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Time To Take My Leave (view original)

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*The Corana, Infus and Aurora disappear to unknown coordinates, 1/2 of whats left of the PAs credits go missing as well, all the Grey Jedi all so seem to have dissapeared*

In other words i'm quitting, yep call me a whiny little cry baby, I myself do not care, I would prefer if my char was allowed to leave Zonamas surface but whatever if you really want to then just kill him them, because it seems most of you do any way. There are many reasons why i'm leaving one being the behaviour of people (Yep thats you Ten and Adenn) I'm sick of it and i'm sure some others are as well, you wonder why this RP dies down and why no body joins it, that would be one key factor, our behaviour. Look quite frankly i'm sick of how your treating Mace as well, now I truly know how Name gen felt all those times we decided to pick at him for. Another reason why i'm leaving is because we all seem to be breaking rules one of which I have seen quite recently been broken is you all seem to completely disregard the GMs input or just ignored him. This may seem stupid and that I partially agree with that. Finally I believe you win Ten, your the person that finally made me go to brinking point and have a serious thought about what I'm going to do, go ahead call me a cry baby, I do not care. Fare well guys it has been quite some time since I joined, I've learnt a lot and I thank all of you for helping me with my English and imagination. Time to go, Good Bye.