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Into the Maw: Assault on the Anzillu
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Ρrʌжis Creator

The Republic deploys a prototype stealth corvette to silently deal with this threat. Its compliment consisted of 25 SpecForce Marines, 5 slicer specialists, and an assortment of droids for support, including modified astromechs, KR-1 Battle Droids, utility droids, and probe droids of various types. All the marines were well equipped for the operation at hand, sporting personal cloak generators, silenced weapons, det packs, and even a seismic charge as a fail safe in case things turn sour.

In addition a group of stealth bombers are on stand-by to support the infiltration team.

The corvette arrives some distance away from the drop site where they wouldn't be caught initially by any visual scanners. After that it activates cloak and begins advancing towards the asteroid field, navigating past any obstacles in its way.

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AK151 Author

The Republic ship is able to successfully avoid detection and navigate the asteroid field with only minor damage. It approaches the Anzillu, its cloak allowing it to get closer to the large ship; scans show that there are several points of entry in the form of docking ports and the ship's somewhat stocked hangar bays.

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Ρrʌжis Creator

The operatives first do a visual scan around the ship. Flying around its hull they check for any alternative means of entry, after all, using one of the docking ports or landing in the hanger would be risky and may alert the crew and defenders. The first check near the engine, making sure they weren't active and seeing whether or not there was maintenance entry they could use.

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The Republic operatives consolidate the information they have so far received from their informant, going over the available data to formulate a plan of attack. The shipyard is guarded by a dozen heavy weapon platforms, as well as six heavy cruisers and their fighter complements.

The biggest threat, however, is the Anzillu itself. Most of its systems are inoperable, but its targeting computers and weapons are fully online and devastating; its disruptor banks are capable of tearing through the strongest capital ships in a single volley, and it sports plenty of other weaponry to mop up after the first crippling barrage. Engines and primary shields, however, are offline, and there is no information to suggest that the ship has any sort of fighter screen.

There is an unmarked hyperlane that leads to a drop-off site close to the primary shipyard. From there it's a small haul in normal space to reach the actual area, which is enclosed by a nebulous asteroid field with a constantly shifting safe path through the maze. The drop-off point is heavily monitored but not well-defended.

The Anzillu is the smallest of the three dreadnoughts being constructed, but it is no less dangerous than the Azalus or the rumored Dragon Fang. If the Republic wishes to destroy it, however, their work will be cut out for them, and they will have to exercise more discretion. The failed attack on Terminus Engineering set off a few alarm bells, but its failure has somewhat mitigated any potential blowback, luckily enough. The opportunity, however, is ripe, but will not be for long...

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