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We've been hard at work behind the scenes and are proud to announce our latest feature - Indie DB Giveaways. We have a great community of passionate members and whether you are a gamer, developer or both - we want to thank you for calling Indie DB home by either giving you a free game or free marketing for your game.

Our first giveaway is live!

Spreading the word and getting your game on the homepage is tough, we know! To help our developers reach a wider audience any game that exists on Indie DB is eligible to host a giveaway granting you 24 hours of uninterrupted homepage exposure to help your game grow. Members of our community can then join the giveaway and go into the draw to win a key for your game.

How does it work?


  • All that is required to join any giveaway is to be registered on our site.
  • Click 'join giveaway' (if one is running) and you're in with a chance to win a key.
  • You can increase your chances to win via social media boosts.
  • Once the countdown hits zero, we email the game keys to the lucky winners!


  • Click here to host a giveaway.
  • Fill out the details for your giveaway, including your preferred date for it to commence.
  • Submit at least 100 CD keys for us to randomly distribute to participants.
  • That's it! Your game will be featured in the giveaway box on the front page (below).

We're really excited about this feature and hope that our developers embrace it as an alternative to paid advertising which is unfortunately beyond the budget of many indie developers. There's plenty more exciting features we're working on behind the scenes so keep an eye out for them. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments section below, or read more about the giveaway system.

In an effort to make sharing downloads easier, we have created a handy widget system. You will now see each download page has an "embed widget" button. It works just like a Youtube embed. Copy and paste the widget anywhere you want (here, on your homepage, forums etc). Then the widget contains a button to begin the download directly without any messing around. Here is it in action using Brutal Doom as the example.

Furthermore, the widget system works on virtually any profile URL on the site. Just add /widget to the end of the URL you are visiting to see it in widget form.

v5 Alpha

After talking about it for years, work on v5 of the site has finally begun. Our goal is keeping the same layout with minor improvements, that focus on usability, responsiveness and mobile support. This way we retain familiarity while improving everything else. At the moment we are just experimenting with ideas, but if you would like to see what we have done we plan on opening up our development in the group here. We expect v5 development to take about 4 months or so, and welcome all feedback and bug reports in our Github board.

Support us by subscribing:

Subscribers get instant access to the alpha, so if you love the site and want to support us - we greatly appreciate it!

In a move that finally elevates the experience of surfing the web to the conceptual highs first envisioned by sci-fi and cyberpunk literary visionaries, VRDB.com has announced that it has developed virtual reality support for the web.

Premiering exclusively on VRDB.com, this new VR mode for the web will allow you to immerse yourself in your favourite websites without the need for any of the expensive, recently-launched new generation of VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

"We are finally able to deliver an immersive, stereoscopic 3D internet experience," says Scott Reismanis, founder of VRDB parent company DBolical Network. "As is the standard for VR, we will be rendering our webpages at a rate of at least 90 frames-per-second, which should all but eliminate undue motion sickness when scrolling both up and down."

VRDB.com's new VR support for the web shows that virtual reality isn't just for games. Your internet browsing experience will never be the same.

Try it on any website like Reddit or Google by dragging the bookmarklet above to your browser bookmark bar, then click the button to turn VR mode on.

GDC 2016 Thoughts

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After 8 years attending GDC, this one felt different, potentially a turning point for the industry with VR dominating the show. It's a new tech that many still haven't tried, and there are so many talking points to cover. Here is my roundup.

GDC 2016

  • Those in VR are 100% convinced it is the next big thing. Those who aren’t are 100% convinced it is just another gimmick that will get some attention then fade away like 3D TV or Wii remote controlled games. Which camp are you in?
  • VR is pushing a lot of tech forward, engines and GPU appear to be most excited about this (more sale opportunities!). Great for gamers and developers with CryEngine the latest to go free
  • Surprisingly almost all demos on the GDC floor were done using HTC Vive Pre. Is this because not many have their hands on the latest Oculus Rift, or because this is the preferred headset? Everyone does however agree that roomscale VR is kickass despite the large requirements to get it setup

HTC Vive Consumer Edition

  • Tons of fringe companies are making VR hardware and accessories. Demos are generally awesome like Manus VR Glove, Leapmotion, Nod, Omni, but they are all optional (expensive) extras looking for content partners. How will they compete with the controllers that ship with the headsets, which are also awesome and what developers will be building support for. There will be a lot of consolidation and disappointmentt in this space. Game developers you maybe able to negotiate good deals to build content for these companies
  • VR experiences have scaled back bigtime. A year ago VR was all about rollercoasters, flying sims and first person shooters. People have learnt these games are not great in VR, and are tailor making their games to work with the hardware. Some cool ideas emerging as a result like Chronos where your head is the camera


  • Everything in VR remains a short-lived experience with plenty of wow factor but limited replayability. Don't expect anything like CS:GO or Skyrim just yet, which you come back to daily
  • Hilarious watching people play horror in VR such as Paranormal Activity. Players walking around a haunted house, then freaking out and tearing off the headset and screaming when it gets scary happens frequently. VR really heightens the experience
  • The Walk VR is an example of immersion that only VR can provide. It is terrifying stepping out onto a tight rope 94 stories high, as you learn about the historic 1974 WTC walk and attempt it yourself

the walk title 6

  • Giant VR demonstrates how powerful VR can be in conveying a message. When the floor rumbles and the sirens sound as the bombs get closer and closer to your shelter, this is VR simplicity at its best
  • Augmented Reality is about 2 years behind VR, but it’s application is boundless. Meta and Hololens are now opening up to 3rd party creators and it will be interesting to watch the results

Meta 2 Development Kit

  • If you are not already in VR, a lot of the low hanging fruit has already been taken. You have missed the buzz and are probably better served playing it like EA and waiting to see what occurs in the coming years

Just like social and mobile games before it, VR is sitting atop the hype phase. The potential is boundless, everyone is excited and the next 12 months will be telling once hardware starts shipping to consumers. Ignoring the price and long wait to get a headset, are you excited for VR once it becomes more accessible, or do you remain sceptical?

You may have noticed that we recently added VRDB.com to the DBolical Network. It was a big step for us, our first new site in over 6 years and our first site to utilize a modern responsive mobile friendly design. It is also our first site where we are mixing community content (as we do on ModDB.com and IndieDB.com) with content and coverage written by our editor Daniel Hindes. We chose to do this because with so much occurring right now in VR (across hardware, software, games and entertainment), we want to make sure we don't miss the key stories.

VRDB - Games and Hardware

Expect to see us cross-promote VRDB on our network for a while, as we work on growing its community. Any help is welcome (see our job ad), if you know developers working on VR or AR content - let them know about our humble community. We succeed when we help creators share their work, and look forward to doing this once consumer VR hits shelves.

IOTY Winners ad MOTY winners ad

We also wrapped up our Mod and Indie of the Year awards. You may have seen the gorgeous ads running on the site showcasing the winners. It was our most successful event with over 200,000 voters and millions of visitors. Thanks again to everyone who participated, it provides great motivation for us to keep making our network better.

Speaking of which, you might be wondering what is next for us. Well with the help of Erayser, we have begun exploring modernizing the design of ModDB and IndieDB. This doesn't mean the layout will change, but it will mean certain elements are tweaked and the site is made responsive. We shall also be working on better supporting cosmetic smaller mods, because it seems a lot of the creations today fit into these categories. And we shall also work on AJAX'in more of the site so that posting comments, browsing / searching feels a lot nicer than it presently does. Got ideas for us, share them in the comments. Oh and I was recently interviewed by Tim on GoGameBundle, go check it out.

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