This is a group for all ID Tech 4 engine modders. Whether your modding forte is Prey, Doom 3, Quake 4 or all of them, we welcome you. Also, we will accept you no matter your modding skill. Even if changing the clip-size of your weapons seems difficult, then feel free to join up and we'll try and help you with it as best we can. This is a place for ID Tech 4 modders to hang out, chat, help each other out or post their latest work, even if its a very rough alpha they only want fellow modders experimenting with. We may accept people with no mods out if they are willing to learn, or have a WIP. Happy modding, Adam

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The second Doom 3 Speed Mapping contest has started!

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Doom 3 Speed Mapping Contest #2 preview image

Last contest had ~70 map downloads between Fileplanet and PlanetDoom!

Starts NOW and ends November 25th @ 23:59 EST
Contestants and judges must sign up by the 18th.
Judges have one week to get results back. I'll e-mail you the spreadsheet.
SP only
Scripting allowed
Must run on stock Doom 3 but custom assets allowed and MUST be included (can't require an external pk4, etc).
Two screenshots with final submission.
e-mail me the map + a description (the_happy_friar at Subject: “Doom 3 Mapping Contest #2”, in body include (separate lines) contestant name, e-mail address, map name.
Map naming convention: “, all custom content under “d3sm2_” folder, “d3sm2_.txt = readme, all zipped together under name “”, “d3sm2__1.jpg & 2.jpg for screenshots. ZIP ONLY
NEW maps only!
As many maps as you want to submit

IMPORTANT: Need at least THREE judges and FIVE entrants!!!

Judging Criteria (all scored between 1-10):

  • Texture Work (textures flow, little/no mismatched textures, etc)
  • Originality (is it yet another "in hell" or "base" map or is it different?)
  • Game Play (how fun it is)
  • Extras (not required for finishing map, eastereggs)
  • Lighting quality (lighting works well for map)
  • Sound quality (sounds fit map)
  • Technical (z-fighting, things work as expected, etc)
  • Fits theme
  • Subjective to judge (their personal feelings [/list]

Theme this time: space Here's the definition the judges must use:

If you want to join the contest please post on Doom3World ( ). If you want to be a judge also post. I'll make a desperate list of contestants and judges. Can't be both, sorry!


so i MUST be a member of d3w to participate then?

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TheHappyFriar Author

It's easier that way for me. It's a free signup and a trustworthy site+admin. Even if you only use the login to post in the contest it won't matter.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ummm "trustworthy site", ok i can give you that much, however the "trustworthy admin" is another topic, ive had a lot of personal dealings with the socalled "BNA!" dude, he is the sole reason i stopped going there and also the sole reason i do not contribute on d3w site anylonger

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TheHappyFriar Author

Hey, we need more mappers and some judges! People who don't want to/have time/don't think they're that great can judge. Speed mapping is a great way for practice and judging is a great way to figure out how you can improve your own maps by taking apart someone else's and seeing what you like/don't like.

I *KNOW* there's Doom 3 mappers on this site! Join up!

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I want in this time :D. First thing I get home- Joining :P.

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hope to see some co0l space maps :p

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so who won?

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