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Reborn:X Creator

Reborn here, standing by.

The people are angry on the Ukranian govt making it one of the worst countries to live on and of the poorest suprassing even Belarus in average pays. Basically, the rich rule and there is HEAVY societal divide even worst in Russia. On the top of the govt not particular caring about the well being of the whole societ; the Ukrainian people have an nation identity crisis for a long time. The young believe it is an independant country while the experienced still see it as an somewhat offshoot or a distant province of Russia. Essentially they want to go for EU because the possibilities of migration might save the youth through rapid leaving of the country but most of the EU member nations are somewhat against it including the UK nad NATO. The people seemnigly simple want to live a better, more sophisticated while the top brass at the government are once again being a parasite to the government in Russia. You might see this a bit as an reflection of the Taiwan soveregnity issue but it is not. There are also some other issues like heavy prices, AIDS on the rise like in Odessa where it has reach status red a few years ago and so on. I cannot write endlessly here about it in general so if there's anything in particular you want to know about this crisis, ask away.

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If the opposition wins, will the people actually work to improve Ukraine, or simply flee to other EU nations? Is the president losing power quickly enough as to where the opposition actually has a chance of winning?

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Reborn:X Creator

It is more likely, judging by talking to the average people on the streets that teenagers mostly will leave Ukraine once it gets to EU likely to England or Poland. Ukraine is in quite a bad state, the Chinese recently had promised lending funds and are rapidly buying off its agricultural capabilities i.e farms for cash crops or corn for the mainland. The president is not losing power all that quickly and the initial momentum from the beginning is dieing down in spite of Western countries media and propaganda support. The U.S. is perhaps trying soon a more distinctive approach as per the New Year's defense rules and Ukraine's government has strong backing from the Eastern side. The protests are largely unorganised, they have little political power or expertise, their main leader has no real experience and greed is plauguing them. Some incidents are known in which people protesting are being paid to do that. The only Russian English language channel, the RT is heavily exploiting this white propaganda attempt. The older generation just believes in separation from the giant, a new nation with it's own identity and language, no more Russian in government. Remember that the president has support within the military and the police apparatus.

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Reborn:X Creator

Writing in charts, here is a general list of pro and anti government actors:

- Military units the biggest in special forces & non outer ops units.
- The cabinet and nearly all of the ministers, rich men.
- cynics, those who do no care & a portion of the older generation.
- Berkut, the infamous special police unit stylised after the OMON, their first large public operations and already got a reputation as an infamous Polish ZOMO reincarnation.
- Police or Militia units in their parlance but often are highly undecided with some grunts supporting the people's initiative,
- Central television channels, sometimes exploiting the truth sometimes not.

- Young men, teenagers, university students all those who wish a better life without poverty being soo noticeable.
- Army soldiers or elements that went on together with missions out country i.e. UKRPOLBAT in ex-Yugoslavia and ISAF.
- Celebrities, people who enjoyed good life and contact with the West.
- business men, rich men and oligarchs sometimes but mostly neutral.
- The jobless, the homeless, prostitutes are also included as the spread of STD's had lowered noticeably "earning" opportunities.

I hope I had answered your questions right and it wasn't too much childish.

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Inform us who know so little, what is going on over there?

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