The Brotherhood of Nod (often shortened to "Nod" or the "Brotherhood") is a popular, global, religiously developed movement devoted to the guidance of the elusive and charismatic figure of Kane, and the extraterrestrial Tiberium substance that arrived on Earth in 1995. Although Nod surfaced in 1995 at the time of the substance's arrival, before this date, the Brotherhood was an ancient and secret society claiming to have originated prior to 1800 BC. Reported beliefs include that Kane is an immortal prophet whose guidance dates back through their alleged millennia of secrecy, and that Tiberium is the catalyst for the next stage in human evolution. Nod is linked to the three Abrahamic traditions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but its followers do not belong to any of these three traditions. While almost all Nod activity is concerned with complex economic, military and scientific foci, its religiously articulated ideology drives this.
Sometime after the arrival of Tiberium, Nod was targeted as a terrorist group by the Global Defense Initiative, for actively using the dangerous tiberium substance to fund a military-industrial complex in impoverished regions, primarily Africa, and pursue total domination over the world's peoples and
resources. Thereafter, Nod faced off against GDI in four Tiberium Wars, restoring itself after two successive defeats but finally achieved their goals in the two later conflicts.

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The Condor need your help.

The Condor need your help.

Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 6 comments

So as some of you aware (or at least I hope you do...) the Condor plane was added to the ZOCOM faction as tier 3 supportive plane, And it need your help.

Status update

Status update

Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 5 comments

So after long time with no actual update I think it about time to tell people what going on.

How to run Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04

How to run Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04

Installers Tutorial 1 comment

Since I noticed some people don't know how to run the mod (and apparently how to read notes and instructions on other sites ;) ) I decided to post guide...

Extreme Units~

Extreme Units~

Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 11 comments

I promised some small explanation in regard to the Extreme Units didn't I?

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