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We're excited to announce that we have implemented @mentions across the network to make it easier for you to notify your friends! Whenever you are now mentioned in a post, users will receive an update informing you who mentioned you, as well as where it occurred and a direct link to the mention.

How to use it?

Similar to Facebook, Twitter and other networks that support @mentions, when you type @ followed by a relevant name on our site, beit a member, game, group, engine, etc you will be prompted with an autocomplete list where you can find the listing you are after. Once that's done your mention will be highlighted in blue and will become a new link once you post your comment.


Notifications of mentions

If you mentioned by a user, you will be notified the by the regular updates area the same way you'd be notified if a game you were following published an article.

Where can I use this?

This feature has been designed to be used throughout the site however on forms, if it's not an editor field (ie description) the mentions functionality will not be supported. Articles, comments, reviews, game pages, forums, etc all support @mentions.

As with any new feature we roll out, a pesky bug can always slip between the cracks so if you do come across any issues (especially compatibility issues) with the @mentions feature please do get in touch or join us on Discord with us as we will endeavour to get it resolved as soon as possible. We hope you like this new feature and that it helps you keep in touch with members of your community.

Just a quick feature update before Christmas! You can now browse and submit #tags on virtually all profiles on Mod DB, Indie DB and Slide DB. On-top of adding tags you can also up-vote and down-vote other tags depending on whether you think they are relevant or not. Here's the quick rundown:

How to create #tag links:

Whenever you write a word preceded by the # symbol in comments, descriptions and elsewhere it will automatically create a tag, with a link to browse all content connected to that tag.

How to add tags:

You can add new tags, as well as up-vote and down-vote tags on any of the following profile pages.

You will find the tags box on the right-hand side of the page (example below). When you add tags we also highly recommend using the auto suggest ability to make sure all profiles consistently use the same tags for easier browsing - for instance we don't want half the tags to be 'Real Time Strategy' and the other half to be 'RTS' when in theory a user would be searching for tags relating to both).


Who can do what?

  • Tag permissions
    • Profile Admins: add and delete any tag on their page(s).
    • Regular members: add and up-vote and down-vote tags on all pages.
    • Guest: Neither, you must be registered to add/give feedback for tags.

Browse tags

We've also enable tags browsing so you can search for any pages that have been tagged with a certain word. Trending tags also show what's currently hot on the network. You can view all items you have (or others) have tagged, by appending /tags to the members profile page like so: Moddb.com (a good way to keep track of stuff you like).

We've launched some great features this year and we have plenty more coming in 2017 so make sure you stick around as roll out more updates on the DBolical Network. If you have any questions or encounter any issues regarding our tags feature please let us know. #Happy #tagging

The team at Indie DB are excited to announce that you can now create a presskit with ease for any game or company listed on our network with the help of our good friends at dopresskit(). An accurate and well-presented presskit is crucial for any team whether it's a game or a company to help grow their brand with the extraordinary power of the games industry media. It's simple, free and can only help grow your project.

Why create a presskit?

Developers & press both have the same goal: to bring great games to as many people as possible - after all, a good game is worth nothing if no-one plays it. For the press, finding out about a game but not having access to information & media for the game means that they can't write about it.

What's in a presskit?

  • All your profile information displayed professionally on an all-in-one page with navigation.
  • No hosting or coding work required, we've done that for you, just fill in the fields.
  • Image & assets gallery with link to download all images in a zip.
  • Live game price updates as organised through our prices system.
  • Embedded YouTube videos.
  • and much, much more.


We've created a presskit for Vlambeer and their latest title Nuclear Throne. Click on the images to go to the corresponding presskit, to see how they look (presskits can be embedded in your profile OR standalone, just add /all to the end of the URL to get the standalone version like this and this).

press preview press preview2

Getting started

We have put great emphasis on making it as easy as possible for you to publish a presskit you are proud for anyone to see with minimal effort. To create a presskit on Indie DB all you need is the following:

  1. A registered account
  2. A game or company profile

On the main page of your company or game profile you will notice a new presskit tab on your navigation bar at the top. Simply click that, fill out the form and you're done!


We would like to extend a huge thank you to Rami Ismail of Vlambeer for allowing us to incorporate his presskit() into our network. We, just like Rami are driven to help improve the prospects and opportunities of indie developers and having a slick looking presskit is a important step.

We're very excited about implementing presskit() into Indie DB and hope it serves our many devoted game developers and companies to help make the press side of things a little bit easier for them! As always if you do come across any issues with the new presskit() feature please send us an email and we will take a look.

Without a doubt the most important part of the 2016 awards, is the coverage and exposure we can provide mod and indie games on the site. By challenging our audience to vote for their favorites, we aim to unearth hidden gems that you and others might have missed. But when all is said and done and the winners have been announced, the biggest honor we can bestow on them, is an opportunity to proudly show their prize.

Mod of the Year Awards Indie of the Year Awards App of the Year Awards VR of the Year Awards

That is why every year (see 2015 logos), we start working on the award logos in August, spending months crafting something recognizable and awesome, that developers can add to their Steam profile, press kit and anywhere else they desire, to display the accolades they have received. For the first time in 2016 we have introduced VR awards, which means we now run a competition for mods, indie games, apps and VR.

This year we must thank the GamerNetwork design team, who lovingly crafted the 2016 logos, which you can see above and below. We greatly appreciate your feedback, hope you like them, and more importantly we want to see them displayed on homepages and blogs across the web. Your support and links now, help us to continue to grow and keep doing what we love doing.

Awards Logo Demo

UPDATE: We have just started our initial rebuild efforts which you can read about here. Your assistance in helping us rebuild the file archive is greatly appreciated.

When we first heard the news of GameFront's closure we were incredibly sad and disappointed, but we understood the many challenges the site faced. At lot has changed since 1999. We no longer have to download the hottest gaming trailers in AVI format and watch them once we get our codecs in order, Youtube does that for us. Nor do we have to manually install demos, patches and gaming clients, our digital distribution program solves the hard stuff. And while epic total conversions that push boundaries like Counter-Strike and DotA once did are not as common, mods like these remain as important as ever in making new and old games great.

gamefront logo

So that's why when we heard the news, we knew we couldn't sit by idly and let GameFront (formerly FileFront and FileLeach) once a behemoth of the gaming world, slowly fade into obscurity. After all choice, openness and preserving history are ideologies we value greatly at ModDB and IndieDB. So we began talking to Defy Media the former owner of GameFront.com and FileFront.com, and reached an agreement to acquire these domains. It is a challenge we are eager to take on, and we thank Defy Media greatly for giving us the opportunity.

Our 3 step plan

We've just taken STEP 1, once again the site is open to the entire world to upload and share files for the first time in many years. We know it doesn't contain the content it once did, but we shall persevere and encourage our community to share all the user generated content they can, so no gaming history is lost.

STEP 2, will be designing a site which strikes a balance between the powerful and detailed FileFront site of old, which also embodies many of the usability and accessibility traits common in today's websites. We consider ourselves to be power users, and aim to bring back what we believe once made the FileFront Network great. Rest assured the current design is a temporary stepping stone.

STEP 3, is ultimately up to you. Perhaps GameFront is a dinosaur and not needed. But we want to believe that there is still a community of gamers out there, who want an open gaming site, that embodies DRM free principles and allows anyone to create and share content they are working on, without restriction.

So please join us in the forums, start exploring games, mods and files and most importantly help us rebuild the archive by uploading new and old files. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.

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