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ME1/ME3 plothole
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rkraptor70 Online
rkraptor70 Apr 6 2012 says:

While the first one is a obvious plothole the second two can be explained.
Just saying.

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Nazara Apr 6 2012 replied:

first one?Second two?

Well,the trilogy was fine till me3...

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lihkan Author
lihkan Apr 6 2012 replied:

There is just one plothole: the fact that the Reapers have "inside man" in Citadel all the time. But, they have to figure several plans how to open Citadel mass relay instead. Rachni Wars, Geth attack, human reaper...Catalyst could simply open the Citadel relay when time has come and we would be screwed just like Protheans was. Or, why the super godlike AI let Protheans to sabotage Keepers at first place?

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Mdhneo007 Apr 6 2012 says:

"I am a five year old kid! I just like to blow things up!"

Haha, the only thing that made sense from that ending. :)

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Nazara Apr 6 2012 replied:

for some reason,I have the urge to beat the **** out of that bastard.

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Mdhneo007 Apr 7 2012 replied:

I would say something supportive like, "I'll hold him", but never know where big brother is and the FBI doesn't like conspiring to beat little god children spawned by rEApers....

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Admiral-165 Creator
Admiral-165 Apr 6 2012 says:

Actually, if you read what the real ME3 ending was supposed to be like...

Then none of these are actually plot-holes... unless the god-child was going to be in the Karpyshyn ME3 ending, in which case these would still all be plot-holes :D (but i don't think it was going to be in there...)

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TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 7 2012 replied:

I knew they had to have something with what Tali found. That makes -so much more sense-.

Like the first comment on that page says, practically -any- ending is better than the canonical endings...

That really makes ye think, doesn't it?

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lihkan Author
lihkan Apr 8 2012 replied:

Karpyshyn's ending definitely makes more sense, but it still smells like "No matter what you did in prequels-ending" to me.

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6thLegion Apr 20 2012 replied:

Would have been a thousand times better ending than the one we got...

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OrangeNero Apr 6 2012 says:

Thats what happens when you don't have a script for the full story and just produce a beginning of something you don't know how it continues and then change out the creators to finish it.

This pic indicates that in ME1 there was planned that theres gonna be a child in the citadel ruling the reapers, when they finished ME1 none not even the devs thought of any events in ME3.

Make it a Demotivational Picture and write "Guide on how to mess a story up" beneath it.

I still don't get why the catalyst was that child... or his appearance... or whatever. Well I share Nazaras urge.

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Garyn Dakari Apr 6 2012 says:

This is assuming the Catalyst has control over the Citadel - What if it has no control over it?

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lihkan Author
lihkan Apr 7 2012 replied:

Super godlike AI that BUILDED the Citadel and Reapers is not able to control it? Come on. Thats like build yourself a house, lock yourself in and dont have keys.

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open_sketchbook Apr 11 2012 replied:

The AI probably wasn't even conscious until the Catalyst was activated. It's not a being, but an interface.

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Ambient_Malice Apr 6 2012 says:

*Laughs hysterically*

This should be on the 'very special Director's cut' of Mass Effect 3.

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Cyberpresident_CORE Apr 7 2012 says:

*Listens to all 3 endings*
Me : Oh wait a minute, I'm smart.
Kid : What ?
*I take out a pistol and shoot the kid*
Me : Easy, spam all options to exclude yourself.

*Reapers die, relays are safe, Geth are dead because I already killed them myself*

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And possible explanation!

Apr 6th, 2012
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