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39 comments by TKAzA on Aug 8th, 2014

Reaching over 250,000 unique readers a day ModDB, IndieDB give game/mod developers a place to share their work and grow their fanbase whilst making it easier for gamers to find great games/mods no matter their stage of development.

Without being dependent on press/editors gatekeeping the important gaming news sites.

Since the sites conception a lot has changed around us, We've got Twitch streaming games, bazillions of mobile games, F2P, amazing engines accessible to all to only mention a few things.

You are invited to Join our public brainstorm as we review whats working and whats not and give you a voice on what you want to see in our facelift, As both gamers and developers join forces to create the ultimate gaming destination!

Current feedback includes.

  • Platform tabs are pointless, header needs a redesign
  • Community badges
  • @mentions great idea
  • Chat service
  • Tag system / tag cloud for games
  • Different layout options / more versatility in profiles
  • Feedback exchange, submit a game for playtest but playtest something first
  • Greenlight tighter integration
  • Press system to reach press for indie devs
  • Overhaul karma on comments / forums
  • ModDB / IndieDB Forum split might be a way to get more focused discussion
  • Overhauled groups to highlight members positions
  • Comment notification
  • Better search system

You can keep updated with the latest on the forums.
We all have waited a long time for this, lets get to work!

Report abuse Updated stats system

20 comments by INtense! on Apr 15th, 2014

One of the toughest parts about succeeding when making a game or mod, is finding players for your creation. A big part of this is marketing and promoting, and we are pleased to see more and more developers taking full advantage of IndieDB and ModDB by sharing their updates with our audience. Today we reach over 250,000 unique visitors daily and it pleases us greatly that we constantly see innovative and brilliant games and mods emerge and get the publicity they deserve.

We know that a lot of developers like to track their stats (i.e. see Gang Beasts stats below and here for an example) so we've decided to improve this system.

First change is for the profile owners, the "recent referers" section should now show where all your traffic came from over the last 24hours, so you can see who is sending you visitors and writing about your game.

Second change is dissapointingly we have noticed a lot of people trying to cheat the rankings to bump their game up the charts. Admittedly it was super easy to cheat, so to combat this we've made the system ignore duplicate visitors and to reset daily not hourly. While it means it is still possible to cheat, we encourage you to play fair, as games suspected of cheating will be banned from the service - and that isn't something we enjoy doing.

We hope you enjoy these changes and as always, if there are any ways you think we can improve the site and help drive traffic to your game or mod, please let us know in the comments!

Report abuse Our quest to make a better indie community

18 comments by INtense! on Dec 18th, 2012

A few months ago David and I were interviewed by Richard Moss who was writing a piece for the new gaming website Polygon. The article is now posted and provides incredible insight into our 10+ year history of making gaming sites which includes ModDB, IndieDB, SlideDB, Desura and IndieRoyale. It was quite a shock to read the article at first because Richard was so easy to talk and laugh with - I must admit I didn't expect half of the stuff we discussed to be in it. But for the most part it all is, so it is an incredibly honest and detailed history of all the things we've done, decisions we've made and challenges we've faced over the past 10+ years trying to carve out a niche in the gaming community that we so love.

The article is entited DesuraNET's quest to make a better indie community and I encourage everyone to read it (it is quite a long read). Some of the key headlines included in the article are:

Thanks again Richard and Polygon for the opportunity to be featured on your site, it is a great honor.

Report abuse DesuraNET video interview!

20 comments by Henley on Sep 15th, 2011

Back in early March 2011 at GDC, Design3 sat down with Scott and I to do a video interview on all the websites that make up the DesuraNET family.

Special thanks to the Design3 crew for taking the time to organise, record and edit this fantastic video. And yes ladies, Scott is available!

Oh look another interview with Nerd Age about ModDB and her sister sites! Nerd-age.com

Report abuse Copyright and you!

66 comments by TKAzA on Aug 20th, 2011

A recent influx of stolen content in mods has forced my hand to post this, im duplicating it here .

Copyright and you! ModDB as you may not be aware does have a strong copyright stance, we need to protect you the members from possibly having a legal bat hit across your head and same for ourselves. Staff are always on the lookout for people stealing others work and claiming its there own as well as other shady happenings, as a point we are asking for your help to keep the site clean of thieves.

Examples of copyright violation are:

  • De-compiling/Disassembling content for use in another games engine.
  • Use of another games art assets in a mod without the consent of the artist.
  • Claiming work is yours when it was made by some one else.
  • Taking work from a mod or game and using it in another without consent.

As a important note even if you credit the author of the content used, permission is still needed to use it. Crediting will only cover you if you have permission in the first place.

If users are found to have uploaded content with stolen assets, they will have their account suspended aswell as all their mods, addons and downloads removed, this is a minor slap on the wrist in comparison to large companies reactions that can include legal costs and fines in the hundred of thousands.

If you see a mod with stolen content, please contact us with a link to the content claimed to be stolen for investigation.

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Sep 2, 2007
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