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UPDATE: 19/12/2011 This is where all of the minor/major events will be posted. The only people allowed to edit this article are myself and AK151.

Posted by Ten10dix on Dec 1st, 2011

1) New Supreme Chancellor has been voted in!
Supreme Chancellor Fharn, former Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, has been voted out by the Senate due to him never doing anything at all. The new Supreme Chancellor Juran Norm, former Senator of Taris, has made a statement about the ongoing War and the recent seperation of the Jedi and the Senate made by Chancellor Fharn:

"People of the Galaxy, I come here today to help you through the hard times ahead. War, as you know, has broken out between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire. Many say we are outnumbered, they are not lying. But we shall fight for the Alliance we have made, we shall fight for Peace! We shall fight for Justice! We shall fight for Freedom! Do you wish your family and friends to be under the rule of the Mandalorians? Do you wish them slaughtered? If you want to fight for the Galactic Alliance and preserve Peace, I suggest you sign up to your local recruitment center for basic training. When the time comes, that training will prove invaluable."

"As for the silence between the Jedi and the Senate, I think it is wrong and should be replaced by a friendship. The Senate should open up to the opinions of the Jedi and vice-versa. Without the Jedi, we would not be here, they were the ones who defeated the Sith. They shall now be the ones who defeat the Mandalorians, but not alone. My relations with the Jedi are known already, and I will make sure the Senate and Jedi work with each other to a brighter future!"

Supreme Chancellor Norm seems to be much more effective then Chancellor Fharn, but it is early days yet. Already he has many allies, but he also has adversaries. The Senator of Kuat is already openly questioning the Chancellor, and it will not be long before massive debates flare up. More on this soon, with an interview with the Senator of Kuat.

2) Alert Level Raised in the Outer Rim: Pirate Raider attack!
Recently, Pirate Raiders have been attacking many planets and killing many innocents. Here is the current list of major planets attacked:
Naboo: Major damage to orbital commerce, minor damage to cities. Minor damage to defense fleet.
Ando: Major damage to orbital facilities, minor damage to defense fleet.
Ryloth: Major damage to defense fleet, infrastrucutre left intact.
Dagobah: Any military base or civilian towns burnt to the ground.
Bespin: Valuable resources stolen, minor damage to Cloud City.

More on this soon, hopefully from an interview from the current Mand`alor and the Jedi Council!

3) Tatooine under siege!!!
The Hutt Crime Lord Ghelba the Hutt has recently formed a fleet of local pirates and managed to overthrow the GA defense fleet in orbit. GA ground forces are holding out, though many cities (Anchorhead, Mos Eislely) have fallen to the Pirate uprising. If you Galactic Alliance does not act soon, Tatooine and its population will be lost!

4) Interview with the senator of Kuat!
The senator of Kuat recently agreed to an interview concerning the growing threat of the Mandalorians. When asked his opinion about the Chancellor, the senator responded as such:

"The Chancellor has only served to disappoint my expectations. He seems to be of the opinion that what we need is troops. The truth is that we have no need of more troops. The only way we will win this war is by swinging the biggest stick. Right now, that is exactly what the Mandalorians are doing. They have ravaged many worlds, and we need to fight back! If I had it my way, we would be producing as many weapons of war as possible to fight the Mandalorians. They can easily destroy us on the ground, but in the sky, we have a chance, and therefore it is the sky that we must be focused on! We do not need more people, we need more firepower!"

"As for the Jedi, I happen to disagree with many things that the Jedi have done. They claim to be fighting the Mandalorians, but they have done nothing but defend, and even then they get pushed back! They refuse to resort to extreme means to fight the Mandalorians. They are more concerned with making sure that everybody lives. They have no grasp of the fact that in war, people die. They must accept that before they can become a competent fighting force. The Jedi try to maintain the peace, even when there is no peace to maintain. When the Mandalorians were rampaging across the galaxy, the Jedi did nothing, using the pretext that they had a treaty with the Mandalorians. A treaty? Bah! The words of cowards who have no will to fight! We need real soldiers, not mythical peace-keepers who are far more impressive in stories than in real life! The Jedi used every excuse they could to keep from fighting the Mandalorians, and look where this has gotten us! The Mandalorians have already crippled one faction, and now with nothing else to attack, they have targeted the GA. We have had one engagement, and the Jedi pulled back, caring more for the civilian population and the lives of their soldiers than the battle! The Jedi are a last-line of defense. They should never be the first! We need our own troops, commanded by our own people. The Jedi should be separate. They already have too much power as it is!"

The senator is obviously against both the Jedi and the Mandalorians, and the Chancellor as well. He is already gaining swift support, and it seems like his militaristic plans are being well-received by quite a few of the senators. We'll see what the Chancellor has to say about this at a later date. Until then, stay tuned!

5) Disappearances!
Several ships have disappeared near or in wild-space. There have been no reports nor sightings of the ships. Keep an eye out for them and report any sightings immediately.
Missing ships:
-GA patrol ship "Acies"
-GA patrol ship "Vigil"
-Radell Mining Corporation scout ship "Colligat"
-Independent expedition ship "Invenire"

6) Tatooine liberated!
The Galactic Alliance reacted quickly to the pirate threat on Tatooine, disptacthing the Third Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet, quickly disposing of the Pirate Forces in orbit and on the ground. The Pirate Crime Lord, Ghelba the Hutt, escaped the planet moments before his palace was invaded by Galactic Alliance forces. Rumours suggest he returned to Nal Hutta, though there is no evidence of the claims.

7) The Senate: Divided?
It seems recent Senate debates have been focused on whether the Supreme Chancellor is the right choice to lead the Senate into War. Chancellor Norm and the Senator of Kuat are locking horns, each man having a fair number of supporters. The Senator of Kuat is pushing for the creation of massive War Ships to wipe out the Mandalorian Threat once and for all, caring little for any civilian casulties in the process, even going as far as to suggesting the use of biological weapons in a recent Senate hearing. The Supreme Chancellor, on the other hand, wishes to reduce the amount of weapons of War produced and to focus on the men and women who fight for the Senate and the Galactic Alliance, including the Jedi. The Chancellor released a small statement on current affairs before going into the Senate Building, to continue the constant debates:

"We are not Sith nor Mandalorian. We will not create a huge military, nor rely on one. We shall rely on the People who fight for us, for it is them, not the great War machines the Senator wishes to create, that will protect us from the Mandalorians. If we stop relying on the People, the People will stop relying on us."

Currently, the Senate is divided in half. One half supporting the Chancellor, the other the Senator of Kuat.

8) Pirate Threat: Attack on the Mandalorians?
In a vicious attack on Mandalorian Territory, the Pirate Warlord, who reveals himself as "Captain Thorn", has recently attacked the Mandalorian planets of Kalarba, Druckenwell, Falleen, Ando, Nelvaan and Denon. His fleet, composed of many remants of former factions (including former Sith Officers, Sith ships, Gray Jedi ships, Hapen Ships ect.) has created a massive blanket of fear over the Outer Rim. Although the Mandalorians may be great warriors, nothing could of prepared them for that series of attacks. We have yet to see any Mandalorian Response.

9) Pirate Raid on Bespin!
Bespin has recently come under attack by Pirate Raiders, but the pirates attacking seem to be less organised then the others. Head of Secutiry, Rel Nuy, remarks that "They attacked just as the pirates of old attacked: Brute Force, not like those other pirates attack, who use lightning assaults and retreat". The attack was repelled by the security forces, but Cloud City sustained major damage. It is the second time it was attacked these past months.

10) Mandalorians respond to pirate threat!
The Mandalorians managed to ambush the Pirate fleet that has been striking terror in the Outer Rim as it was attacking Ando for the second time, severly damaging it. The pirates managed to retreat though, and are most likely regrouping. Some speculate that they will move into the Mid Rim, but there is no evidence that they will.

11) Lost Contact with Biitu!
All contact with the Outer Rim planet "Biitu" was lost several hours ago. There are no details and all ships coming and going from Biitu have disappeared. An expedition force was sent to investigate, but contact has been lost with them as well.

12) Kuat Breakaway!
Early reports state that Kuat has broken away from the Galactic Alliance! All representatives have been abdicated from the planet, all GA authorities have been ousted and overthrown, and the navy has initiated a blockade around Kuat. Further details will come later, but one thing that was caught before all communications were cut off was first the renaming of Kuat Drive Yards to the Kuat Militia and then the cryptic message:

"A new age has begun."

What could this mean? Without Kuat, the Galactic Alliance has lost one of their most important and powerful shipyards. As events fold out, we shall see...

13) GA Patrol Ship "Vigil" discovered!
Earlier today, the Galactic Alliance patrol ship "Vigil" was discovered after two weeks of no contact. The Corona-class frigate was found split in half from its bow to its aft section, the two pieces beginning to drift apart. Early reports suggest a type of focused beam weapon was used to cut through the ship. The burns were consistent and from them, scientists were able to determine that the ship was cut through in less than two seconds, the original attack overwhelming the shields and piercing the hull. What could have done this is unknown, but there were no survivors found on the ship. The records and logs on the ship were damaged beyond repair as well. More reports pending...

14) Biitu Investigation
An expeditionary force was sent to Biitu several days ago and arrived today, reporting that the planet was almost barren. It would seem as if it was subject to an orbital bombardment, but the scale of the attack encompassed the entire planet. Reports indicate that it is completely wiped of life. Scorch marks and craters also suggest orbital bombardment, but we are still not sure how this is possible. The ships needed to perform an operation of this magnitude would either be massive in size or massive in numbers. More reports pending...

15) Pirate forces ransacking dead worlds

Pirate forces were spotted looting many of the systems around Biitu, taking advantage of the lack of security there. They left after GA forces were spotted in the area.

16) Jedi Disappearances
Several Jedi have disappeared these past few days. It is unknown who is behind this at the time...

17) Senator Assassinations
Five Galactic Alliance senators were found dead with horrific wounds. It is currently unknown who is behind these attacks...

18) Pirate forces attacking the Sith Empire
Pirate forces have engaged in numerous hit-and-run attacks, damaging structures on many planets before retreating. Many have been puzzled as to how they were able to attack the Sith worlds, and many have speculated that someone on the inside was able to disrupt the security defenses around the Sith worlds.

Several hours ago, a massive armada moved in and destroyed Chiss and New Galactic Republic fleets above Rhen Var. Once this was accomplished, they bombarded the planet, leaving nothing but rubble. It is suggested that they plan to move across the galaxy in this manner. The Galactic Alliance has declared a state of emergency in the wake of this new threat. More information pending...

UPDATE: The Silentium have just issued an ultimatum to the New Galactic Republic to flee their capital or be destroyed.

20) The New Galactic Republic has fallen!
The New Galactic Republic has fallen. The Silentium delivered several crippling blows to NGR forces, starting with attacks on Nar Kreeta and Makem Te, then moving to the destruction of the capitol on Belovia, and finally the defeat of the majority of NGR forces above Betha II.

21) NGR-NSO Alliance?
The New Galactic Republic and the New Sith Order have taken advantage of the Silentium attack, leading a joint strike against the Galactic Alliance. Could this mean an alliance between the two factions?

(P.S.: Myself and AK151 will incarnate various "NPC" people (Supreme Chancellor, Commanders, Pirate Lords ect.). If anyone has a problem, then PM me and AK.)

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Dec 1 2011, 2:03pm says:

Hmmm using these events a certain faction may gain a higher chance of success am I correct Kairn?

+3 votes   reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Dec 1 2011, 2:21pm replied:

Of course, which is also why me and AK are here to restore a portion of the balance lost. War is never fair, and unforseen catostrophies can have a profound impact on the current War.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Jesterzx9 Dec 1 2011, 4:07pm says:

I sense Dark Times ahead... (Couldn't help myself xD)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Dec 1 2011, 5:08pm says:

Uhm.. Were are we supposed to respond to this? On our Page or..?

And that is some big pirate attack! xD

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Dec 1 2011, 5:10pm replied:

Don`t worry, dark times will be brought on both GA and Mandalorians in two VERY different forms. As for responding, idk xD. Probably on your page, would make sense I guess xD.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Dec 2 2011, 12:33am replied:

War and sabotage can't break us, take away our Empire and it shall be us who are doing the raids.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Adenn`Verda Dec 2 2011, 9:42am replied:

and since we mandos are all brothers we dont betray eachother

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 Dec 2 2011, 11:37pm says:

Ah, good old random events that affect us all. :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Set_Tainer Dec 5 2011, 7:39am says:

Hmm this could be interesting. OH know I hope there is No Nyan Cat invasion *Hears the nyan cat noise*

+1 vote     reply to comment
IC-OSIK Dec 8 2011, 7:09pm says:

A question: were there simply no SURVIVORS on the Vigil, or were the bodies gone as well?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Dec 8 2011, 7:40pm replied:

The bodies were there, many with burn marks, most dead from oxygen deprivation.

+1 vote   reply to comment
IC-OSIK Dec 9 2011, 10:27am replied:

And the rest? I sincerely doubt the blast doors failed to protect anyone from being spaced.

This is important. "Know your enemy" and all that. The anti-ship beam weapon SOUNDS like a relative of the MCPS, but the MCPS only weakens the hull to allow it to collapse in on itself. They aren't made for cutting, especially not in such a short amount of time. Also, knowing the cause of death of those not killed by oxygen deprivation allows us to know what to expect from their hand-held weapons.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 Dec 9 2011, 10:40pm replied:

We need to figure out the type of energy weapon that was used to cut this frigate in half. That gives us just one hint to who could have done this.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Dec 10 2011, 1:55am replied:

From the reports, the attack was so sudden, the blast doors never lowered. The ship was breaking apart anyways, as it had been adrift for several days, and its hull integrity was down to pretty much nothing. But it was not an MCPS weapon. It was a beam weapon, nothing more, nothing less. A powerful beam weapon, but JUST a beam weapon.

+1 vote   reply to comment
IC-OSIK Dec 12 2011, 1:22pm replied:

Blast doors slam shut when decompression occurs. That means that SOME must have survived the initial attack to fight boarding parties.

Also, is Biitu in that part of the galaxy? If so, then we have more data points on their weaponry.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Dec 12 2011, 4:04pm replied:

And they would then have to survive months of no food or water... xD. It went missing at least a week ago, and a week is something like 6 months? I think? Dunno exactly, but you can't survive 3 days without water, so a month...

+1 vote   reply to comment
IC-OSIK Dec 13 2011, 11:58am replied:

The fact that the ships logs were destroyed points to a boarding party. Those logs can't be destroyed with the ship. They are the equivilant of the black box in a plane. If there was no boarding party, the dying crew would have made sure that some of the most recent records survived so that a counterattack could be mounted.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 Dec 14 2011, 1:09am replied:

Ah Bittu eh was bombarded. This sounds more like a giant asteroid or comet struck the planet, you know how chunks of the space debries break off as they land on the planet. That's perhaps what might have happened to cause those craters.

Anyway whoever fired upon the ship had to be smart to destroy those files. Since we can't gather any data from them that could have suggested who did it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 Dec 8 2011, 8:06pm says:

So all or some did not die from the beam weapon.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Dec 8 2011, 8:18pm replied:

It was an anti-ship beam weapon like the ones commonly used on ships, just a lot more powerful.

It's not some sort of radiation weapon or bio-weapon if that's what your asking.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Dec 15 2011, 4:31pm says:


+1 vote   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Dec 15 2011, 4:34pm replied:




+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Dec 15 2011, 5:00pm replied:


Stupid Grammar Nazis >.<

+1 vote   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Dec 15 2011, 5:07pm replied:

You'd best believe it :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
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