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Something completely new! Graion Dilach has been working on a logic that hasn't been seen in Yuri's Revenge before.

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You can see the first preview of AttachEffect logic in the following video: the Thor Gunship's secondary function orders units nearby to assume a defensive stance (speed nerf, armor boost) for a short while.

Other recent updates include two new maps and a nice screenshot showing all 9 basic tanks ingame.

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Stay tuned for more updates.

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Using Ares?

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I already voted for you guys.

@Translator, they are using Ares, they've been using Ares in all the videos for a few months now. xD

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Errrr,just puzzled about the new features- -

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Not only few months, actually... it´s more for years...

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So how exactly does AttachEffect work? Can the current release of Ares do this, or are you guys using some Super Secret, not released to the Public yet version?

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Speeder Author

We are using some super secret, not released to the public yet version indeed.

No worries, once it hits the public release everything will be explained in the manual.

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