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The Introduction
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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 6hours 9mins ago says:

Three heavily armoured troopers enter the Bilbousa cantina and draw the attention of every barfly who has not yet looked too deeply into their glass.

"Salutations, I am Centurion Scilanus of Ansion. I am in need of mercenaries and smugglers to aid the glorious Fourth Legion in our struggle against the corrupt and oppressive senate. All who join will be handsomely rewarded."

The Centurion walked towards the bartender.

"In fact, all drinks are on me. Courtesy of our great leader."

The cantina went wild. Amateur mercenaries and smugglers swamped the troopers right away to sign on while the more experienced sat back, drank and waited for their chance.

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 6hours 2mins ago says:

As the troopers walked in, Kael took note of the swarm of smugglers and bounty hunters approaching the troopers. “Amateurs” he thought.
Kael waited in the back until the group had settled down and then took his chance.
Kael slowly stood up out of the darkness and paced himself to the troopers. Kael directly approached the central trooper, he had some battle scarring on his armour and it was evident that he was their leader.

Kael gently touched him on the shoulder, “What can I do for you?”

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 5hours 53mins ago says:

"You look like a smuggler. Here's the thing; the Third needs weapons. We have them, but we need someone to get them from point A to point B. If you think you can break the blockade, you're hired."

The man took out a datapad.

"We're here on Nal Hutta, I need you to go to the Ansion sector and into The Red Twins system to pick up the weapons and deliver them to the Ankus system. There is an enemy fleet in orbit of Ankus, roughly three Nebulon B2 Frigates according to our latest intel."

He pocketed the datapad and looked down on the smuggler, being a head taller.

"Think you can handle it?"

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 5hours 47mins ago says:

Kael listened attentively to the Centurion noting all the important information down when needed. “Three nebulons, and you need some weapons delivered?”
The man nodded.
Kael thought about the information he had been given and thought for a moment. “Send me the relevant information on the mission, which also includes how much I will be getting paid and you may have a deal.”

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 5hours 43mins ago says:

The Centurion gave a nod before turning his back to the smuggler to answer another mercenary. A few minutes later Kael received a notification from the man and it detailed the mission. At the end of the notice was the rather hefty sum of credits he would receive upon completion of the job.

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 5hours 38mins ago says:

The datapad pinged and came up with the mission details. Kael stroked his chin and read over the details, at the bottom of the document, was the payment. “Quite large for what seems like a simple mission” he thought, but who would complain over that? he was sold.

Kael pulled the Centurion aside, “You have yourself a smuggler”

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 5hours 34mins ago says:

Another smuggler standing in front of the Centurion grew upset, shooting daggers at Kaul.

"Could have just sent me a reply." The Centurion replied promptly before returning his attention to the other smuggler and apologizing on Kael's behalf. Another trooper took the smuggler off his hands and the Centurion turned to Kael.

"Welcome on board. Glad you have chosen the right side in this Civil War."

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 5hours 31mins ago says:

“I prefer to talk directly” Kael muttered.

After the other smuggler was taken away, Kael focused on the Centurion again.

“Always here to lend a hand where I can. Can you try explaining what exactly this civil war is for me?”

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 5hours 25mins ago says:

"Gladly! It all started back when our treacherous senate became filled with old men whom neglected their people in favour of staying in power and stuffing their fat faces."

"Finally, a brave young officer in our glorious military rose up against the tyrants and now leads us against these pompous windbags. For you and others like you it means supporting us in our righteous struggle and earning a lot of credits while doing so."

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 5hours 22mins ago says:

“And now the government is blockading the planet to prevent smugglers like myself from getting goods to your ‘militia’. Is that right to say?”

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda 5hours 18mins ago says:

"Wrong. We are not a militia. We are the Legions of Ansion, the rightful military that has chosen to follow the new wave rather than stay with a corrupt regime. The Legions are professional men and women whom have served with distinction in defense of Ansion for generations."

"Look smuggler, all you have to do is get the weapons delivered and not get shot down by the ships of the Sixth Legion. Those fools have decided to follow the senate to their doom."

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Jesterzx9 Author
Jesterzx9 5hours 14mins ago says:

Kael could tell the soldier was getting annoyed at the Corellian’s persistent questions.

“Well, guess they have chosen their fate then. I wish your legion luck then in battle and the eventful takeover”

“Well sir, I must be off to prepare for this stunt, my ship is located in bay 426 at the spaceport, unload the weapons there and I will take it from there.”

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OOC: Anyone can join, just posting this to introduce Kael and hopefully end in him acquiring a job. Also refer to my profile for a quick sleazy background on Kael :P

Nal Hutta
Bilbousa Cantina
Kael resided in the back corner of the cantina, masking himself in the darkness. Around him were all types of different species, Humans, Vippits, Ithorians and even a few Hutts. These small things didn’t worry him; he was smart and very idealistic. Kael silently awaited his visitors, while he sipped Rodian ale, it was sweet and left a dry mouth.
Towards the bar, a fight between two men erupted, their shouting was very distinct. “Typical, obviously a credit problem” Kael thought to himself. These type of things was something that happened on a daily basis, so these type of outbreaks remained regular for Kael.
Kael was a smuggler for the highest bidder, nothing more, nothing less. All he wanted was a job that would end in him receiving a pay out, no matter the risk…

Nov 30th, 2015
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