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Generic update, letting y'all know how things are progressing.

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Hi everybody.

Been pretty busy since the last update, with lots o' stuff happenin:

  • Really been stuck into the story campaign
  • Bit more modelling stuff getting done
  • I have now (finally!) watched 'The Shield' in its entirety - three episodes a week made it fly by, so thanks for that Channel 7 - and I can now confirm that it is the greatest TV Drama ever, with the greatest finale that has, and will ever be, seen.
  • Started the long delayed process of changing the how fleets move between planets.
  • Been going rather well at Uni - Sitting on just over 104% after my first two assignments in the programming unit I'm doing.
  • And more things that none of you probably want to hear about.

Some more detail on one of the above dot points:

Instead of being able to jump-around willy-nilly, fleets will now have to move through certain places to get to other places. (ala SOASE)

The first reason for doing this: Because I can
The second, and the actual reason: Moons and stuff.

An eventual thing is going to be moons around certain planets, and I want you to have to take the planet (or the moon, depending on which system) first.

Example: Yavin
You will have to fight in space around the Gas Giant itself BEFORE you can attack Yavin 4

That's about it, unless you want to hear about my in-grown toenail and/or my twisted ankle and/or my Star Wars fan-fic thing that I'm writing.

And remember, if you want to lend a hand with anything mod-wise, have a suggestion/criticism or just wanna do each others hair, let me know here at Moddb via a PM, here, here or here.



Hah, and I was just wondering about this mod this morning. Glad to see your still at it :)

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moddlord1 Creator

thanks for the news! take care.

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