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ComradeWinston Author

From the moment the game was announced I was skeptical, from the moment another company was officially announced as the developer I knew it wouldn't be a proper Elder Scrolls game, and when they finally admitted to the $15 a month model I completely lost interest.

I was invited to the beta and couldn't be bothered to take part in the first session out of sheer apathy, then the second time I figured for the sake of a hands-on opinion I may as well get it over with. And eventually, after a few hours I knew my suspicions were correct.

It felt stale, the very MMO nature turned an open world into a cardboard box full of toys glued to the bottom so that everyone could have the same exact experience. The first person view was nothing more than a gimmick and impractical, especially in a PvP setting and more so if an option to enlarge the player's field of view is never added. And the charm, not a drop to be found.

If they give-up on the subscription, maybe I'll buy the thing. But otherwise, it simply isn't worth getting in its current stale state. Especially when I have Skyrim and a few hundred dollars of free content in it, allowing me to enjoy playing Skyrim to this very day.

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ElfFriend Creator

I was skeptical when I first found out about it too. I mean SWTOR was on life support by then and they had a stronger license backing it. I'm pretty sure more people care about Star Wars more than The Elder Scrolls.

Then when they announced that it was going to be P2P during an age of P2W, F2P, and pay once play forever; I think I gave up on this game ever being good.

What I think TES fans WANT is a game like Skyrim with server support so that we could host our own multiplayer games not an MMO. MMOs don't have mods and mods are what made Skyrim awesome therefore this game shall lack the same kind of interest.

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From what i have seen in this video i'd have to say it's either going to fail quickly or they are going to convert it to f2p within a year or so, and this is why(i'll give you pros and cons, that's easier for me).


#1 Elder Scrolls Universe.

#2 Beautiful Graphics.

#3 Voice Acting.

#4 First Person(tho it's not that big of a deal, people would rather
play in 3rd person just to see all their beautiful equipment).

#5 PVP(tho it wasn't in this video, i'm 100% sure it will be awesome, especially on a large scale).


#1 Beautiful Graphics(It's also a con because you need a high end computer to even try and run this beast, let alone play on Ultra. This is a main reason i wouldn't even consider playing this game).

#2 Pay to Play(i mean seriously p2p in a f2p age, just no)

#3 Generic MMO quests(if i wanted that i'd play any of the hundred mmos in existance).

#4 Linear "Story" (same reason as con #3).

The biggest problem here is the P2P option. Yeah it's Elder Scroll universe but the game itself is not that good to be P2P. Fair thing would be B2P like GW2 or F2P + micro transactions. They are losing a huge number of players by going with a P2P option and with that, they are losing tons of money. B2P and F2P would actually bring more money.

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I wouldn't mind trying it if it weren't for the monthly fees. That's my problem with MMOs. They can be great, as I feel this would be, but any mention of monthly fees instead of one-time payment? It can get fuc*ked.

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Cure Optimism
Cure Optimism

Yes, and I'm glad.

Maybe then Bethesda will smarten up and go back to their roots. I know it is a widely unpopular opinion, but I didn't care for Skyrim all that much. That game ages about as well as milk, and once the excitement wore off and I started playing it again, I realized just how much they took out and repackaged for the average consumer.

Youtube.com This review echoes my thoughts perfectly on Skyrim.

To me, TESO is just another nail in the coffin for Bethesda. And they are going to feel it where it hurts, their bank accounts. Relying on the brand alone won't get you anywhere, you need to innovate. And from what I've seen and heard, it doesn't. **** it.

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