Key Features

  • Experience a brand new colonization system: Use your navy to expand your empire, compete against other colonial powers and struggle to maintain your overseas control. Colonial conflicts can spiral out of control and become international crises. They will have to be decided by diplomatic negotiations or risk costly wars
  • Battle your enemies in the new naval combat system: Together with the new colonization system, your navies are more important than ever. A new system of gun ranges brings more depth and strategy to warfare on the high seas. Powerful new battleships also join the other classes of ships to bridge the gap to Dreadnoughts
  • Prepare for International Crises: Around the world international crises continually call on the Great Powers to mediate and compromise, with war always being the last resort. As one of the lesser powers, use your influence to stir up local flash points so you can use fleet footed diplomacy to get the Great Powers to right the wrongs that have been committed against your nation!
  • Follow the global events with the new newspaper system: Attain a greater sense of immersion by receiving local and global reports on world events. Over 60 newspapers, both historic and otherwise, periodically present you with the latest news reports of war, major events, royal gossip and other matters of interest
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This is basically half of what I wanted for this update, the next part shouldn't take that long. After that I will start working on the 1.0 version. Anyway, here are some of the changes and new additions:

To represent the Swiss cultural identity without the culture itself, I added 2 new rebel types for Switzerland. Primary or accepted cultures of the country will always fight for independence. Violating the Swiss neutrality and taking a province now starts a guerilla warfare, which will last for a few decades. I added a few more events about the Sonderbund War too. I don't believe representing civil wars in smaller countries with different tags is a good solution, so just like in the Chilean Civil War event you are choosing the outcome of the conflict.

Sonderbund War

Uruguay was lacking any flavor outside of the Uruguayan War events, so I made an introduction event to set up the ongoing civil war. To represent the 'Guerra Grande', I added an event chain similar to the Uruguayan War events for Argentina and Uruguay. As for Argentina, I improved the NNM Platine War events and added the war with the State of Buenos Aires. There is a peaceful option to reunite the country too if you can manage to get high enough relations.

Uruguay Civil War

There are a couple of new additions for the Balkans, like the Cretan Revolt of 1866 or a decision for Post-Berlin Congress Bulgaria to annex Eastern Rumelia if the region has high enough militancy. But the most important one is the First Balkan War event chain. It wasn't easy to make, I had to add a new CB and make the Ottomans the attacker, because the AI is more likely to honor the alliance in a defensive war. It's really hard to represent this conflict in this game, but I've seen the Balkan League winning the war plenty of times.

First Balkan War

One of the main features of this release are the industrial slaves. First I just wanted to allow slaves to work in factories, but the problem is slaves always become farmers when you abolish slavery. So I added this new poptype, and a middle option for the slavery reform. After passing it an event pops up in a few days, turning all industrial slaves to craftsmen and abolishing slavery. It would have been great to promote regular slaves to factory workers or demote them if there aren't any jobs or factories available, but it seems like Paradox hardcoded everything about slavery, so right now it only works with province events, which definitely need some balances in the future, so this addition is rather experimental at the moment.

Industrial Slaves

But the biggest feature of this release is the new rebel type, the partisans. They only spawn in occupied provinces. Pops with the same ideology as your ruling party will get a bonus, while pops with radical ideologies won't join if the occupier has the same ruling party ideology as them and you don't. Even though I can influence the rebels to where they would want to go, I can't stop them from occupying provinces you control if there are no other options, so after they successfully siege a province you get a province event that gives the province control back to you, removes 1 WE and reduces militancy, leading to the rebels from the province disappearing. To reduce the chance of the AI attacking its own partisans, they can't spawn near frontlines. If the war ends during the revolt or there aren't any occupied core provinces left they enforce their demands, which is just a small WE effect. Making this work was really tricky and it needed some province events, but they shouldn't be that spammy.

Partisan rebels

And there are some new options for a Jewish state. Some of them almost happened, some were most likely just conspiracy theories, but they are still fun options if you want Israel somewhere else other than just Palestine.

More options for Israel

For a full list of changes, visit the Changes and plans article or the download page.

Nationalism, irredentism and the anti-imperialist struggle

Nationalism, irredentism and the anti-imperialist struggle

Workers of the world, unite! 1 comment

Possibility to recover old empires, unite a nation and witness anti-colonial sentiments rising.

Pre-Alpha V0.01 Released

Pre-Alpha V0.01 Released

McLeod in the High Castle

I've released the first Pre-Alpha version today of this mod.

CWE Mod Version 1.06

CWE Mod Version 1.06

Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod 20 comments

A summary on the new features present in CWE 1.04 and a sneak preview of what is to come in CWE 1.07.

Economy and Event Spam

Economy and Event Spam

Historical Project Mod 13 comments

Well, I know it's been a while. Had to move around countries a lot these last months so that took a good amount of time. The nature of the update - an...

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Rise&Fall; 1.0.1

Rise&Fall; 1.0.1

Rise&Fall;: Victoria 2 Full Version

This version adds: 17 original new nations. 17 nations now playable from the beginning. Population, armies and fleets adjusted to the mod.

HFM v1.27a

HFM v1.27a

Historical Flavour Mod Full Version 1 comment

Minor update with a bunch of bug fixes and minor changes,

Kaiserreich: The New Legacy - Pre Alpha 0.01

Kaiserreich: The New Legacy - Pre Alpha 0.01

Kaiserreich: The New Legacy Demo 6 comments

This is the first Pre-Alpha release of the Kaiserreich: The New Legacy mod. Its purpose is to show the changes that I've made so far. Its codename is...

Rick Astley Adventure's v.1

Rick Astley Adventure's v.1

Rick Astley Adventure's Full Version

The First Version of the mod, maybe with bugs. Contact me to report bugs.

Historical Project Mod - Version

Historical Project Mod - Version

Historical Project Mod Full Version 51 comments

Checksum BCBZ. Save Game compatible with version 0.3.9.x. The only change is: -Fixed one wrong target in the Italo-Turkish war that made Italy declare...

Historical Project Mod - Version 0.3.9

Historical Project Mod - Version 0.3.9

Historical Project Mod Full Version 20 comments

The checksum is RFTO. Don't expect it to be save game compatible. That took some time. There's a lot of fixes, changes and additions. Really a lot, so...

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