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Without a doubt the most important part of the 2016 awards, is the coverage and exposure we can provide mod and indie games on the site. By challenging our audience to vote for their favorites, we aim to unearth hidden gems that you and others might have missed. But when all is said and done and the winners have been announced, the biggest honor we can bestow on them, is an opportunity to proudly show their prize.

Mod of the Year Awards Indie of the Year Awards App of the Year Awards VR of the Year Awards

That is why every year (see 2015 logos), we start working on the award logos in August, spending months crafting something recognizable and awesome, that developers can add to their Steam profile, press kit and anywhere else they desire, to display the accolades they have received. For the first time in 2016 we have introduced VR awards, which means we now run a competition for mods, indie games, apps and VR.

This year we must thank the GamerNetwork design team, who lovingly crafted the 2016 logos, which you can see above and below. We greatly appreciate your feedback, hope you like them, and more importantly we want to see them displayed on homepages and blogs across the web. Your support and links now, help us to continue to grow and keep doing what we love doing.

Awards Logo Demo

UPDATE: We have just started our initial rebuild efforts which you can read about here. Your assistance in helping us rebuild the file archive is greatly appreciated.

When we first heard the news of GameFront's closure we were incredibly sad and disappointed, but we understood the many challenges the site faced. At lot has changed since 1999. We no longer have to download the hottest gaming trailers in AVI format and watch them once we get our codecs in order, Youtube does that for us. Nor do we have to manually install demos, patches and gaming clients, our digital distribution program solves the hard stuff. And while epic total conversions that push boundaries like Counter-Strike and DotA once did are not as common, mods like these remain as important as ever in making new and old games great.

gamefront logo

So that's why when we heard the news, we knew we couldn't sit by idly and let GameFront (formerly FileFront and FileLeach) once a behemoth of the gaming world, slowly fade into obscurity. After all choice, openness and preserving history are ideologies we value greatly at ModDB and IndieDB. So we began talking to Defy Media the former owner of GameFront.com and FileFront.com, and reached an agreement to acquire these domains. It is a challenge we are eager to take on, and we thank Defy Media greatly for giving us the opportunity.

Our 3 step plan

We've just taken STEP 1, once again the site is open to the entire world to upload and share files for the first time in many years. We know it doesn't contain the content it once did, but we shall persevere and encourage our community to share all the user generated content they can, so no gaming history is lost.

STEP 2, will be designing a site which strikes a balance between the powerful and detailed FileFront site of old, which also embodies many of the usability and accessibility traits common in today's websites. We consider ourselves to be power users, and aim to bring back what we believe once made the FileFront Network great. Rest assured the current design is a temporary stepping stone.

STEP 3, is ultimately up to you. Perhaps GameFront is a dinosaur and not needed. But we want to believe that there is still a community of gamers out there, who want an open gaming site, that embodies DRM free principles and allows anyone to create and share content they are working on, without restriction.

So please join us in the forums, start exploring games, mods and files and most importantly help us rebuild the archive by uploading new and old files. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.

With our recent giveaways feature landing we promised that more features were on the way and today we're happy to launch our new prices feature across the DBolical Network to help you get the best possible price on your favourite games. Whether you are one of our talented developers who hosts a game profile with us or a reader wanting to get the best possible deal, this feature is for you.

The Rundown

Starting today profiles will display purchase links to online retailers that sell the product. We automatically prioritize the store that offers the best price helping our community find great deals. Developers our system attempts to automatically find stores, but you have complete control over the feature and can add or remove what you want. Here it is in action:

pricemenofwar1 bigpricepreview1

How does it work?

READERS: We know you probably already shop at Steam or Amazon. So instead of launching yet another store, we link to all of your favorites. Just keep your eye out for the buy box on the right menu in profiles, and start purchasing to support us and the developers. We will always attempt to dig up the cheapest price, helping you save $$ in the process. Everyone wins :) We cannot guarantee the prices are 100% correct all of the time, but we do our best to keep them updated in USD.

DEVELOPERS: Our pricing system is, and has already automatically matched a lot of games on our site to retailers. This will continue to happen everyday, it's quite magical really. But sometimes this process might miss your game or lead to some wrong matches. Don't stress - you also have complete control over what is shown.

There is now a new field at the bottom of the edit page for all games, software and hardware (pictured below). Using this field simply edit your store links and leave the rest to us. We will frequently grab the latest prices for all the stores you listed and display it on your profile for your readers to see. Easy.


STOREKEEPERS: To make this feature possible we have worked alongside many great retailers, and plan to add more. If you run a digital distribution store selling games, software or hardware and have an API and affiliate system please reach out. We'd be keen to add you to the list! All prices shown on the site are in USD, we plan on extending this to other currencies in the near future.

Supporting our community

We really hope you get some great prices on games through this feature, you can also feel good knowing that any purchase made helps support our community so we can continue to add great features to make our sites the best they possible can be. Get a great price, support the developers, support us - it's a triple win.


Due to the nature of our system attempting to match our games against store catalog's automatically there is the small possibility that you could encounter a buy link for an incorrect item - if you do notice an incorrect link please contact us and we will fix it promptly. Additionally whilst we will do our best to keep our listed prices as up-to-date and accurate as possible there is always the rare possibility of a discrepancy between a stores price and the advertised price on our site. In the unfortunate event that this does occur DBolical Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for displaying an incorrect/misleading price in the event this occurs.


If you have any inquiries, or perhaps you are a retailer wanting to join our program - please contact us as we'd love to hear from you.

This new feature is also supported on hardware and software profiles as well. There's plenty more to come and we hope this feature serves real purpose for both our readers looking for a bargain on a game, and our developers receiving financial support for their efforts. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

Our friends over at GamesRepublic have just announced the Indie Spotlight, an Indie DB supported initiative for indie developers and publishers to beam their games to the masses. Getting recognition for your hard work is only fair and the Indie Spotlight aims to provide better visibility for Indies to the world.


"Being a part of 11 bit studios we're indies at heart and supporting indie games is a part of our grand strategy. With Indie Spotlight we want to give indie developers a great place which they deserve, to showcase and sell their games, as well as a proper promotional push via our own channels and our friends' & partners' in the gaming industry."

The goals stated for the Indie Spotlight will be achieved via different activities from GamesRepublic and their partners, including Indie DB by:

  • A dedicated zone on GamesRepublic.com and high visibility on main page to highlight all the great indie games, video and blog content created by Games Republic's team and its affiliates, including previews, interviews, reports, recommendations and more,
  • Sharing news and titbits from indie dev as well as engaging in indie events,
  • Helping spread the word about indie games among gaming media all over the globe,
  • Providing indie developers with a set of tools for simple and fair cooperation,
  • Running contests, giveaways to reach even more gamers,
  • And more.


At Indie DB we're proud to be a partner of GamesRepublic and the push for getting indie developers more recognition and support for the countless hours they invest into their projects. So if you are keen on checking out some awesome indie games, head on over to the Indie Spotlight area. We've got more in the works with GamesRepublic so keep your eyes peeled for some great changes coming to Indie DB.

We've been hard at work behind the scenes and are proud to announce our latest feature - Indie DB Giveaways. We have a great community of passionate members and whether you are a gamer, developer or both - we want to thank you for calling Indie DB home by either giving you a free game or free marketing for your game.

Our first giveaway is live!

Spreading the word and getting your game on the homepage is tough, we know! To help our developers reach a wider audience any game that exists on Indie DB is eligible to host a giveaway granting you 24 hours of uninterrupted homepage exposure to help your game grow. Members of our community can then join the giveaway and go into the draw to win a key for your game.

How does it work?


  • All that is required to join any giveaway is to be registered on our site.
  • Click 'join giveaway' (if one is running) and you're in with a chance to win a key.
  • You can increase your chances to win via social media boosts.
  • Once the countdown hits zero, we email the game keys to the lucky winners!


  • Click here to host a giveaway.
  • Fill out the details for your giveaway, including your preferred date for it to commence.
  • Submit at least 100 CD keys for us to randomly distribute to participants.
  • That's it! Your game will be featured in the giveaway box on the front page (below).

We're really excited about this feature and hope that our developers embrace it as an alternative to paid advertising which is unfortunately beyond the budget of many indie developers. There's plenty more exciting features we're working on behind the scenes so keep an eye out for them. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments section below, or read more about the giveaway system.

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