Group for all of you, who love your country and countries of your slavic brothers.

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Слава СССР!!!
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Guest Jul 6 2014 says:

communism is what destroyed slavic culture, all in the name of brotherhood and socialism. Only thing that is left from its horrible era are the brainwashed people that fail to see the damage communism has done to cultural heritage of many nations. Don't get me wrong, capitalism is equally bad, but thinking that communism is something all can benefit from is very much foolish. And from all the beautiful parts of slavic history you choose the communist one, really sad...

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RavenTheKiller Author
RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014 replied:

That's mostly the opinion of people who are from rural parts of our Slavic countries,people who are thirsty for blood just because they're bored of peaceful life they're living in their village.I didn't say communism is the best,but it ain't bad at all.The only part where communism was bad is in the time of WW2 where the most popular communist then-Stalin made some orders which were bad for the soldiers on the battlefield-for example Order No. 227.But still communism is the reason the Soviets won WW2.It's the main reason your grandparents,parents and you are living here on this world today.
Socialism is the best in my opinion.With socialism,here in Ex-Yugoslavia,me and my people had everything we wanted.Until the US and EU came with that bullsh*it "freedom" speech and those "human right" of theirs.

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Guest Jul 6 2014 replied:

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RavenTheKiller Author
RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014 replied:

Retarded?That's how your statements sound.If you actually lived in a country like that you would totally love it.
About that bloodshed.The US and EU are talking about that little "freedom",with that they start a civil war in a country,next thing you know they're occupying that country themselves as soon as the situation gets a little bit stable.
Are you from Balkans?That bullsh*t you wrote about people disappearing just for going in to the church is how morons talk in Balkans about communism...
People who want peace actually start revolutions.Che Guevara for example.Dude most of those tards who hate communism a lot,love Che Guevara,although he's a communist too.So it makes no sence to hate and love at the same time.
I lived in a socialist country,which is somewhere between communism and capitalism(Thank God it's not capitalism at all).And I liked it.Then,as I said in my previous comment,the US and EU came talking about that bullsh*it and-BOOM,welcome to Yugoslavian civil war.
My grandfather lived in SSSR,which was under the communist regime,and still he went to church like every normal man.I did so as well here in my country,and had no problems with the police or government at all.
So please stop embarressing yourself with that anti-normal propaganda.If you really lived in a country like that you wouldn't write this bullsh*it...

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Slavian Jul 6 2014 replied:

Well, there're people that are bored with their life, that's why they do stupid things. An example could be a US teenager picking up a automatic weapons and shooting the pepole in a movie theater or in the school.

Now, it is true that people were picked up on a street by a secret service, but not because they were attending a church, but because they were part of a group planning something against the communist system. And, yes some people were accused wrongly, but no so many of them.

Think about it, if my brother was picked up for plotting against the system, of course I would deny it until I die, even if I knew that it was true. This way, I would make the communists to look bad and make you all think - what a horrible system we all live in. And this was normal.

Now, October 1917 - the Tzar gave up quick, there was not much bloodshed in that revolution. The bloodshed was really afterwardes where the groups that took down the Tzar started to fight among themselves fo a greater control.

Peace & Respect !

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Slavian Jul 6 2014 replied:

Communism didn't destroy Slavic culture. We had Folklor Festivals every year and the event included stands with Slavic Craftsmans. In the CSSR, there were at least 10 regions where this happend every year. Sometimes we had Folklor groups from Poland, Ukraine or Russia together with their craftsmen.

Guest, you're wrong. The people that hate communism are those that were affected by the Western propaganda that was pumped into our lands. The West was showing off their bling-bling and our poeple fell for it.

Communism didn't destroy anything, it was Hitler who destroyed our lands. I tell you where communism fell short. It is true that the way it was set up, the system slowed down the progress in our lands. People still had what is necessery for comfortable life plus maybe some bling-bling, but not as much as the West was showing off. Now, you know those dumb kids that want to have the same thing as that "cool" kid have - that's what happened.

Communism is based on the idea of a healthy, non-materialistic, inteligent society or community that sticks together in good or bad and works together to develop their society into flourishing one.

It worked the first 20 years after the WWII, while people were rebuilding together our destroyed lands. After that, people got comfortable and started looking at how the West lives. It all looked nice to the eye, but they didn't realized that the West is a consumption society, wasting with the resources and damaging the Earth that feeds us.
Now, to the bling-bling add the words -
"freedom", "justice" & "human rights" , this will appeal to any materialistic, immoral individual into what Slavs turned into.

... to be continued

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Slavian Jul 6 2014 replied:

... part 2/2

Communism fell because people became selfish. Everyone worried about themselves and not about the intererst of our society/community. They did only what's the best for themselves - stealing from the state, taking advantage of the great social programs we had and the most favorite activity was spreading Western lies about the Soviets.

Communism would work, the people didn't work out for it. You need decent people in a community for that community to flourish!

Comrad Stalin made communism very unpopular - as Raven stated. Stalin achieved great unity, but his achievements equaled the bad things he did or the things he simply approved.

And yes, socialism works. Look at Scandivian countries.

Guest, before you make comments about a subject, do a little research, fist.

Peace & Respect!

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RavenTheKiller Author
RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014 replied:

Exactly,my friend.
Great comments! +1

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CZelednikov Creator
CZelednikov Jul 13 2014 says:

About Stalin and order 227 - for those who read that order it's nothing but order that prohibited retreat of soldiers. It was created in time where every other army already had orders like that. Of course German army had orders to do not retreat and punishment was death. Wehrmacht also executed many of it's soldiers for cowardship. In American army you was not allowed to retreat neither as you can read in "uniform code of military justice"

"Maximum punishment. All offenses under Article 99. Death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct."

There was NO ARMY in the world where you could just leave battlefield whenever you like and Stalin's order 227 something that is completely normal and it's counterparts were present in EVERY army in the world in WW2.

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Slavian Jul 15 2014 replied:

Dekujeme za informace, bratre.
Uz sme si pomalu namysleli, ze jsme nejhorsi :-)

Cest a Slava CSSR, SSSR a JuhoSlavii!

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GetSpookd Jul 13 2014 says:

I have lierally no words for what you just wrote.
"Are you from Balkans?That bullsh*t you wrote about people disappearing just for going in to the church is how morons talk in Balkans about communism..."
I'm not from Balkans, but thats what actually happened, people who slightly opposed the communistic system were "magically" disapearing, you were not supporting "the great communistic sustem"? Well you might as well start living under a bridge since your career wouldn't go nowhere. The fact that you're saying that this never happened makes me wanna punch you in the face. You can't even compreheand how many fathers never returned to their families because of that retarded system. How many lives were destroyed because of opression, how many people were sent to gulags even for slight suspicion that they could disagree with current state of country they're in, or even if they had anything to do with western countries (you speak french? to gulag you go). I wont even start a discussion with you guys, cause you are really brainwashed, there is no point in going on with it. Before you guys start throwing **** at me by saying "bla bla capitalism is bad as well" and all. Yes, it is bad, but holy **** you guys are so wrong.

Communism marked slavic countries for only a brief period of time when you take in consideration whole slavic history. But you retards are making it look like it was a "thing" of our people since always, I think its disgusting and disgracefull. The only hope I have that you are still young and have a naive idea of how communism really works. If you love it so much, take a peak of how North Korea is going, cause from what I remember people were starving there with a psychopath at their leadershit who feeds their people witb lies more than every US leader put together.

Thumb down my post, I dont give a ****, I'm leaving this group since its not really rappresenting "slavic" culture.

EDIT: Oh, I'm not in it already, better, spares me the time.

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Slavian Jul 13 2014 replied:

My friend, when are you going to realize that we are trying to exhalt the good that came out of Communism rather than crying about the bad every day? We are not saying that Communism was the best that ever happened to us. If you focus on negativty, you will have very miserable life. We chose to focus on the positive things which the old system brought to us - and that doesn't make us Communists.

I was born in 1972 in CSSR and I cannot find any bad things about my childhood or my school years because unlike many that spent their life to complain about the system, I chose to enjoy my time with friends and family. And I lived a quality life despite the fact that my parents were nothing but factory workers.

You see, who chooses to let the negativity into their life, he'll never be happy. We all know very well about the negative aspect of Communism, but let's just remember those events and simply make sure, they don't happen again. Now, let's take out what was good in that system and live by it.

Please, when you're replying to our comments, be little more respectfull. Let's not "bark" at one another like "dogs", it will not help our unity. But afterall, maybe you don't really care about Slavic Unity.

May Peace be with You!

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RavenTheKiller Author
RavenTheKiller Jul 22 2014 replied:

I don't agree with that at all since me and my whole family live peacefully under communism and socialism...Unlike now when we have that so called "democracy"...

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Rebel12Lz Jul 28 2014 replied:

Not going to argue with you, you do have a point, but I thought I should add that NK isn't either communist, nor socialist.

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