A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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Unfair double standard
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Kalga Creator

Neither should be labeled as evil anyway as both believed (at the time) that they were doing the right thing...

... What? Whatever happened to the saying "it's the thought/belief that [really] matters"?

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No, because I don't believe that at all. If you're an evil jackass, the fact that you think you're doing right doesn't change it for me. If that's the standard we're using, then evil almost doesn't exist in the world. Racists who lynched random black men back in the day wouldn't be considered evil, Osama Bin laden isn't evil, and the guys who tortured people with unbelievably cruel devices for being suspected heretics aren't evil.

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Cervi_Messias Author

I do stand by it, "evil" is a made up concept
we are shaped by our environment
both were bullied, both had overly loving mothers and both were raised christains- and both wanted to be priests

both became monsters that used religious style indocrination

but to call them evil implies a whole other level of malevolence.
they were not "devils" they were men,
we try to separate them from us, make them less then human- its a coping mechanism, we dont want to admit we are like them in every way except for circumstance,
instead of trying to dehumanise them we should try and learn and avoid becoming them- because otherwise we could do it all over again.

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"we try to separate them from us, make them less then human- its a coping mechanism, we dont want to admit we are like them in every way except for circumstance"

Sorry, but I just can't believe that. I'd rather die than kill more than one innocent person, let alone 6,000,000+. I don't see why humans are to intent on saying "Here's the worst person we can think of. And since they exist, that means we're somehow all just like them and don't realize it."

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There were much more christians in history then atheist.. if they wish to count Stalin's murders to atheism, we can count every single murder made until 1900 as christian murder.. People were nearly all christians then. That's why I don't think that Hitler murders should be counted as christian murders and Stalin's as atheist murders. Because they were not murderers because of their religion. As long as there is no atheist church that killed millions of people in the name of atheism I will always say that Christianity killed WAAAAY more people then atheism.

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Velancious Creator

I don't even think an atheist church would even exist. What would...you worship? The FSM?

If anything, it wouldn't be a church, but more like some kind of extremist organization that combats religion.

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Cervi_Messias Author

Atheist church... That is an amazing idea

execpt we would having nothing to worhship (unles we do like the religious and make **** up)
and I hate waking up early on sundays

But you do make a good point, christainity is waayyy beating us on the destruction score- and will never have a chance of catching up to them unless we abandon these silly humanist beliefs and make up an imaginary friend to kill people over.

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Kalga Creator

Well there's always Khorne to kill in the name of...

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Are you that intellectually dishonest? Here’s what the kill poll has to say. Deaths by Mau Zedong: 40–70 million.
Deaths by Stalin: 56 to 62 million unnatural deaths occurred during his time of power, with 13 to 35 million directly linked to Stalin.
Deaths by Idi Amin: roughly 300,000 - 500,000.
Deaths by Pol Pot: over 2 million.
Deaths by Kim Il-Sung: roughly 1 million - 3 million.
Deaths by Kim Jong II: 3.5 million or more.
Deaths by Fidel Castro: 35,000 - 141,000 and counting.
Deaths during World War I: 25–35 million.
Deaths during the Mongol-Asian conflict: roughly 30 million.
Deaths during Napoleonic Wars: over 3 million.
Deaths during the Russian Revolution: roughly 20 million.
Deaths during Vietnam Conflict: over 1 million.
Deaths during Korean Conflict: over 2 - 5 million.

Deaths during the Crusades: A maximum of 3 million.
Deaths during Salem Witch Trials: 48 exactly.
Deaths during the all of the Inquisitions (Spanish, Medieval, etc.): unknown, but somewhere between 6,000 -

Not only it’s atheism, but secularism. That’s how much murders than what people did in the name of Christianity. Does that mean we should also ban atheism and/or secularism because of these atrocities? No. I just think that it’s absurd to go tirade against Christianity or other religions because of this.

EDIT: Secular, not just secularism as well. Both are a bit the same, but some take on different standards.

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