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Half-Life : MMod is Live! Featuring enhanced effects, movement, weapons, gore and more!

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Half-Life : MMod is a mod which brings Half-Life game to a bit new level with updated graphics and new gameplay features. This mod will contain enhanced Half-Life gameplay with some major gameplay and minor graphical additions to keep mod classic

So what it's about? Let me tell you about mod features :

1. New Gore Effects - More gibs, gibs blood effects, blood decals, gib bounce sounds, more gibbing sounds, headshots, headshot decals, blood streams, all kind of stuff that we appretiate in HL1

2. New Explosion Effects - DIffirent kind of explosions for Grenades, Rockets, Env_Explosion's, Crossbow Bolt Explosions.

3. Film Grain effect - Almost like in L4D2!

4. New Bullet impact particles - With smoke puffs, sparks, flares, and for diffirent surfaces!

5. Multiplayer bots - Now you can play offline with some neat bots which will never bore you.

6. Remade weapons - Glock is now have Laser sight which provide more accuracy but less firerate, Gluon gun with 2 toggable fire modes : Narrow and Wide, .357 with singleplayer scope, Crossbow with explosive bolts.

7. Better Weapon Punch effect - for all weapons including crowbar.

Here some media featuring new stuff
HLMmod Media HLMmod Media
HLMmod Media HLMmod Media

Working alone, as always.

More to come.


I really like the weapons sway.
Also, seems like you've brought back the head tilt while strafing. That's awesome.
The shotgun's load sound between fast single shots is still not played correctly. I hope you will be able to fix it.

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Nice work!

Will this mod be compatible with any of the high-definition packs that have been released in the past year?

If not, are you considering a merger?

The new M16 is NICE. I don't miss the old handle/ironsight at all, and is one of the few features in HL that really "dates it" in a negative way. Are you going to continue updating the M16's appearance to something more modern-perhaps with a usable holosight? If so, are the military forces going to be equipped with updated M16's as well, or...?


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Gunship_Mark_II Author

I do not really recommend to replace weapon models here since muzzleflash effects attached via .qc of each model. Especially Glock, there are totally new animations which will be freaked up if you replace it.

But you still can replace other models without any risk.

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Black Mesa: Source is already beind made though? Ehh maybe it's dead.

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you're an idiot

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Gunship_Mark_II Author

*head desk*

also : Youtube.com

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