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This is the last news update before this sp-mod will be release !

Posted by SPY-maps on Sep 4th, 2012

9Th trailer;

The last update I placed is already about a half year ago, (Mar 29, 2012). It was never my intention to delay this new update for so long, but, summer came in between, etc etc etc.

Still, this doesn't mean I haven't been working on Episode 3. As a matter of fact, I have been working probebly even harder as I am used to do. After nearly 3 years of development it is time this mod is released, also because my planning state for my first indie game has completed.

I tried to squeeze in everything that i made over the last half year in this new update, but that was simply impossible. So i decided to release 3 new updates right after each other in about one week time.

Therefore this is the first part of a 2 parts update, the next part i will upload in about 6 days time. To be honest i also do this so this mod does get more attention because for this new mod i now have 202 watchers what is great, but a mod of this size could have more hopefully. And more exposure means hopefully more watchers.

That said, now lets get in to what i have made new. The 10 screens and trailer movie show some parts of the 4 new large maps that i have finished. Please do consider that everything shown still is in WIP (work in progress) stage, what means that for instance most textures are still kind of flat (no bumpmapping=depth), the compiles of the maps is still a fast compile, (no Buildcubemap command and final compile), what makes that metal doesn't have that nice metal shine over it for instance). And last but not least, all weapons in the screens and movie is like before in all earlier updates are place holders, what means that they are not the final weapons that will be used in this mod.

Finally i now can start with the final overall battle, and i have had time to think this one over for many, many months. And i hopefully have quit some spectacular ideas for it. I can't say much about it yet, but it will be on the Northpole, that is right, it will be around and in the Borealis!

As always do pictures and movies speak more then a thousand words, so best is you watch all screens and hopefully your internet connection is fast enough to watch the new trailer. I have them uploaded to the "screens" and "movie" section, but i also place them here around this text. So you don't need to go over there, just watch them all here and you are up to date.

Thank you for your time and interest, and please use the "Track" option to track this mod. That way you keep up to date about that next update that will be released in one week time. And ofcourse
will you then be informed right away when this latest sp-mod of mine is released.

(always hard to say a exact release date up front, but i only need to make one more final map, so looking at the past months that will take me about 1 month of time, ofcourse do i need to do a lot of other small things also). But more then 2 months i probebly will not need to release this new baby of mine.

Leon (SPYmaps) Brinkmann

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SabreXT Sep 5 2012 says:

Good stuff. What is your indie game going to be?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Stoof Sep 5 2012 says:

I can't wait to play this awesome campaign!

+2 votes     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Sep 6 2012 says:

thanks guys, for your comment.
please use the track option for this mod should you want to keep updated and know when it is released.

about my indie game, i want to make a fpshooter.
but i am fully aware of all the problems that does come with this choice. i can't say to much yet about it because it still is in its planning stage, so a lot of things will be changed yet.
but, that i will make a indie game, that is a fact! :)


+2 votes   reply to comment
AncientT Sep 6 2012 says:

Man where did you get all the creativity to come up with such beutifull maps ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Sep 7 2012 says:

Thanks ANcientTerra, well, i am mapping for 12 years now and over time you learn a lot. Another answer i couldn't give to you, guess i am quit a creative guy :)

thanks for the nice compliment,

+1 vote   reply to comment
jjawinte Sep 7 2012 says:

Wonderful to see such an extensive new release Leon ! Looks as if you've been very busy ! All the best to you on the Indie as well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Sep 8 2012 says:

Thanks jjawinte, and i have been very busy indeed.
as i mentioned in the text to this update will i place within a few days 2 extra updates because i simply have to much things to show :)


+2 votes   reply to comment
jjawinte Sep 8 2012 replied:

Don't give me too much buddy. I love the tease !

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Sep 9 2012 says:

haha, no problem Jjawinte!
as you know are my maps always huge, so i could easily fill about 5 more updates without giving away everything :)
no, i keep a clear eye on not giving away to much. i too hate spoilers!

am working hard to make the next update releasable, (takes about a day to make such a update, screens, movie and text)


+2 votes   reply to comment
RacerXLR8 Sep 10 2012 says:

LOve the lab picture and the last two.
I had started a short lived mod Arctika, so you know I love the idea for your final scene.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Sep 11 2012 says:

Thanks RacerXLR8!


+1 vote   reply to comment
mindlessone Nov 2 2012 says:

I have just finished the second episode of Half-Life 2 and now I'm really disappointed that Valve hasn't released the third episode yet. While looking for an unofficial continuation I stumbled upon this mod, which looks like the most promising one yet.

I know it's very difficult to give an accurate ETA, but according to your last update the release is very close and I can't wait to give it a try!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Nov 8 2012 says:

thanks guys for your comments!!

hopefully i will be able to release this new sp-mod of mine at the end of this year, in a month time.

and my indie game will be a fpshooter, that is story driven but with a lot of action. but that is still far away. first i need to release this mod.

thanks for asking,

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