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The Witches of Dathomir
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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix May 30 2013 says:

*Captain Karis tried to hold back a laugh as Tihr repeated his orders for the 4th time in a few minutes to the leader of the group he was leadin. He looked over at Brown who was sat down on a rock, some sort of techy device in his hands kept on beeping violently at him, and he started swearing violently at it. The two went on until Brown had had enough, and he walked over to Karis.*

"He still explaining what he wants done?"

*Karis nodded.*

"They may look tough, but by the Force they're thick. Wouldn't want to be charged by one of 'em, though."

*Tihr finally walked away, his face painted with annoyance. 50 Clone Soldiers were present, but the rest of his force was composed of savage, vicious looking men and women, armed with swords, pikes, spears, axes and some even with bow and arrows. The man he had been talking to turned. He was a giant, nearly 2m50 in height and his voice boomed as he bellowed out the orders, his voice strong and loud. Tihr sighed as the man pronounced the words badly, or stuttered and hesitated as he tried to remember what he had to say. Tihr waved them away, and they nearly instantly vanished into the forests of Dathomir. Tihr sat down on a nearby rock, and sighed.*

"They are starting to really push my limits..."

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 30 2013 says:

OOC: SKYRIM! Also, Pain. If Ten agrees letting you command the Dathomiri, then this is your cue.

*Upon hearing the distress message from Dathomir, Ori'verda took part of the Mav Battlegroup and had it orbit over the world. Given Dathomir's proximity to Mandalore and previous alliances, most of the Mandalorians were compelled to help the Witches as soon as possible.*

*The Mandalorian fleet counted forty warships, commonly known as a Assault Force among the SATMC. This Assault Force consisted of twenty Crusader-class Corvettes, ten Venator-class Star Destroyers, three Aggressor-class Star Destroyers, two Reciprocator-class Heavy Frigates and finally five Keldabe-class Battleships.*

*They assumed a line formation, Crusaders both to the front and back in equal number leaving the flanks exposed. The Aggressors were in the front, flanked by a line of Venators with behind those the Keldabe Battleships.*

*Inside the hangar bays, Strikecraft, dropships and shuttles were being made ready. The Dathomiri were made aware of the Mandalorian presence and requested a briefing on the situation.*

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain May 31 2013 says:

"Mandalorians, this is Mother Praven. the reason we have called for your aid is this. Weeks ago we all felt a powerful disturbance in the force on our own planet. More specifically, we felt the dark side of the force. we sent nightsister teams to investigate the disturbance and none survived. when we searched for them we found their bodies ravaged almost beyond recognition, as if some sithspawn has been let loose on our planet. This has caused our clans to come together as this is now deemed to be a threat to our existence, and now we call for your aid Mandalorians.

"Here are the coordinates for you to land at. Our alliance headquarters are situated there. we will be out to greet you shortly."

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 2 2013 says:

*Karis sighed, cleaning his blaster as he chatted with the men. Brown and Tihr had left a few moments ago, and they had orders to hold position. A few minutes passed, and finally they arrived back at camp.*

*The camp itself wasn't big, a few ships, shelters and some barricades with defensive turrets. Tihr walked directly over to Karis, telling him to organize them men. They formed five lines of ten men, with Karis at the front. Tihr stood opposite, beside him was Brown.*

"The Witches have called forth the Mandalorians. They disrupted our operations on Onderon, they shall not do so here. We need the specimens alive. I've sent out the remaining Lessers to destroy this so called "Alliance" the Witches have put in place. The Mandalorians will probably Rendez-vous with the Witches at their alliance base too.

While they are fighting, we must smuggle the cargo off-world. Nearly two months we've been here, in this god-forsaken jungle, but it shall all be worth it. Tell the pilots to activate the stealth systems and start up the engines. Load of the rest up the cargo, we're leaving."

*The men did just that. Odacon Stealth Transports were present on the planet, and the Clone Soldiers took many containers and boxes and placed them onto the transports. Droid workers took the larger containers, some of them massive, and also placed them inside.*

*Meanwhile, the Sith forces sent to the Witch's base had arrived. The base itself had been surrounded, nearly 5,000 of them lay in wait just outside their perimeter. Sensing them would be futile, as the dark energies present on the planet masked them, due to their own taint. Their Warlord observed the Mandalorian's arrival.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Jun 3 2013 says:

*Several Kom'rks and AIAT/is landed at the base and began unloading troops, supplies, equipment and vehicles. StarVipers, foils folded, conducted aerial sweeps of the area until modified Pursuer ships could arrive to scan the thick forests for thermals.*

*Warriors took to barricades, elevations and other defensive positions in the base. Scout groups were being prepared but not yet sent. Canderous tanks rolled to positions, chiefly along the openings of the base whilst a few remained behind for later use. MAL's deployed in the center of the base in the safest area, these were modified to also be capable of anti-air just like the Canderous tanks.*

*Flanked by Ori'ramikade, Ori'verda made his way to the command centre of the compound. To co-ordinate defensive and offensive actions, as well as present the Nightsisters with some special options.*

OOC: Hope nobody minds I skipped asking the Dathomiri if I could place my troops where I wanted them.

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 4 2013 says:

OOC: sorry for late reply, had an exam

IC: Mother Praven nodded to the Mandalorians and allowed them to take positions.

"As the most powerful of the Dathomiri Witches, I have been elected to lead our alliance. Now we need the expertise of you warriors. This enemy is unlike anything we have encountered before, slaying entire hunting parties leaving no trace of what it is or where it came from..."

She was cut short as a Nightsister archer rushed to her and whispered something in her ear.

"Well, i suppose we shall find out soon. We are surrounded she says, by humanoid beings, armed and ready for a fight." She shouted to her fellow Nightsisters. "Prepare yourselves sisters, a battle is upon us!"

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 4 2013 says:

"T'soni, the prey has spotted us."

*T'soni, the Warlord, turned. He raised his hand, a large battleaxe gripped in it, and roared out. Almost immediately, hundreds upon hundreds of arrows shot out from the forest and smashed into the enemy positions.*

*The arrows were tipped with explosive devices, and it seemed as if the entire world just exploded around the Witches and Mandalorians. Much of the base, due to its wooden nature, started to burn. Some arrows were aimed at the Canderous Tanks, dealing minor damage to the vehicles. Some arrows, tipped with poison instead, were aimed at the enemy soldiers, the arrows designed to pierce heavy armor, thus some managed to kill a few Mandalorian soldiers outright, others only damaged their armor.*

*As this was happening, the Warriors all charged into the enemy base. They brandished swords, axes, spears, anything that could kill in melee. They all looked very strong and very brutal, but also savage. The outer perimeter was quickly overrun, the large amount of charging warriors just too much. Anyone caught in the incoming wave was slaughtered.*

*Meanwhile, the last of the cargo was being loaded up. Tihr walked over to Brown.*

"Make sure no trace of our presence is left here. The Lessers can hopefully be put down to a long lost tribe appearing again, or something similar. The Mandalorians have a sizable force in orbit, but the Odacons should be able to slip past them. Send a transmission on the secure channel to Lord Nil. Inform him that we have what we came for and are leaving while we still can."

*Brown nodded and walked to the nearest transport. Tihr heard the explosions in the distance. The Lessers, it seemed, had encountered the Mandalorians. They might be able to overrun their position through sheer numbers, or they may all be slaughtered. Either way, he didn't care. They are serving their purpose.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Jun 5 2013 says:

*The Kom'rk's and StarVipers performed strafing runs at the opposition's rear, so as to avoid friendly fire. The MAL's and Canderous tanks could do little against the infantry and so remained at the back, forming instead a makeshift wall of steel which Mandalorian warriors took to in order to gain elevation over the enemy.*

*One fourth of the warriors switched to melee combat, holding the enemy off whilst their brothers used their rifles to thin out the enemy. The Ori'ramikade and Ori'verda joined the fray, with his MCW-101 he began to snipe at the enemy.*

"Contact the Assault Force for reinforcements, have them drop warriors with flamethrowers as quickly as possible. Modify some of the Canderous tanks to do the same if possible."

*Meanwhile the Pursuers arrived and started their thermal scan, revealing the enemy positions further in the forest.*

OOC: Infantry flamethrowers is possible I guess, what about flamethrowing Canderous tanks? Is that too much?

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 5 2013 says:

with her powers, mother praven held many of the arrow before they impacted, and threw them back from where they came. when the warriors came charging she erected a shield of electricity around herself whilst firing off powerful bolts of lightning at them.

suddenly the charging warriors and archers found themselves being pelted by arrows form above. many nightsister archers had begun running along the tree branches whilst firing arrows into the mass of enemies.

Praven signalled towards a cliff face, and a hidden door opened revealing mounted rancors who proceeded to charge into the enemy position, knocking many off their feet with their ferocious strength.

OOC: i don't mind infantry flamethrowers, but that could cause problems for my tree archers :p plus i gues i don't mind flamethrowers on the canderouses as long as they are the only infantry defense

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 8 2013 says:

*Tihr turned his head as he walked up to his Sith Infiltrator. He could hear some explosions in the distance, and sometimes some flashes, though he was too far away to hear anything else. He watched as a squad of Clones made a final sweep of the base, making sure nothing had been left behind, and entered their transport. The transports took off, their stealth systems active. He entered the Infiltrator, the door closing behind him as it too took off, and the small group of ships flew up into space.*

*Meanwhile, T'Soni brought his large Battleaxe down on a Mandalorian Warrior, piercing the Warrior's armor and instantly killing him. He let out another war cry and charged at another Mandalorian. Nearly a quarter of their force had been wiped out as they charged in, but now they were among the enemy, in a full on melee, the enemy were reluctant to fire. The Mandalorian Warriors, while far more skilled than the barbarians they faced, were buckling under the sheer savagery and numbers they faced. They didn't seem to care much for fear, injury or even death, happily slashing away and ignoring their casualties.*

*The enemy archers soon found themselves under attack themselves. The barbarian archers in the rear changed targets and fired their own arrows at them. Some took their swords and quickly climbed up the trees, and killing the enemy archers in melee.*

*The Rancors charged but because the barbarians had charged into Mandalorian ranks, both sides suffered casualties from the huge beasts. While the Mandalorians suffered less casualties, a Rancor charging into battle would crush anyone in his way. Some barbarians tried to climb up onto the Rancor, though with no real success.*

*As the battle raged on, another quarter of the barbarian's force was killed. Still, though, they outnumbered the enemy, but the Mandalorian's skill in battle evened out the odds.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Jun 8 2013 says:

*Thermal scans revealed stealthed transports and reported it to the fleet, however the presence of the unknown party was ignored in order to direct full resources to the battle.*

*The quarter of Mandalorian warriors who were engaged in melee fought valiantly, holding back the enemy whilst the others who took to elevated positions withered the enemy forces from range, thinning out the frontline barbarian force giving the warriors some relief. Warriors were relieved by those were fighting at range in order to keep the troops fresh.*

*Some space was created in front of the Canderous tanks, creating an opening in the lines. The savages charged relentlessly into the gap only to be moved down by the tanks who drove into the enemy ranks, the warriors mounted on them held on tightly and repulsed boarders.*

*Kom'rk's and StarViper's ceased their bombardment of the enemies' rearguard. AIAT/I's brought down more warriors and several modified Canderous tanks on the rear of the enemy formation, these troops were equipped with flamethrowers and started to burn the enemy, with caution to avoid casualties and too much collateral damage.*

*From behind him he could make out several war cries from a blood thirsty individual, the sound came as a large battleaxe fractured the beskar'gam of his brethren and it was repeated too many times for Ori'verda's liking.*

*So Ori'verda turned to face the barbarian warrior only to find that the warrior had already started to charge towards him.*

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 9 2013 says:

the nightsister archers on the trees saw the barbarians coming and fired arrows at those climbing. in the few cases where barbarians reached a nightsister and killed her he was quickly shot by another. they kept on the move whilst firing so as to decrease their vulnerability.

the mounted nightsisters continued their rampage, now into the enemy ranks only. whilst the rancors were swinging into the enemy ranks the nightsisters on top fired lightning at the barbarians below as well as draining their life forces.

mother praven continued her attack on the barbarians, her lightning chaining to others as she fired whilst keeping away from the barbarians. any arrows that came her way were gripped with the force and projected to another barbarian.

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 12 2013 says:

"Sir, the Mandalorians are performing sweeps over the nearby forests."

"They obviously are unfamiliar with how a large forest works. Thermal scans will pick nothing up because of the wildlife. The trees hide an enemy force from visuals, and any competent commander would hide his presence from conventional scanning methods. What do they expect to gain from this?"

*Tihr sighed. A thought crossed his mind.*

"Have they detected us?"

*The pilot hesitated before replying.*

"No Mandalorian units are set on an intercept path with our convoy. If they have spotted us, they are ignoring us."

*Tihr nodded. He doubted the Odacons would be detected, but who knew with the Mandalorians? A resourceful people, albeit predictable. He walked back into the command room of the Sith Infiltrator. Captain Karis, Brown and 4 Clone Sergeants were waiting. Karis spoke up.*

"The last reports are coming through. The tr-, euh, Lessers, are holding out but we are detecting numerous Mandalorian units inbound. They'll shortly be surrounded and killed."

*Tihr nodded. Brown pressed a few buttons on the command table, and a holographic image of what seemed to be a settlement appeared.*

"Our contacts in the Nightsister clan have promised us that they'll convince the other clans that the Lessers came from deep within Dathomir. As you requested, a few thousand of them have set up a settlement deep in the forests in an isolated location. The Witches will find this settlement, slaughter the Lessers present out of vengeance and dismiss the entire affair. The Mandalorians may be more suspicious, but we have left nothing behind."

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 12 2013 says:

*Tihr nodded.*

"Good. As soon as we've put enough distance between us and the Mandalorians, return to base. Is the cargo secure?"

"The samples are all secure. We encountered no problems."

*Meanwhile, back at the Witch's base, another Mandalorian fell under T'soni's blows, incapacitated. He charged at another Mandalorian, who's back was faced to him. The Mandalorian turned, only to find himself thrown to the side by a powerful sweep of T'soni's axe.*

*The Barbarian's lines were thinning. The mounted Nightsisters charged into the enemy ranks, but still caused some damage to their allies due to the close proximity of the fighting. The archers in the rear fell, and a portion of the Warriors were sent to the rear, to hold off the Mandalorian flamethrowers, though most were burnt before they could reach them.*

*The Barbarians were crumbling under the combined assault, but fought on still with even more ferocity. They seemed battle crazed, blood thirsty, as if they were enjoying the death around them...*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Jun 13 2013 says:

OOC: I figure thermals are attuned as well? Or maybe I watched too many Alien versus Predator movies xD.

BTW, seems I didn't make it clear but Ori'verda is trying to fight Liara T'soni.

*The flamethrower units formed a tight cordon so that nothing would escape the purging flames. However, fuel was getting low and soon many of them started to slowly back away whilst facing the enemy, using their rifles on them whilst keeping their beskad within reach.*

*The mounted Nightsisters made it increasingly difficult to get a shot at or to fight the enemy at close range, the order was given for most Mandalorians to pull away under cover from the Canderous tanks that were used as battering rams, crushing the enemy whilst infantry on top fired around. This led to decreased casualties, if an increase in gaps in the line.*

*Meanwhile, Ori'verda unholstered Revenge and started firing it towards the hulking brute that was killing many of the brothers with dreadful ease. This caught it's attention and it faced Ori'verda who then holstered the gun and grabbed his beskad, Tremor. Pointing it towards the warrior as a sign of challenge.*

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 14 2013 says:

the nightsister archers, after having dealt with the archers in the back, drew their attention to the rest of the barbarians. they jump down from the trees and ran towards the barbarians whilst firing arrows at them and once they got close they took out their swords and attacked, using their agility to their advantage.

the rancors and praven contiued their assault on the barbarians.

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Several weeks ago, the Witches of Dathomir all sensed a disturbance in the Force on their home planet, and while they set out small search parties, they found nothing. Some believed the disturbance was from the dark energies on the planet that had spiked, for one reason or another. Others believed they had been mistaken. Many different explanations were put down.

One of the parties never returned. Wild animals, their leaders had told them. They had been ambushed by the many predators present on Dathomir. In a way, they weren't wrong.

Several weeks later, the Scissorfists Clan vanished. Blood had been spilled, it was obvious a large fight had raged on, but no survivors and no bodies. The majority of the clans blamed the Nightsisters, though they all knew the Nightsisters were not strong enough for this.

The Bright Sun Clan and the red Hills Clan both vanished soon after. Now the Witches know something is hunting them, and destroying them one by one. They have formed a temporary and very fragile Alliance, but know that even that may not suffice.

And so, exceptionally, they have called out to the Mandalorians. Unlike most other factions, the Witches hold a grudging respect for the Mandalorians due to their previous treaties and the moments they fought side by side.

But this is no ordinary enemy. This is no ordinary War. Dark forces are at work deep in the forests of Dathomir, and they shall not stop until they get what they want...

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May 30th, 2013
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