The Long Way is a sci-fi first person shooter game. This game is about a very big political conspiracy, which went out of control and had a very bad consequences on Earth and people.

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Aug 28th, 2011
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That's it! This demo is working on our custom built engine, and the demo was made by 3 peoples. The demo has a story :) Enjoy!

The Long Way Demo by SGL-TEAM

Released 28 august 2011

A short story:
The gameplay happens on a planet VENUS, in a mysterious labs - PHOL_LABS build by goverment of Earth. You worked in them until a strange accident happens. You should escape from labs...

Please read readme file before playing, it contains very useful info.

Demo is working on a current version of Run3 Game Engine.

Please report any bugs, except bugs listed in readme file.

System Requirements:
Intel Dual Core 2.0+ GHZ (recommended modern)
NVidia or ATI ps_2_x syntax compatible(recommended NVidia, higher than 8800Gt)
1 gb RAM(recommended 2 gb)
200 mb of hard disk memory

Sorry for a high requiremets, our engine is very unoptimized. It has a very difficult solution for lighting.
Anyway, you can boost the game from low FPS to high(in readme).
On my friend computer(notebook made in 2009 year) it gives 35-40 FPS, but on my(NVidia 8400M) it gives 6-20 FPS.

The game supports stereo mode! You need an anaglyph glasses to play with it(very expensive for FPS)

We are proud to release our first production, it's a big honor for all of us.

But yet, it's difficult to make games with a team of 3 teammates. Also, 2 of them aren't able to often help me with development. So, often only I make the game. We want to make a Full game, but we prefer to make a good game on a good engine, and not just randomly placed models from 3rd party sites.

Yes, I want some new people in my team:

SGL-TEAM Advantages:

  • Our own custom built Run3 Game Engine(with many tools).
  • Subversion Server
  • Websites - one on ucoz, one paid.

We need:
Modeller and Animator
Art Designer
Texture Artist
CG Shader Coder

Please join us, we need some great people in our team!
Contact me:
Skype: moneywed
or PM.

Enjoy our production,

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The Long Way Demo
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Azatoth027 Aug 29 2011 says:

I can't get past the first computer. Whenever I press A it makes me leave the computer. So how am I supposed to type "message" ? x)

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 29 2011 says:

First you need to enter a password(was on screen). But yet, what a keyboard layout you have? I have QWERTY, and Q exits from a computer. If you have another layout, I'll change the button to "quit" command. We will post 2 fixes of game soon.

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 29 2011 says:

That's it. Please replace existing run3_r.exe file.Fix: Exit from a computer entering "quit". Another bug is - you must leave the comand string without any spaces at start. It will make a command recognizable be Run3.

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SPY-maps Aug 29 2011 says:

i have tried to play the demo but it did crash twice on me when i did shoot the second zombie. still, i would like to address some issues to you. let me start with that it does look rather good for a custom engine. now the issues;

- i thought the intro was quit long with all the different camera's, also was there one time when everything looked like it was made from shine steel, but this was only for about 10 seconds or so.
and one of the text on screen was hard to read because it was white, and there was a white chair behind it what made the text fade away in to the white of the chair.
-the the computer, i didn't know how to get out of it again, so i had to start the game again. have to be honest and didn't read the whole text on screen, so i missed the part of that i needed to text a message like you mentioned in your comment to SloidSnake27.
-the AK47 looked ok, but the pistol looked rather strange when i held it in my hand, it was placed a bit to high so you it looked like the pistol was floating, because there was no hand holding it.
-the zombie animation is rather silly, the walking of it looked very unnatural. but don't get me wrong, i know its very hard to make good character animations. still i thought i should tell you.
-and then there was the second zombie, and as soon as i shot at it the game crashed twice.
also was the text on screen of something like; wow, who is that?!
when i did see the first zombie, that text is really a bit of place. it is not needed to place such a text.

i played it on a dual core 2.3 Ghz with a ENGTX275 video card, windows 7. so i am able to play the game qua hardware.

all in all i liked it but it does need still quit a lot of work.
also, some models did look really good, but others did had some weird textures/skins. for example some kind of computer box, it had buttons on it as a texture, but they where not well lined with the box itself.


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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 29 2011 replied:

Thanks for comment a lot. We will work and post a fix. First note!!! Kill a zombie with AK47, not Pistol. I don't know why, but pistol may be a matter why it crashes(Pistol is doing 10 shots except one!!!).
The chair - I'll put it to the right, and it will not block the text.
"the zombie animation is rather silly," - yes it is:) It's because I have done all animations. I'm not an animation engineer, I'm a coder:]
I'll fix all problems with messages. Pistol will be moved a bit down.

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 29 2011 says:

Realy useful addition - type not "quit" command. Correct is "shutdown".

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 29 2011 says:

Little emergency fix: . Fixes chair, crashes with npcs, and "wow, who is that?!" text was fixed. Next fixes will be using the same link!

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Caiman Aug 29 2011 says:

good job. you have come a long way.

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Waddlesticks Aug 30 2011 says:

When I clicked the first computer the game crashed! Will try again to make sure it wasn't a one time mistake!
Also to add, when the opening is happening. When you click the menu button and close it, the hud appears :)

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 30 2011 replied:

There may be some bugs. "When you click the menu button and close it, the hud appears :) " - yes I know it, it's because GUI class doesn't know that we are showing a cutscene. Ok, thanks.

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Waddlesticks Aug 30 2011 replied:

Sweet cheers for clearing that bit up! and turns out that whenever I go on the computer it crashes. (I have done the fix's). Anything else I should try?

Also, if you ever need anybody just for some testing to find bugs and stuff I'm willing to try and find some for you!

But also keep up the work, the game is looking promising!

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Azatoth027 Aug 30 2011 says:

Thanks for the fixes but after applying them, the game crashes when I leave the first room. :(

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 30 2011 replied:

Not in the place where first npc is? If it is, fix will be in minutes.

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 30 2011 says:

Fixed. A problem was with my AIR3 System, it was old build, and haven't worked. Download from a previous link(fix01).

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csderr Aug 30 2011 replied:

ok, have applied the fixes, now, after leaving the first computer, the play freezes/locks up after one step...

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csderr Aug 30 2011 says:

Ok, am now @ 2nd computer and pressing on. Just a suggestion, but after restarting so often it seems the credits could be placed @ the end of the game which would shorten the game start sequence.

The game & engine are a great alternative to those other guys...keep up the good work!

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 30 2011 replied:

Hello my friend:) Thanks

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Prototype458 Aug 30 2011 says:

when i start new game the game crashes at loading screen it might by since i got a chipset but it shouldnt be that by the way the blur part how can you make that since i want to add it to my map on unreal engine

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Aug 31 2011 replied:

"blur part" - you are talking about radial blur? You can found it's shader in folder run3/shaders and an Ogre compositor script in folder "media/materials/scripts". I don't know how to add it to unreal, but compositors are working on screen, and you can copy an algorithm of radial blur to unreal.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Prototype458 Aug 31 2011 replied:

ok ty

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Jpmerida Aug 31 2011 says:

Whoa, (0_o')
What will happen if they Created the "Version 1.0" of this..


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Res1 Sep 1 2011 says:

the first ******* door wont open.....

+2 votes     reply to comment
Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Sep 1 2011 replied:

Answered at main page.

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Sep 2 2011 says:

Check out a new fix. My friend Carl Derr made a mistake correcting work on some subtitles, so now they are more recognizable. :)

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csderr Sep 2 2011 replied:

Um-m-m...I think that should read "My friend Carl Derr made some corrections on some subtitles, so now they are more readable. :)

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elite879 Sep 5 2011 says:

Weird, when you leave the first room and kill the zombie I find a laptop. I go up to it and the screen is taken up by the big message.
There's no way to make this go away, at first I thought it might be the 'esc' key but all that did is make it so I could walk around and play the game normally with the big message still blocking my view! Then the game crashed.
I'm also confused about what to do with that second computer terminal, in the control room. I entered ahx2012 but nothing happened, I then entered 'password axh1012' and nothing happened still. I then came off it and walked up to another laptop, the big message popped up again and I was forced to exit.

Seems like it has potential but there's little in the sense of any direction and sense, I suppose it's your first demo though. Look forward to seeing more from you guys!

P.S. You might want to get a native English speaker to fix up some of the grammar in your text. The mistakes make your game looks slightly unprofessional. If you want I can help with that, I'd also be happy to beta test.

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Sgw32 Author
Sgw32 Sep 5 2011 says:

The problem that you can't exit from the monitor can be solved(it's because of a new patch, it disables exit by one button) - you just need to type "shutdown" and press enter(even if you don't see the text). You must have an EMPTY command line before entering it.(a little bug on my command parser) Leaving computers is just as on an another computers. You must enter "axh2012" in an empty command line. Also, you can use a version without a patch, but forget about pistol weapon(it caused crash while shooting).

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