seriously, theres barely any good Horror-Mods, and there should be. this, in short, is a group for all the gamers who feel left out of the mod-playing communities just because its hard to make or find something scary. If you think there should be more horror mods out there, or just Love horror mods, feel free to join :D

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Had a moment of time from all the weird magical creepy nonsense going on, and released some new pictures for you to study.

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Oh boy.
Been a while, how ya guys doing, wassup!? We´re at the ferry to Rivers Dark now, the weather is pretty bad, thunder is looming in the distance, I think its going to rain really really heavy soon.. really epic forces of nature ahead, nothing like you´ve seen before --I think I´ll try to capture it on video for you guys for the next report-- But right now? There´s not much to do. Apart from staring blankly at the thin feil of fog over the sea and throwing in a quick report. Hmm, lets see..

Oh yea, speaking of the sea, there´s medusas all over! No kidding. Like, tons. They dont do much, just hurt you if you touch them - doh. But they keep you from swimming way off to the sea. I guess thats kinda helpful, keeps people on the right path. Jesse loves them, says they´re like straight out of his nightmares. They´re not the only creatures around tho, I´ve seen some weird creepy stuff. Like the lilits, as David nicknamed them. Words cannot describe much, so I took a picture. Only one, and its a bit blurry -sorry about that. I just wanted to keep a bit of excitement for your own adventures.

On the road to aweOn the road to awe
On the road to aweOn the road to awe

But luckily we´re not unarmed. I´ve seen an axe, and a few ranged weapons, they all seem rather functional. AND, if thats not enough, there´s these pretty glowy plants all over, edible of course, and they heal you up. So that stuff is covered. To balance all the puzzles and slower stuff.
Oh and speaking of puzzles, I wanted to quickly mention that weird woman, and those creepy boxes. Not sure what that stuff is all about, something to do with our past, present, future.. Over here, Im not entirely sure which comes first, heh.

On the road to aweOn the road to awe

What else --- well, there´s a lot, like the magnificent beehives, the moose stuff, the black goo, the whole swamp thing -was lost there for ages- but there´s no time anymore, we´re so close to the town now, its answers, the conclusion.

love and manly hugs
-the Scintilla team

PS. Something seems to be slowly ripping thru?
Its something epic, but we´ll have to wait till the next time.. just follow us and keep watching!


Awesome as usual

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Leon_Kilean Author

Yeah, as usual. Yawn.
I should put a little effort into it sometimes, but Im too lazy.

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well, we are really anxious in getting better at this... i guess. ;)

great read henri, almost as if i've been there too. ;p

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This is brilliant Leon, can hardly wait.

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How about going indie ??? looks awesome (after this please :)

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Leon_Kilean Author

Such a hassle

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You got my attention. Again.

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Hello :)

All mod You work on, always look cool :)

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