This group is for you which want to show in your profile you are a single person developing a game, making if not all the game aspects(music, coding, arts), at least most of it, the famous 'lone wolfs' of the indie game world. This group also is supposed to show you respect greatly others which do the same, other 'lone wolfs'. Our games sure take longer to come out and demands much more effort, but you bet they are cool when they do!

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This update is a "sequel" to Update #2, it shows finished concept of The Secret World, a hidden world within the game. 1-min video excerpt and bonus picture are included.

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This update is a "sequel" to Update #2, it shows finished concept of The Secret World, a hidden world within the game which satirizes player behavior and video games (or something like that).
Initially it was only about glitchy looking world and hard challenges, but eventually became a series of minimalistic environments where Narrator is making fun out of you and videogame cliches.
Challenges are still there (like physics-based racing which was shown in the end of Update 6 or platform jumping which was shown in the end of Update 9), but now they're just not a biggest part of it.

I'm not that good at descriptions, so just watch the 1-min video excerpt. I made it for Ryan Cooper (who is the voice of Narrator), but it doesn't look too rough and shows the concept in action so it can be watched by other people as well. This exact Room (#2) is not the best showcase, but so far I have a recorded voice only for this one.

Bonus picture:


This reminds me of Stanley Parable.

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