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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Aug 24 2015 says:

Imperial intelligence indicates the vessel is an Regnum-class Star Destroyer named the Ouroboros. It has gone missing several hundred years ago and it is unknown what happened to it.

The Jedi Council senses there is something important to be uncovered on the vessel and requests that any willing and available knight to go and investigate.

Federation officials have no additional knowledge on the vessel whatsoever.

The Ouroboros is drifting closely to Hoth's Brand, the main sun of the Ruusan system. It seems to be drawn into its gravity well and will likely be destroyed unless recovered swiftly.

The mystery of the Ouroboros is about to be resolved.

OOC: Imperial players may request to have the vessel's map at any time.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 24 2015 says:


The last of Nym's command staff enters the meeting room; the pirate himself is standing off to the side, arms crossed. He nods to Shiva. "You called this meeting. What is it?"

The former Jedi steps forward. "V?" she asks, and the projector comes to life, showing a holographic image of a Star Destroyer. "Caught something on the Jedi channel I've kept open since we went rogue. Looks like they've taken an interest in this ship. The Ouroboros. A Regnum-class Star Destroyer."

"Regnum?" one of the crew asks. "Older ship?"

She nods. "This one's been missing for centuries."

"And now it's turned up, and everyone's spooked," Nym mutters. "You want to investigate, I'm guessing?"

"I do," she replies. "If the Jedi Council's taken an interest, whatever's there could be useful."

"For you, maybe," Rogue cuts in. "But how does this help anyone else?"

"If we're lucky, we get a free Star Destroyer," Shiva replies. "It's old, yes, but even older ships can pack a punch. Hell, the millennia-old Hammerhead design can be dangerous if outfitted with proper weaponry. Something like this could give us the heavy firepower we'd need to pose a threat."

"We don't want to pose a threat," Nym replies. "We're good at pirating, sure, but we don't want to end up being on the receiving end of one of those operations like the one that took down Lancer."

Shiva nods. "True enough, but at some point any enemies we have are going to get tired of us. And when they find us, we could use an ace-in-the-hole."

"Thought that was what the Agamemnon was," Elric says.

"Enough," Nym cuts off Shiva before she can reply. "Any other arguments for?"

"The Empire's going to be there," she responds. "The Jedi Council thinks whatever's there is important. Do you want the Empire to get their hands on it?"

"We're neutral," the pirate says. "We don't take sides in these conflicts. Money's all that concerns us."

Shiva shakes her head. "Come on, Nym. You and I both know that's not entirely true."

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 24 2015 says:


The pirate pauses. "I'll give it some thought. You're all dismissed." They all leave, save Rogue. He looks at her. "What?"

She steps forward. "Shiva's got a point about the Empire."

"About us keeping them away from important tech or about us not getting involved in that conflict?"


Nym rolls his eyes. "Don't tell me you want to go along with this too?"

Rogue chuckles. "Not really. But we haven't got anything else at the moment. Besides, don't you want to give Vendetta a good test-run?"

"Alright everyone," Nym calls everyone to attention as he walks onto the Sleight's bridge. "Shiva's given us a lead on something. We're not entirely sure what, but it could be useful. We'll be moving in on a ship hundreds of years old that's just now reappeared. Anything on it could be worth a fortune." He looks around at the crew. "I'm well aware that a ship disappearing and then reappearing a few centuries later is typically not something you want to mess with. But Shiva's insistent. It'll be me, her, Rogue, Jack, and Rorschach."

"Coordinates?" Raptor asks. "Kind of need those."

"Hoth's Brand," Nym replies. "The Ruusan system."

Raptor raises an eyebrow. "I'm sure you realize Hoth's Brand is a star? If the ship's drifting towards it, we won't have much time."

Nym nods. "I'm aware. We all know the risks. But like I said, Shiva wants to know what's on this ship. It's spooked the Jedi Council, and that's enough for her. Raptor, set the course."

The bridge comes to life as coordiantes are laid in. Raptor is the center of the bridge as he issues orders to the crew, while Nym leaves to get the team ready.

The Sleight of Hand jumps in close to the coordinates, but a ways off to give her stealth systems time to activate. Once they're online, the ship makes its way towards the Star Destroyer, keeping a sharp eye out for any other potential visitors.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Aug 25 2015 says:

Rancor squad is called into a meeting

"Listen up!" Pain announced. "You guys remember the Ouroboros?"

"Wait, you mean that advanced destroyer that was somehow lost centuries ago?" Nibral asked.

"Yeah, that's the one."

"Why do we care about this now?"

"Because, my Mandalorian friend, it's shown up near Ruusan, more specifically Hoth's Brand..."

"Lovely..." Saryn interjects.

"And the Empire wants us lucky few to investigate and recover if possible. Understood?"

"Enter a centuries old Destroyer without any knowledge of who or what caused its disappearance and sudden reappearance, and whether or not it is 'occupied'? Sure! Should be fun!" Saryn concludes.

"Hey, a star destroyer means enclosed spaces if it comes to combat, Just as I like it." Nibral adds.

"Speak for yourself." Headhunter replies.

"Alright then squad, we will go in with our standard equipment. Intelligence has also provided us with a map as well as any unique inventory contained within the ship. If we can't recover the whole ship then we should at least retrieve the items of interest." Pain, finished with the briefing, leads the squad to the transport ship they will be using.

The ship jumps to the Ruusan system, with stealth engaged, it heads towards the designated insertion point, whilst looking out for anyone else who may have developed an interest in the ship.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Aug 26 2015 says:

An TwinTail starfighters jumps in dangerously close to the engines of the star destroyer and moves even closer. A man wearing a black and gray uniform and a helmet disguising his face, and doubling as a breathing apparatus, is the pilot along with an Astromech.

"Quick, attach us next to the engines before our location can be tracked, if were lucky we weren't detected due to interference from the close proximity to the sun."

His astromech confirms they are in position and that the magnetic seals in the landing gear have activated.

"Then again, everyone on the ship is probably dead. Before to proceed, perform a scan of the ship, perhaps it will get us a clue to what we are dealing with.

In the meantime, I'll get ready for a spacewalk."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Aug 26 2015 says:

The Ouroboros drifts ever closer to the sun of Ruusan, Hoth's Brand, named after the ancient Jedi Lord Hoth. The vessel seems to have suffered extensive exterior damage and corrosion with the starboard hangar missing completely and the tip of the otherwise wedge-shaped warship missing.

Likely the Regnum-class starship follows similar patterns and is uniform, therefore a secondary portside hangar is likely to exist and perhaps even another hangar at the bilge beneath the vessel, in similar fashion to traditional Star Destroyers.

It moves at a sluggish pace and based solely on its speed it is likely to plummet into the sun by the end of the day (five pages), not accounting for the sun's gravity pull.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 26 2015 says:


Nym watches his company prep before getting a notification from Raptor. "We've got two hyperspace signatures. First is a bit off, probably hoping no one will notice. They're off the grid now."

"Faction?" Nym asks. A lot of special operations groups have stealth technology. Federation or Imperial, most likely, but anything's possible.

"What I could get of the ship matches the profile of an Imperial transport. So yeah, Empire."

Nym nods. Imperial special operations. This should be interesting. "You said there were two signatures. What about the second one?"

"Fighter-class, judging from the size. Couldn't get much more than that. Too much interference. She jumped in right next to the engines. Whoever set up those coordinates is either a droid or a genius. No sign of them now, though."

"So we know they're here, but not where they are." Nym concludes. "My guess is that the Imperials will try one of the secondary hangars like us. Whoever this other guy is, he'll probably be walking the hull for an entry point. And if he finds one, he'll have a one-up on us." He walks forward, towards the infiltration group. "Company's coming, people. Let's go."

Rogue stretches, taking a moment to adapt to her armor. "Zero-G, right?" she asks almost eagerly.

Nym nods. "Ship's full of holes. Not salvageable. So that's a bust. Don't count on air or gravity."

"Sounds lovely," Rorschach mutters, shouldering his blaster rifle. "And I can't help but notice we're standing in a hangar bay with no shuttle in sight."

"Didn't you get the memo?" Jack laughs. "Shuttle's haven't got stealth. Leastways, not the ones we've got. We're jumpin' over."

Nym checks his weaponry and equipment. "Jack's got the right idea. We don't want to give away our position or our presence. We'll be too small to properly track on scanners, so if we just jump out of the hangar bay, we should be fine."

"This is insane," Rorschach sighs. "Alright. I'm set."

Nym looks around. Rogue's pacing around, Shiva's sitting motionless, Jack's checking his weapons, and Rorschach's eyeing the hangar shield nervously. "Everyone get prepped. Won't be long now."

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 26 2015 says:


The Sleight of Hand comes in close to one of the intact hangar bays, aligning its own bay with that of the Ouroboros' own bay; the Ardent-class decelerates, its maneuvering thrusters making minute adjustments to bring the ship to a precise halt.

"Get ready, people," Nym says. "You've got maneuvering packs, but be careful. They won't set off sensors, but fuel's not abundant. Course correction and deceleration only. Decompression'll be enough to give us the momentum we need to get over. Find a place to hitch on with grav-boots and we'll go from there. V'll keep tabs on us and coordinate once we're on the ground. Safe flights."

Rorschach shakes his head, bracing himself. "Been an honor serving with you all."

Behind Jack's helmet is a wide grin; he's practically bouncing in anticipation.

Shiva's still calm; she's perfectly confident in her abilities and in the technology protecting her, very much sure that everything will be fine.

Rogue is all business, silently kneeling down to launch off when the hangar shield drops. She's practiced countless hours of zero-gravity combat in the Agamemnon's simulation chambers. She knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

Nym takes a breath. He hates vacuum; feeling weightless isn't easy to get used to. But he's ready. The bay on the other side stops moving as the Sleight gets into position. Over the loudspeaker comes Raptor's voice, starting a countdown. Nym ignores it, keeping his own clock in his head. Three. Two. One.

The shield goes down and the air in the hangar rushes out, launching the team out of the bay and across towards the other hangar. Regardless of their pre-launch dispositions, all of the infiltration team members approach steadily and stably, using their maneuvering packs sparingly. The Sleight still has its cloak up, so it's a bit unnerving to Nym when he looks back and sees just empty space where a moment ago he knows he launched from a ship.

The group approaches the bay, using their packs to decelerate for a smooth landing as they enter the hangar bay. None of them are sure if it has artificial gravity, but they're ready to land on whatever surface they can find.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Aug 26 2015 says:

The ship heads towards the port side hangar. On the way there the squad notes the damage to the ship. There was no way they were bringing that back. They knew noe their objective was to recover any item of interest on the ship as well as discovering what caused this to happen.

On the way Saryn noticed a blip on the radar, disappearing as soon as it appeared.

"Boss, looks like we got ourselves a fortune hunter."

"What have you got?" Pain responds.

"From the size it looks to be a fighter-class vessel. Whoever this guy is he was crazy, or brilliant, enough to jump in right next to the engines. He's off the grid now, so no knowing what the next move is."

"Alright, that gives us something at least."

One man shouldn't be a problem, though you never know...

The ship entered the hangar, magnetically connecting the landing gear to the floor.

"Alright squad, Ensure mag boots are active, keep helmets sealed, it's unlikely that there will be any breathable air."

The door lowers and the team look out into the hangar before moving out.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Aug 26 2015 says:

"Alright, lets go" the mans says as he exits the cockpit, bringing with him a metal suitcase. The astromech releases itself and the man grabs hold of it as it begins to use its small jet engines to propel itself forward. With the man hanging on tightly, they move towards one of the larger engine exhaust points on the Star Destroyer and proceeds to enter it.

The astromech comments on the byproducts of Ion drives. "I know, unless I want to die of radiation, we better find a maintenance hatch soon."

Apparently in a chatty mood, the astromech now comments on its reminder a day earlier that he should have brought gear with him that offered more protection.

"And who's gonna carry all this extra gear? You? I still haven't forgiven you for what you did to the ambassador whom mistook you for a coat rag.."

"Alright, up ahead, I think I see an access panel."

He lets go of his companion and carefully pushes himself away from the droid and over to the panel. The astromech opens one of its many compartments and hands the man a tool which he uses to remove the protective layer on top of the panel, revealing a droid access port.

"All right, do your thing." He moves away so that the astromech can approach, access the port and open a maintenance hatch.

"Oh and please hurry, I may not have decided to have children, but neither have I decided not too."

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Aug 27 2015 says:

Another ship, about the size of a light shuttle, enters the scene nearby the engines as well. The shuttle was flying completely silent, simple stealth systems would keep the ship hidden from most means of detection except from active sensor sweeps and perhaps from anyone who could see a small black ship against the background of dark space.

Inside the ship was a squad of four men. Two of which armed with what could be considered your typical commando gear at first glance and clad in a set of light armor. The other two however were wearing an unusual set of armor consisting of a high-grade fiberweave overcoats and light armor in addition to a somewhat angular helmet. All of their armor was of course full EBA in addition to other features, seeing as there was no guarantee that the Star Destroyer would have any air, and radiation would be a pressing issue due to their proximity to Hoth's Brand.

"Alright, according to our lead the ship we're investigating is some sort of experimental Star Destroyer. Really old, went missing a long time ago." The squad leader explains, who is one of the men wearing the overcoats. While the other operatives were clad in dark grey uniforms, his was mostly white.

"The Jedi Council has been getting some bad vibes from what we've heard. As for any of the fine details and the layout of the ship, well... that's for us to find out. Our main objective is to gather as much intel as we can from the ship, and maybe recover the ship itself if at all possible."

"I'm sure the Imperials have sent their people already, and our sources indicate that Nym and his gang are in the area. Stay alert, we're to avoid contact and it'd be preferable to deal with them indirectly. Another operative should currently be on board by now, we're to assist each other if necessary. Otherwise, we're ghosts. Understood?"

The other agents nod in agreement as they ready their equipment and weapons.

The strike team infiltrates the ship much like how the other Federation operative does, only through a different engine. They reach a maintenance hatch, and break open the access panel. One of the agents pulls a handheld computer, pulls out a cord from it and jacks it in to the access panel. He types a few commands into the computer which initiates a hacking program to open the door.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Aug 27 2015 says:

The Ouroboros’ hangar begin to shut close its blast door and the warship twists itself around, no longer aligned to the pirate boarding party and closing their window of entry. The Imperial party’s shuttle approaches the same entry point, moving into visual range soon.

At the engines the access port connects to the astromech, the droid begins to decrypt the data in order to unlock the maintenance hatch. Within moments the hatch is opened. Same story for the Federation team.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 27 2015 says:

The Ouroboros begins to lurch and the hangar blast doors begin to close. "We should've taken the shuttles!" Rorschach growls over the comm; Jack starting to laugh like a madman doesn't do much for his disposition.

"We can make this," Nym responds. "That thing's trying to turn away, but Star Destroyers always did have slow sideways acceleration. Use your thrusters, people. We've got this."

The Sleight, fortunately, got as close as physically possible to the ship before launching the team, and therefore there isn't much distance to cover. With some maneuvering, the team is able to enter the hangar bay without incident, just ahead of the blast door.

The team are able to land on the surface of the hangar bay, fully aware that there could be traps; Shiva's ready for an ambush and is prepared to shield the others for a bit in order to give them some time to recover and retaliate. Hopefully there's nothing in the hangar with them.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Aug 27 2015 says:

OOC: AK i cant remember if your ship has visual stealth or not so i will act as if i didnt see it

IC: "What the...?"

The team was somewhat surprised the ship was still active, given its frankly terrible state. They soon entered visual range of the hangar and notice the door closing.

"blast! There goes that point of entry." Pain said in an annoyed tone. "Alright, plan B. We head for the hangar underneath and make our way from there. Get to it Saryn."

"Aye aye captain."

The shuttle then makes its way towards the hangar underneath the destroyer.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Aug 27 2015 says:

"Lets go.." the man signals to the droid, as he enters the maintenance hatch, waits the his droid to follow and then closes the hatch again behind him. Once closed, they use a lever on the wall to begin pressurizing the chamber before they proceed.

The pressurizing completes and they now open the internal hatch and enters the ship, not sure where they will end up except for the obvious fact they are on the engine levels.

"See if you can't find another access port and find out where on the ship we are. I don't wanna proceed further until we know more. And while your're at it, see if you can't get the status on the ships systems."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Aug 28 2015 says:

The pirates land inside the portside hangar just as the hangar blast door closes down. Inside they find the hangar to be completely deserted with only the ghostly remains of starships, corroded and bleached by time. Ahead of them is a doorway, to the edges of the hangar are sealed entryways and beneath them tracks that run along the edge of the hangar.

For the Imperial party the bottom hangar is open, the vessel having no blast door to seal that much larger hangar. Their shuttle lands inside a large area with broken down spacecraft and ground vehicles as well as the remains of Stormtrooper armour and Imperial uniforms. Imperial intelligence provided them with a map to use but given the state of the Ouroboros it is unknown how useful it can be.

The little Astromech does as instructed and slices into the system, sifting through corrupted data files and bypassing inaccessible information streams. According to the information the Droid and its owner are in the leftmost hangar, a large room equipped with a, exclusive secondary transit system to not only link to other parts of the ship but also the other engines. The mech can only guess at how much of the tracks of the transit system are intact. Otherwise it seems there is a walkway at the end of of the room.

At the rightmost and starboard side engines the Federation strike team makes their breach and reaches the same conclusion.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Aug 28 2015 says:

"Alright people, spread out," Nym orders. Looks like they've got some ground to cover, "but stay in sight. Don't want anyone mysteriously disappearing."

The pirate looks for somewhere where he can plug in Vendetta, accompanied by Rogue; the two head for the door, hoping that they'll find a port or terminal there. Rorschach and Jack go with Shiva to investigate the sealed entryways and the tracks. Shiva's still on alert for traps, even moreso than the rest of the group. She doesn't want any of them dying on her watch. The entire team is ready for combat.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Aug 29 2015 says:

OOC: cheers for that

IC: Rancor squad slowly exited the shuttle, keeping watch in all direction for any surprises.

"Ugh, look at the state of this ship," Nibral remarked. "You think anything would still be intact in this dump?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Headhunter replied, "It's our mission to find that out."

"That's right," Pain concluded, "The map says there is a command centre through there. Let's see if it's accessible or not."

The team head towards what they hope is an intact command centre, all the while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious... not counting the destroyer itself.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Aug 29 2015 says:

The man opens the suitcase he brought with him and takes several items from it which he places in belt pockets. He then begins piecing together something from multiple parts. Once assembled, the pieces form a small reconnaissance droid. He activates it and sends it to follow the transit system and relay information back to a wristband he carries on his arm.

Once dispatched, the man looks towards the hallway at the end of the room. "Lets see where this leads."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda 3hours 21mins ago says:

Nym and Rogue go up a ramp and enter a room overlooking the hangar. The area is lined with terminals which randomly flicker in limbo between a life and death state. Vendetta is plugged in and begins to sift through the available data, quickly noting that the sealed entryways are part of the rapid transit system and that it can exert some degree of control over it. However due to data corruption whether the tracks are safe is beyond its knowledge and what lies beyond. Vendetta can however confirm that beyond the command centre he’s plugged into there’s nothing of interest in the hangar, making the transit system the only option.

It gives Nym the option: Up or down.

Rancor squad enters a deserted and expansive command centre, clearly designed to oversee hangar, space-to-ground and ground-to-space based operations. Lights of rows of monitors flicker in no particular pattern.

The little drone that was launched from the suitcase sends telemetry back to its owner and displays transports sitting upon tracks, beyond it more tracks which are a part of the transit system and further beyond that only darkness that stretches for hours. 

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AK151 Creator
AK151 8mins 35secs ago says:

"Alright people," Nym calls to everyone. "Form up." It doesn't take long for everyone to converge on his position. "V?"

"Looks like this is a rapid transit system," the AI responds, its voice coming in through everyone's helmets. "I can't tell whether it's safe to use or not. I've got control over the transport cars, though, and can move them or halt them depending on what you want."

Nym turns to the group. "Well, we can go up or down. Thoughts?"

"I'd like a way to scout out the area," Shiva mutters. "We don't know if it's safe to use, like V said."

Rogue nods in agreement. "Vendetta, you said you can control the cars, right?"

"Yes," the AI responds.

"Alright. Send the car up to the next transit station and try to bring it back."

Nym holds up a hand. "If we do that and we lose the car, we won't have a way to navigate this place."

Rogue shakes her head. "V, have you got control of the local gravity?"

"I'll have to see if I can access it."

She nods. "Even if we can't deactivate the gravity, we can use grav-boots to navigate the transit tunnel."

"That's a long walk," Rorschach mutters.

"You got a better idea?" she retorts, meeting silence.

Nym shrugs. "Alright. V, send the car up."

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Ruusan; a lone prototype Star Destroyer has been spotted. It seems to have sustained heavy battle damage and is adrift. Attempts to contact it have been met with silence. The government of Ruusan considers it a waste of time to investigate and has decreed that anyone who wishes to board the vessel may do so.


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