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ModDB's very own Scott Reismanis and Dave Traeger were interviewed over at DIYgamer!

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A few days ago ModDB's very own Scott Reismanis and myself were interviewed over at DIYgamer for one of their feature series called "The Backbone of the Indie Industry". We talked about how ModDB came about, how we both came to working on the site, the future for ModDB and our other websites including the upcoming Desura project!

Scott and myself had a great time chatting with the staff over at DIYgamer, we will also be working with these guys in the future with a few upcoming projects so keep an eye out for that!

feillyne StaffSubscriber

Scott wrote: Mind you we are working on a competition which will launch soon (no prizes just prestige) so keep an eye out for that.

Without prizes? So it isn't Mod/Indie of Year Awards. :-)

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Nice interview — can't wait for Desura to be released for real.

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Lol, space station.

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An informative read. Now I'm no journalist, but I feel that while following a pretty standardized series of questions from Geoff, Dave and Scott projected a pretty clear overview of how important a role DesuraNET is taking in the the promotion and evolution of the Indie market. The main theme I caught was "communication".

The potential for creating a profitable, interactive community based, Indie publishing service is great indeed, but expanding inter-communications is the key element. As Dave stated -

" Personally I would like DesuraNET to reach out to a more diverse community of players rather than developers, while having a like minded community is great, the only feedback developers get is from other developers. Reaching out to people who just play games would be the best solution to help out the teams even more. "

Scott also added - " All in all we want to run a service which brings players and developers closer together and enables them to create better games (by harnessing this feedback loop) which are then sold very successfully on Desura. "

I believe a primary focus on researching and developing such an implementable communication ( hub ) system is going to be crucial to the future success of Desura as well as the visions of Scott, Dave and like-minded others who realize how important and influential Indie's have become and support creating new platforms for the markets growth.

I'm no expert, nor do I envy the task, but with the array of web based technologies, tools, and methodologies available ( and upcoming ), it certainly will be an exciting challenge for you guys. The right idea is definitely there !

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Interesing read. Thanks for posting.

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