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A Finally Concluded Visit To Uranus
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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 13 2014, 12:40am says:

Serena quickly finds the meeting point; not a rowdy bar, as she expected, but a crowded bazaar teeming with civilians browsing various kiosks stocked with generally low-quality knock-offs of weapons or artifacts. Serena brushes past the masses, looking for her contact. At the same time, she scans and notes any potential threats, looking for anything that could set off alarms, including suspicious clothing, notable weaponry, the bearings of a warrior, or stirs in the crowd that could hint at the approach of danger.

"Ap, shut down all communications hardlines save the one we've got," she orders to the droid through her comm-link; she made sure many times that that communication line was secure and inaccessible to outside forces, but she wasn't about to risk another assassin trying to shut down her ship by bombarding the Avalon's systems with electronic attacks through less secure communication hardlines and other points of access.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 5:55am says:

The assignment was simple: Find and exterminate the rogue. Unwilling to disappoint his master and pass up an opportunity to test his strength Lord Azrael departed in search of the elusive Sith Lord.

Imperial agents inside the Hutt Cartel mentioned sighting Azrael's target on Nar Shaddaa.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 14 2014, 10:51am says:

Lok was assigned to the same task by korinth. this target was very important for some reason, so two sith were required instead. he departed for nar shaddaa with DI.

he knew of his partner, Azreal, and it didnt comfort him to know that he was working with him. they had differing opinions on a great many things, and Lok hoped it wouldn't be a problem on this mission.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 14 2014, 12:34pm says:

Part 1

Serena locates her contact and moves through the crowd with ease, walking up behind him. "You told me you-"

The man turns around quickly, a startled look on his face; his hand is reaching for a blaster, but he stops his reflex when he sees the woman in front of him. "Holy hell, don't startle me like that."

Serena rolls her eyes. "You told me you had information." She didn't like dealing with other people in general.

The man nods. "Yeah, if you've got money."

Serena reaches into her pocket and pulls out a lightsaber crystal. "This isn't a fake. I don't need it, so it's useless to me. I'm sure someone like you can find a buyer for it." Despite her reluctance to deal with such people, she isn't lying; the crystal is real. She just doesn't have any use for it.

"Alright," the man says, taking the beautiful gem and pocketing it. "Much obliged."

Serena furrows her brow into a scowl. "Now, I just want a yes or no answer. Is he alive?"

The man nods. "He's alive."

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 14 2014, 12:35pm says:

Part 2

"That's all I need to know," Serena replies. She turns around to walk away, but he calls to her, making her pause.

"There's one more thing," he says. "Something you need to know."

Serena turns around and walks towards him "What are you talking about?" She paid him to find information about her target, and he provided that. What is he doing now?

"Look, you've always paid me and treated me decently," the man starts. "And because of that, I feel I need to warn you."

Serena raises her eyebrow. "Warn me of what?"

"They're coming," the man replies; Serena's breath catches for a second. "I don't know how they're going to show up, and I don't know who's going to show up, but they know you're here."

Serena whirls around and walks off briskly, hurrying to the rendezvous with the Avalon. The Sith wouldn't be able to detect the interceptor, but if they've sent assassins after her, she couldn't hide from them. Well, she could, but if they had experience, if would be extremely difficult. And if they knew she was going to be here...

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 1:22pm says:

In the skies above Nar Shaddaa the Sith Infiltrator deploys its rampart and Azrael jumps out, beginning his descent to the planet surface in free fall fashion. Moments before making planetfall he uses the Force to literally break his fall and shatter the landing area. Unscathed he begins to reach out and searches for a source of powerful Force energies.

Quickly he catches the "scent" of his prey and speeds to capture it from rooftop to rooftop, scanning the streets below, following the trail like a tuk'ata on the prowl. Azrael will be the one to slay his target, not Lok. He is the superior Sith Lord and he will prove it to all to see.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 14 2014, 1:48pm says:

Lok's spies had informed him of the various sighting of the target. he knew the docking port where she had come from, but had no idea where exactly the ship was. it wasn't being picked up on any sensors, meaning it was cloaked. Lok lands on a free spot in the dock, his infiltrator cloaked. as he leaves the ship he is accosted by the overseer, who promptly had his neck crushed and is thrown off the platform. the remaining witnesses were easily swayed by the force to forget what happened. one of the workers was made to update the bay as occupied. it should cause no suspicion at all.

Lok cloaked himself and headed towards the best vantage point, namely the flight control tower, with DI by his side. he had DI cover the security footage while he looked around the port to see if he could spot her. he used the force to aid his search.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 14 2014, 1:59pm says:

Serena doesn't bother fully masking her presence in the force. If they want her, they can come and get her. Both Azrael and Lok can sense her presence from where they are. She makes it seem as if she isn't masking her power at all, so as to give them a false impression of her abilities.

At the same time, she extends her own perceptions. Her senses can latch on to the most minute of details; she needed such precision during her own days as an assassin. "Let's see how the assassins have grown without me," she mutters.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 5:41pm says:

Although he knows little to nothing about the target. Azrael easily sees through the deception that is created for even veterans value the advantages of the cloak and dagger.

Taking precaution not to give himself away Azrael cloaks his presence but takes care to remain ahead of Lok.

Nearing his target, Azrael readies his weapon of choice and notches five arrows tipped in poison crafted by Sith alchemists. He is fully aware the odds of him hitting the target are slim, despite the supposed element of surprise. Force users are not to be taken lightly. So Azrael chooses not to waste his time with a long-range assassination for now.

He releases his shots. The overcharged arrows resonate with the static of the rail coils and fly off without sound. In an instant they find their marks, instantly killing any whom are hit by it and releasing a deadly viral gas in the area to deal with whomever remained and clearing the way for the confrontation.

Unless of course, the dark side alchemical compound takes her.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 15 2014, 12:13pm says:

Lok was well versed in masking his presence, he took every precaution to ensure he wasn't detected.

He could sense her now. She seemed to be a sith of average power, though Lok thought it strange that they would be so careless in such a public place. He could also sense Azreal getting closer to her.

He needed to move, now. He signalled to Di and the droid followed. They made their way towards the target, taking care to not be seen by her. Lok was cloaked still and Di stuck mostly to the shadows, his black color offering him some stealth.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 16 2014, 4:19pm says:

Serena senses the approach of one of the assassins, and focuses on him. Suddenly, a civilian close to her drops dead, along with several others; she immediately accelerates, moving forward quickly. She notices people succumbing to the poison of the arrows and realizes the presence of the toxins in the air; she guards herself against poison, hoping she didn't inhale any of it. She feels the assassin in close pursuit, and strengthens the angled barriers behind her to keep from getting shot in the back.

She feels a dull pain, a small bit of the toxin that she somehow breathed in. Her system quickly works to nullify the poison, but she loses track of the other assassin; she still feels the one behind her, though, and tries to outrun him, using the force to quicken her movements.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 16 2014, 5:18pm says:

Azrael continues to leap from building to building and mimics the behaviour of his target by using the Force to move faster. The disadvantage of his terrain was that it ends, changes direction or elevation drastically at a moments notice but the benefit was that there was no one in the way allowing Azrael to even get ahead of his target, provided she did not change direction.

As Azrael ran he awaited for an opening, once ahead he took a regular arrow and charged it with lightning for a blast effect. He aimed ahead of his target and loosed the arrow, the rails accelerated the electrified arrow fast enough to pierce the speed of sound.

OOC: So running from roof to roof, gets a few steps ahead of Serena, launches a superfast arrow ahead of Serena which should explode like a ECD from Republic Commando.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 17 2014, 8:01am says:

Lok could see the gas from his position on the streets. it would seem Azreal reached the target first. people were running from the gas, clearing the streets. Lok motioned for DI to get ready. the droid prepared his heavy rotary cannon, aiming towards the target, as soon as he had a clear shot he would fire without pause.

Lok uncloaked and reduced the masking of his presence, beginning to charge up his force powers. As soon as he sees serana he will hit her with a massive wave of force energy, either knocking her down or throwing her back.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 17 2014, 8:30am says:

Serena easily notices her adversary using the rooftops to move, and uses this fact to her advantage, turning corners deliberately to throw Azrael off, especially as he starts to get ahead of her. Should he chance firing his arrows, they will only meet her angled barriers, which will alter their course slightly to avoid hitting her. Her barriers can also protect her from the explosion, but that will both cause her pause and majorly deplete said barriers.

She also notices the other assassin, and changes her route to throw him off and avoid him. She continues to wind through the streets in attempts to confuse her pursuers, taking routes that even she is slightly unfamiliar with. There is a price to pay for this; she comes across a long, open stretch, roofless, but it ends in an artificial cliff; some unfinished roadway or something along those lines. She turns around, knowing her pursuers are not far behind.

"Ap, get here now," she orders.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 17 2014, 9:05am says:

As the end of the rooftops enters sight Azrael notches five more arrows and aims carefully at his target. The barrier he noted earlier should not have much power remaining and being on the run, changing directions had to take its toll on her as much as it had on him.

Azrael spots Lok and his pet droid. Eager to prove himself the superior he accelerates with the Force off the rooftop and looses the arrows on the target and upon landing switches his railbow for one of his Lightsabers. It is ignited in a fiery crimson stream of superheated plasma.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 17 2014, 1:36pm says:

seeing serana, Lok and DI attacked. however she turned corner before any of them could hit her. Lok moved instantly, with DI following. he turned the corner closest to him, he runs through the streets hoping to intercept the target by using the force to see where she might be heading. using this proves successful, as soon after serena meets the dead end, Lok appears from a side street further down.

He fires a stream of force lightning at Serena, whilst DI, appearing a short while later, opens fire on serena with his heavy repeater. Lok follows up the lightning by attempting to grip and crush serena with the force, leaving her vulnerable to DI. at the same time he is wary of her responses and will attempt to evade as best he can.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 17 2014, 3:23pm says:

Serena's barriers may be weak, but she can still mold them so they are effective. She senses the assassin with the bow speeding to her location, and whirls around in time to see him prepare to loose his arrows. She almost instantly reshapes her barriers into a cone directly in front of her. As the five arrows are loosed they strike various points on the cone and simply skirt to the side, damaging the area around Serena. If they have explosive tips, the last of her barriers' power is expended blocking said explosions.

She then notices the other assassin coming from a side street close to the one with the bow; behind him is a massive combat droid. Her shield, still cloaked goes to her left arm, and she steps to the side as she sees a bolt of lightning fly her way. The majority of the lightning passes by, striking the background, and her shield comes up to absorb any stray arcs. She then brings it to bear against the combat droid's rotary cannon, holding it in front of her and kneeling down to minimize the other areas she needs to protect. She keeps her senses trained on both assassins, however.

As the assassin with the droid tries to grip her, Serena instinctively exerts counter-pressure through the Force, cancelling out the crush. Her assassins may think the chase has exhausted her, but the truth is that her barriers consumed minimal energy as long as she didn't have to replace them, and she had enough endurance to sprint for a long, long time.

She may not be able to see her enemies behind her shield, but her keen senses are trained on both of them; if they make a move, she'll be able to react. And they don't know it, but that assassin's droid is only making things worse for them.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 17 2014, 3:46pm says:

Now that Lok and his droid are here Azrael hastens himself to seize the kill before his counterpart does. Remembering an older trick used by ancient Sith Lords Azrael amplifies his Lightsaber with Force Lightning and begins to charge towards his target all the while maintaining his guard.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 18 2014, 2:38am says:

noticing the blaster bolts seemingly not affecting her, Lok realizes that she is using a shield. regardless, DI keeps firing so as to suppress her. Lok also notices Azreal, but doesnt care whether or not he gets shot so allows DI to keeps firing. Lok conjures a large ball of force lightning and fires it towards Serena. it seemingly misses and flies right past her, however, it stops behinds her and begins to furiously arc lightning in all directions, though mostly towards Serena.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 18 2014, 8:43am says:

Serena feels the assassin with the droid charging up his power, but that isn't what concerns her as the other assassin nears melee distance. Time to take the gloves off. Her previous moves had her trying to conserve energy. Her adrenaline is pumping now, so she'll be able to push herself further and still fight, at least until the Avalon arrived.

As the eager assassin charges, Serena touches the ground with her free right hand; both of the assassins feel a rush of power, and then a searing explosion of fire and molten rock blasts the close assassin back, slamming him into a wall. Another, weaker explosion staggers the other assassin, knocking him off-balance and disorienting him for a split-second.

Serena leaps in the air, corkscrewing as she replenishes her barriers slightly to absorb just a bit more blaster fire. Her whirling through the air gives her momentum, which she channels into her shield; augmented with that, the shield blasts forward at astounding speed, straight towards the combat droid. Serena only had to channel a bit of energy into the shield to get in the state she wanted it; the droid's blaster fire had done enough to superheat the object to the point where it's glowing red. It's able to cut through very nearly anything at this point. At the angle it's being thrown at, it will carve through the combat droid at a diagonal, cutting off its blaster-arm.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 18 2014, 2:16pm says:

Bruised but not ready to give in, Azrael admits to himself that a lack of offensive combat skill will not aid him here but he is certain that with cleverness and his mobility he will beat Lok.

Clambering back up Azrael prepares for another attempt of the same, if only his counterpart would stop acting so foolish. He awaits and watches with curiosity as the target moves to disarm the war droid. Azrael probably could intervene and save the hulking scrap heap but finds no reason to do so.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 19 2014, 7:21am says:

figured i'd join in on this title-changing thing :p

Luckily for Lok he was able to fire of the lightning ball before he fell over. he fell to his back. he sees serena prepare to throw the shield. using the force to speed up his reactions, Lok then uses the force to throw the shield off course as much as he can, making it miss DI, allowing to continue firing at Serena. he proceeds to fire a few quick bolts of lightning at Serena whilst getting back on his feet. he activates his lightsaber, knowing the shield will likely return.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 19 2014, 8:32am says:

Serena expects the assassin to try and knock the shield off-course, so she replies with some redirecting force of her own, and the shield ends up carving through the combat droid's rifle, leaving the rest of its body intact. The shield then passes by harmlessly.

The assassin with the droid fires a few bolts of lightning, but a violet blade ignites, absorbing the bolts. Still in midair, Serena grips her shield with the Force and yanks it back as it bounces off of a wall, applying enough force to ensure that even if the assassin tries to influence it, it will make little difference given the object's momentum; as it returns to her, it rips through one of the combat droid's legs, and then comes back to her arm as she lands, standing at an angle so as to defend not only against the assassin with the droid, but also against the advancing assassin with the arrows, who saw fit to watch while she tried to dismantle the other's combat droid.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 19 2014, 9:44am says:

Azrael charges ahead, aiming his Lightsaber at the target's chest.

OOC: Sorry, drawing a creative blank here.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 19 2014, 10:45am says:

Once the heavy repeater is destroyed DI instantly discards it switches to his disruptor blaster pistol and kept firing.

Lok was ready for the shield, using the force to increase his speed and reaction. as the shield returned he struck it with it's lightsaber with just the right angle and strength to send it flying into the wall, embedding the shield into it. Lok instantly begins to use force crush on the target again, forcing her to expend more of her force power in keeping her body intact. Lok also began to slowly advance towards her, preparing for any more tricks

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 19 2014, 11:18am says:

Unbalanced without one of its legs, the droid topples to the ground as it reaches for its blaster pistol.

As the shield is flying in an arc above the assassin, he is unable to strike it with enough strength to overcome Serena's grip, despite knocking it off course. Serena uses the extra force to her advantage, whipping the shield around like a centrifuge and sending it at an incredible speed, even to the assassins with their augmented abilities, towards the advancing enemy with the arrows. She eases her grip on the shield, and then sends a Force wave towards the advancing assassin trying to crush her in an attempt to knock him off-balance. As soon as the wave is released, she exerts counter-pressure.

"Only a little longer, mistress," AP buzzes in her ear. She needs to get into position soon.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 19 2014, 6:34pm says:

Having little to no time to react and only one option to defend himself; Azrael swings his Lightsaber in front of him and across the shield dispersing it having caused it to overload because of the transference of the Force Lightning that had been stored along with the superheated plasma.

The shield evaporates because of the discharge but Azrael's Lightsaber flickers off as well. He contemplates exchanging it for its counterpart but realizes that the target was unlikely to fall for the same ruse and instead begins to back away and draws his railbow once more.

Azrael notches two arrows diagonally and awaits for an opening. He aims only for the target but if Lok were to be hit in the process it wouldn't cause him any alarm. Azrael, the assassin, was superior to this marauder in every way.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 20 2014, 4:26am says:

Lok feels the force wave coming and instinctively drops the pressure and creates a shield around himself, reducing the effect of the wave to simply make him stagger slightly.

even without his leg DI still proceeds to fire upon Serena with his disruptor pistol whilst lying on the ground.

Lok turns himself invisible whilst masking his presence with the force. reasoning she'd have her hands full with azreal to try and deal with him. a few moments later lok appears on one of the rooftops. he fires another arcing ball of force lightning towards serena whilst readying himself for a counterattack.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 20 2014, 11:47am says:

The shield is designed to absorb and distribute energy. However, such a fast and violent transfer doesn't allow it to do much; its base material, phrik, allows it to survive, but the assassin is able to knock it well aside; Serena suspects she'll have to make repairs to give it back its energy-absorbing properties. She doesn't bother recalling it, as her hands are full enough as it is dealing with everything else going on.

"I am here, mistress," AP buzzes in her ear, silent to everything else. "Escape plan Omega-30 is viable."

Serena doesn't respond, but acknowledges in her head. She notes one assassin disappearing, and the other drawing his bow again. It's time to end this game.

She launches two concentrated Force waves towards both assassins, even the cloaked one, who is still trying to disappear completely, to occupy them for a split second; her adrenaline will keep her going long enough to finish this. She locates her damaged shield and recalls it, and the two assassins, after dealing with the Force wave, locate her near the end of the line.

OOC: With regards to the shield, it's phrik (what a magical substance) so it's nearly indestructible, but I'll probably have the next mission or so having her getting money to make repairs on it so it can absorb energy and become super-heated again. You destroyed that aspect of the shield, but not the shield itself.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 20 2014, 5:59pm says:

OOC: You carry around an actual shield? You've gone medieval on us.

Noticing the stance of his target Azrael realizes it is over and knows well enough that continuing any actions would be doomed to fail against this person. Whomever it was was vastly superior to him... At least for the moment.

Yet it was always worth a shot to try, a literal shot of course. He notches one special arrow and awaits patiently to see the target vanish, intent on realizing an arrow with a tracking beacon. The odds are against him; the arrow could miss or just as easily be found and removed later. But he'd take the shot.

And Lok... Lok proved himself not to be completely incompetent. Azrael figures he could reap this failure and harvest a success from it yet. Provided Lok is in a receptive mood.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 21 2014, 3:40am says:

Lok conjured a shield whilst turning invisible, though this meant that it was not as powerful as it could have been. the force of the wave nearly knocked him over, but he was able to withstand it. Lok proceeded with his original plan, he reached the roof top quickly and headed towards the target. he noticed her retreating to the very edge. this could only mean one thing.

Lok moved faster than before, doing his best to reach the target before she inevitably disappeared. he reached a rooftop near her location and fired the lightning balls towards her just after decloaking. the would fly behind her and arc electricity in all directions. he would fire another afterwards, this time going further above and behind her, over the large drop. it would make a useful indicator as to whether there would be a ship arriving for her.

one hand held his lightsaber, currently inactive, whilst the other was used to defend against any force attacks. Lok also prepared a small device on his belt (using the force) waiting for the right moment.

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 21 2014, 12:21pm says:

Part 1

Serena's got one more trick up her sleeve. The assassins are still fairly close; one is retreating to the rooftops, though, but she can make it work nonetheless. She has everything she needs, and she's exactly where she needs to be. All she has to do now is fall.

The two assassins see her extend both of her arms, and they both feel a rush of immense power. A massive fiery shockwave extends out, burning and leveling anything in its wake. It encompasses the entire battlefield, stopping a bit past the buildings and causing the first row to collapse; this includes the building the assassin is using as a vantage point.

Serena specifically directs the wave in a half-circle, not hitting the area behind her, in order to conserve a bit of energy. It's over. She's barely got anything left. So she steps to the edge of the cliff, and just falls back...

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AK151 Author
AK151 Dec 21 2014, 12:22pm says:

Part 2

Fifty feet below her, the Avalon's magnetic landing gear are attached to the side of the platform, the ship vertical and its loading ramp open. Serena uses the last of her energy to slow her fall, landing safely in the ship, even despite the fact that it's still cloaked; AP used her coordinates to specifically move the Avalon into position to catch her.

The ship disembarks as soon as Serena lands, the loading ramp closing. It flies low instead of rising, rushing through the traffic to put some distance between it and the two assassins. It then rises, still cloaked, and flies through the atmosphere; once clear, it makes a jump to hyperspace.

Serena is lying on the floor in the cargo hold, breathing heavily and having trouble keeping her eyes open. "We are away, mistress," AP notifies her, and Serena breathes a long sigh, now in relief. She's almost completely and utterly spent after that last shockwave; she could have done it without exhausting herself, but that would require charging it up. That instantaneous attack took everything she had, but it was worth it. She was still alive.

"Give me some time, Ap," she says, still panting. "Just lay low for a bit. I leave coordinates to your discretion."

"Understood, mistress," AP responds. Serena closes her eyes and rests in the cargo hold, exhausted and almost completely drained, but alive.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 12:29pm says:

Having taken things slow and being further away from the conflict the Force Shockwave does not effect Azrael as much as it did Lok or the buildings it vaporized.

He watches his last chance vanish as the target drops backwards. Azrael chuckles at the failed attempt at originality and packs up his bow and arrow. Casually he makes his way over to a piece of rubble still standing upright and leans against it, arms crossed and watching curiously what Lok will do in this situation.

Hopefully he would reach the same conclusion and come over to Azrael to grant him a little audience and discuss the next course of action.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 21 2014, 1:09pm says:

Lok witnesses the shockwave, surprised at the amount of energy she has left. Lok jumps backwards to a building on the second row to avoid the destruction, he looks closely at the ball of lightning he fired over the platform earlier, using the force to speed up his reactions, so as to make time appear slow to him. he watches the arcs extending from the ball, catching anything odd. Then he sees one arc strike seemingly nothing before hitting the platform edge. instantly he acts, and tosses a small cylindrical device at what he assumes is a cloaked ship. it attaches itself and would be difficult to detect as it powers itself on the heat and radiation given off by the ship itself.

Lok is annoyed that she was allowed to escape regardless. as much as he would like to he couldn't blame Azreal for this. she much more powerful than he was led to believe. he jumped down to ground level and moved towards Azreal. He looked towards DI, who had lost his leg.

"Tis a scratch, little sith" DI joked

Lok smirked to himself. he soon came to a stop in front of Azreal, and give a quick nod.


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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 2:34pm says:


Azrael nodded in kind.

Uncrossing his arms and taking a more receptive stance he walked to Lok's side. For a moment he wondered if he should draw his attention by placing a hand on his shoulder but voted against it. Lok would probably slice off the offending arm which in turn would save Azrael the trouble of disinfecting it.

"May I interest you in an expedition to reclaim a bit of our lost glory?"

Stepping up his pace Azrael turned and stood directly in front of Lok, barring his progress.

"You, a full-blood Sith. I, a student of the dark arts. Let's delve into the tombs of our forebears and uncover their secrets... Or should I say your secrets?"

Although Lok could not see it the radical shift in Azrael's words and stance made it all too clear he was smirking beneath his iron mask.

"I know of your fragmented memories... And kindly offer you my services in a partnership of mutual interest."

Azrael ended his speech and mockery with a deep bow, extending both his arms to his left and crossing his right leg to the left as well to deepen the bow. Normally a sign of deep respect in this case a sign of clear contempt and insult.

Not that Azrael's opinion of Lok did not change much after seeing him and his droid in action. Lok was to be respected and perhaps feared... But he was beneath Azrael at the present.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Dec 22 2014, 4:30am says:

Lok was caught off guard by Azreal's knowledge of him, had he been spying on him?

Then Azreal bowed, and Lok fought off the urge to strike him down then and there.

"Threat level: pathetic." DI announced.

Lok nearly laughed, but kept himself composed.

"I see, i'm not going to ask how you know of this, but it is true that the dark temple in Dromund Kaas is dangerous, even to experienced Sith."

He paused for a moment.

"Very well, I accept your help."

Lok turned to leave, but before walking away, turned half his face back towards Azreal.

"I should probably warn you, those with a weak mind do not survive long in the dark temple."

Lok's mask also hid a smirk. with that he left. Carrying DI with him using the force.

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A small freighter-sized craft exits hyperspace in the Nal Hutta system, heading for the small moon of Nar Shaddaa.

"Take us in nice and slow," Serena orders, talking to the ships mechanical copilot, AP-01. "Let's not draw too much attention. Find a place for the Avalon to dock for a few minutes."

"Acknowledged," the disembodied voice of the limited droid intelligence replies; the ship flies towards a docking port. "Would you like to review mission parameters?"

"This isn't a mission, Ap," Serena replies. "I just need to get some confirmation on a few things. Keep the ship in the sky, just in case things get messy. Keep the cloak up, and don't draw any attention to the ship. Understood?"

"Affirmative," AP acknowledges. "Good luck, mistress."

Serena snorts. Not exactly a dangerous "mission". She just needs some information from one of her few remaining Imperial-based sources. She picks up her lightsaber and tucks it under her cloak, where it cannot be seen; best to not draw attention. She then picks up her shield; the object was made specifically for her; her own personal touch is the stealth field generator that allows her to carry it on her back without drawing unwarranted attention.

The ramp of the Avalon descends and Serena walks out, looking around. Her contact is close by, she knows that much. She walks quickly to meet him, no doubt in some popular but run-down cantina. She is constantly looking around, worried that there might be some ambush or trap.

When she went on the run, she learned a few tricks to mitigate the damage from a surprise attack; the most valuable of these is a barrier around her that instantly hardens to deflect kinetic and energy attacks when triggered by such attacks. An exhausting trick in combat, to be sure, but it is very handy to avoid being picked off by a lucky sniper that doesn't set off Serena's precognition.

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Dec 13th, 2014
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