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Skill Tree system
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Ρrʌжis Creator

Uhhhh... Wait I have an idea!

Well... not really... I think we might be over-complicating things a bit. I think its a fine idea, but it does conflict with the creativity and freedom I like to have with my character. Since I'll be re-balancing him soon to be a lot more reasonable anyway, this seems to be more of a hindrance than a useful tool. I hate tech trees in games anyway, only a very select few are able to pull them off.

I think it should still be up to a GM to decide what is fair and what is not. Which of course means, for example, no force gods or any other OP stuff except under very VERY special circumstances (like a boss battle in a cool event or something).

But this is just my opinion.

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Headhunter128 Author

Just to be clear, the skill tree isn't about say; Individual Force powers.

Closer along the lines of. Do you invest in your skill as a Duelist(lightsaber), thus the more lvls you have the better you can claim to be, or in force manipulation. Or a mix of the two, giving flexibility but at the cost of being moderate in the ability to use both.

However I see your point and understand it, but for now, this topic is about possible solutions, and not yet whether we should have it or not.

As to your suggestion of letting the GM supervise it, the opinion on how much should be allowed differs greatly from person to person. I also think the GM's would rather avoid standing in a situation where they get a lot of heat from the community for allowing too much. The GM's also already have too much on their plate.

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Ρrʌжis Creator

Point taken. I'll see if I can help out with this, come up with a few ideas that will suit what I want, and what everyone else will want, and most importantly, whats fair and balanced. I'll do some research and see if there's a system out there I can rip off of.

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Ρrʌжis Creator

What about organizing the skill tree something like this?

Mass Effect skill tree. How we award everyone with "skill points" and how much a character may start out with may vary depending on what you all decide. But basically we can organize it into categories.

Choose your character:
Bounty Hunter
etc, etc, etc

Jedi Skill Trees
(Just an example, we can make generic skill trees that can be easily made and followed, especially by new RPers, and skilled up as the player sees fit. Custom can be used for advanced players who what something more unique, they can build it as they see fit, but it will be subject to more GM scrutiny, and may need to be approved by their fellow RPers)

Gaurdian Skills:
Close-combat/dueling skill tree:
Lightsaber Forms
Force Powers (list of force powers?)
(just another crude example, hopefully it will provide you an idea of what I mean)

This is just a rough draft of the Skill tree plan, please give some feedback on this. Questions, complaints, concerns, suggestions?

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Headhunter128 Author

Could be a good way of doing it. Still what would prevent players from eventually maxing out everything?

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Ρrʌжis Creator

The easiest would be to limit how many "skill points" they receive. Based on how their skill tree is constructed, and how many skills they have to put points in, we can develop an equation or something that can determine how many skill points they are allowed to receive, or cap it for everyone at a certain number. Either that or let the GMs be the judge, but we know that can be quite inconsistent.

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Ten10dix Creator

I'm liking that skill tree xD.

I can redo the Sith tree and submit it soon for review.

So we do one for each rank? Marauder, Inquisitor, Assassin? If so, I'll do the Inquisitor one and show it to you guys, then do the others once we all agree on it.

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Ρrʌжis Creator

Yeah, in a way we're mashing up the SWTOR class system with Mass Effect's skill system. It will work a lot differently, I'm still playing around with the idea.

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Ori`verda Creator

Just wondering, can we start doing events?

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Headhunter128 Author

To do list:

- Need to get this sorted first
- Need to implement the new RP systems
- Two GM's needs to be elected
- Factions needs to get their things in order (Who leads, and such)
- The factions needs to resubmit their things to the new GM's

May be more.

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Many of you have been suggesting a little more involvement, and as such I am here to present a dilemma that you guys may be able to solve.

In order to more strictly getting people to specialize in their character, instead of being able to do.. well everything. We have been working some Skill trees, for Jedi, Sith (And preferably something in between the two), Mandalorians and other non forceusers. A Player can only choose 1 skill tree, and after that they use points to invest in that system.

Now, there is much more to tell about it, but the key issues are as follows. How do we prevent players from just trying the first month or so to max out their chars? If we make it too large it will become unmanageable, both for the players and the GM's.

Secondly, what would be a good system for deciding who gets points and how many? There have been suggested that the amount is predetermined, no matter how much a player might deserve more(or less), with an alternative being that those participating in the event decides with the GM giving the OK.

If no solution can be found for the former, it may be better to go back to a "Trust" system.

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