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RSS feed Report content Anti-Shep Cerberus Squad Concept Art (view original)
Anti-Shep Cerberus Squad Concept Art
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FrikysKiller Apr 7 2012 says:

Heavy, Spy, Sniper and Demoman.

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MorshuLoL Apr 7 2012 says:

Meet the Cerberus Squad

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Sanguinius Apr 7 2012 says:

I always thought Kai Leng should be older in Mass Effect 3, because he was a badass Cerberus assassin back when Anderson was in his twenties.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 7 2012 says:

I'm actually kind of glad they dropped this concept.

Seems a little -too- much like Deus Ex: Human Revolution's bit.

Hmm... a multiple choice question ending, was released in 2012, and nearly had four specific bosses the player has to fight.

Did Bioware seriously steal ideas from Human Revolution? I'm not too serious about this but it is uncanny...

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Author
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Apr 7 2012 replied:

It's hard not for anyone to "steal" other peoples ideas or plagiarize in general, coming up with new ideas is hard, and usually the right way to something is the easiest way. But in the case of the gaming and entertainment industry, it's just really annoying when you think too hard about it -.-

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TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 7 2012 replied:

The timing is the reason I say anything. I know that it is hard to not come up with the idea as someone else, I'm just saying that this is eerily familiar. I mean, lets compare:

There's one foreign looking guy with cybernetic body addons

There's a slender female character with long-range weaponry

There's a Texan looking guy with a big weapon and brawn

And there's a tank.

Starting to see what I mean?

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Author
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Apr 7 2012 replied:

It's only concept art, Kai Leng was probably based off a preexisting character as well that the developers found cool, I don't see anything wrong with that (though I'd rather them not go spouting this "artistic integrity" nonsense if they purposefully did). Doesn't mean, if they had been implemented into the game, that they would have looked just like that.

I know what you mean, but I don't see where this argument is gong, I'm just reminiscing on a concept for the game I found kind of neat, if you don't like it, don't comment.

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lihkan Apr 8 2012 replied:

No I dont, can you specify?

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robofork Apr 8 2012 replied:

You're thinking about it too much.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 8 2012 replied:

When making games and writing stories, one can never think too much about anything. At least I've never found a plateau for it.

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THEWULFMAN Jan 14 2013 replied:

Good artists borrow, great artists steal. There are no original ideas.

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pandemic--hour Apr 8 2012 says:

I think its a cool idea actually

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Darth-Saberkilla May 16 2012 says:


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FIN7 Jul 18 2012 says:

team fotress meet mass effect

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BTNNinja Aug 13 2012 says:

I actually thought this looked more like something you'd see in Metal Gear Solid. Where each boss would shout out "SHEEEPPPPPPARRRRRDDDD" before exploding when they die, ala Zaeed.

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Sun_Xiaomei Oct 14 2013 says:

That Heavy kinda reminds me of Deng Ai, as curious as that may sound.

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This is concept art for an elite Cerberus team led by Kai Leng to take down Shepard's crew, never made into the game unfortunately :(

My browser was glitching for a bit so I couldn't post this earlier for some reason, oh well, here you go, enjoy.

Apr 7th, 2012
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