members Official

If it's information about Mod DB and ramblings about mods in general that you are after - then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official...

Star Trek Fan Club

Star Trek Fan Club

228 members Hobbies & Interests

"Space, the final frontier..." These are the opening words of one of the most famous sci-fis ever created. The opening words of one of the biggest franchises...

Star Wars Battlefront Fans

Star Wars Battlefront Fans

21 members Fans & Clans

do you like any star wars battlefront game, do you spend more time playing than you probably should? If you do then this is the group for you.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Apr 18 2015 says:

Damn... Its been nearly a year since I last posted. Crazy. I checked it every day until two months ago when I got a job. Haven't even been on my computer in over a week, this is from my phone (Samsung Galaxy Avant, I recommend it in its price range).

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Jun 30 2014 says:

I give down...

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Mar 23 2014 says:

PS2 is gone, replaced it with an Xbox. Smells like smoke though, and not cigarette smoke. This is defiantly a good thing, its not like my parents care about the fact that my rooms smells like weed or anything. Lovely. At least it works. Yeah, this is probably the most positive comment I have posted so far. Also, in the off chance someone notices this, are the new Red Faction games okay? I like 2, and I own 1, though I haven't played it. Just to check.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Mar 12 2014 says:

Hey, good news! I'm starting to get spam mail again! My ps2 stopped working though, always a price to pay. Rather have the ps2 than a job offer from a factory in China though. They must be pretty desperate there! Damn! I fix ps2 now. Then trap shoot it when I don't actually fix it.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Mar 2 2014 says:

I'm still here, yet I wonder why. But never the less, I shall type on, seeing as I have not said much of anything for several months. Anything relevant to anything for MUCH longer. And I still don't have anything relevant to say. Big Surprise there. Wait... Maybe I do... Nope, that was just more randomness and thoughts relating to my extreme hatred to Apple products. No joke, Apple is 3/4 bitch and 1/4 ****. PC for life! Oh, and to a potential Mac lover that may come across this, I have used Mac OS X extensively, as well as Linux and Windows. So don't be hating... Okay, you have suffered enough. I am done now.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Dec 1 2013 says:

I'm bored. That is all.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Oct 31 2013 says:

Well, I'm bored, but not so bored as to write an excessively long paragraph about nothing. Basically just bored enough to write a few sentences about nothing. Which I do believe this will suffice at this point. Would you concur? Absolutely says I, you know, because I'm the only one who will ever see this. Or rather read it, I mean who has the patience to read all of this garbage anyways? Future self maybe, but that's about it. Well good day future self that is reading this right now, although that probably won't apply, it usually doesn't. Anyways, I'm done, for now.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Oct 31 2013 replied:

You know what? I forgot to post anything about games. Consider this an extension.
emachines T5234
AMD Athlon 64 x2 @ 2.1 GHz
3 GB RAM DDR2 @ 800 MHz
320 GB HDD (will upgrade to 500 asap)
AMD ATI Radeon HD 6450 Graphics card.
160w psu (yeah I know that's terrible, but I will upgrade that too. Shouldn't even turn on you know.)
2 DVD rw drives
3 case fans
Windows 7 ultimate x64

By the way, I prefer Intel over AMD in 90% of situations, however this was a free computer, and my Intel machines have Pentium 4's (and a III, but that doesn't really count)I do have a laptop with a Sandy Bridge Pentium, but why upgrade that? Also in the off chance that someone does read this, do you think I should upgrade the processor in the emachine to a Phenom x4? its an older one (socket AM2+ rather than 3, should be compatible with the AM2 that I currently have) I think it was something like 2.6GHz, I can't really remember. Black edition though.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Nov 20 2013 replied:

Never mind about the Phenom, the motherboard can't handle it. Just going to upgrade one of the Dell computers to a Core 2 Duo from a Pentium 4. Also need to upgrade the RAM, but that's not a big deal.
Dell Optiplex 320 SFF (GX520 case)
2GB RAM @ 667 MHz
500 GB HDD
Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz
320w PSU
Some sort of low end ATI workstation graphics card
Windows XP MCE
2 DVD RW drives
And a floppy drive, just because...

Will upgrade to:
Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz (Conroe)
Windows 7 (Maybe, probably)
4 GB RAM @ 800 MHz (will work PCI-e x16 graphics card with the updated PSU, hopefully.)
And Probably the same card as the other computer. ( I'll get a new one though.)
ZIP drive, just because...
Also I know this computer can handle the C2D, but only Allendale's, and Conroe's. No Wolfdales. The card not working with the 320 was due to the small PSU, I solved this by putting the motherboard into a different case and using a larger power supply. Works fine so far.

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154kilroy Creator
154kilroy Oct 20 2013 says:

You know what? I say screw every few months! Every few days sounds better! I'm bored more often than not, so why not? No one else knows about this crap anyways. S***t!! there is a biting insect in the room! Bitch hurts! I'm so alone. One time I met this stranger, and we were talking, but he kept repeating everything I said. Well I started to get annoyed by this. Eventually to the point of where I took a swing at him. Broke a perfectly good mirror that day. Sometimes I play real time strategy games, and I make the AI do all the work while I'll set up a halfway put together defense. Then I nap. Or post comments onto my own page here. You know you aren't popular with the general population when you don't even get spam mail anymore. Sometimes I send out a text to one of my friends, all the while knowing that I won't get a response. It's kinda like this. Although once in a great while they'll respond. Usually with "shut-up" or something of that sort. Why am I still typing?!? I'm reading this and thinking; "I really have no life, I'm typing random crap onto a modding website that has nothing to do with modding, this is really really sad." and it is sad. Well maybe I should put up something to do with games or the like. Hmmm.... been playing a lot of Company of Heroes lately. Can't get most of the maps to work. But some do, so it's all good. Hey! Any of you watch Airplane! ever? That is an awesome movie! But back to the point... was there a point to all of this? I don't think so. If anyone is reading this, you are almost as sad as I am. But not really. Kinda. I am really bored. Anyways.... I'm done. Until next semi-depressing random *** post that has no relevance to anything; good-bye losers! (Says the loser to the non-losers).

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