Squids with guns! Pink Robots! Devils from the 4th dimension! Shopping Trolleys and Lasers. When 4 worlds collide, only SYNSO (he's a squid, not an octopus!) can save the day. Psychedelic arena shooter action with visual and aural overload. Just the way sir likes it. Critically acclaimed and star of the Eurogamer Expo 2009 Indie Games Arcade, Squid Harder is an arena shooter like no other.

Review RSS Feed Randomguy7 says
8 Randomguy7

Nov 11th, 2010 0 people agree 0 people don't

fun little time waster. would be better if it had dualstick control.

ninjadave says
8 ninjadave

Jun 6th, 2009 0 people agree 0 people don't

Hurts my eyes, but addicting.

get8p says
10 get8p

Feb 12th, 2011

No review provided

Stubby says
9 Stubby

Oct 12th, 2010

No review provided

tymaxbeta says
8 tymaxbeta

Jul 10th, 2010

No review provided

DevinH says
7 DevinH

Jun 23rd, 2010

No review provided

String_S1280 says
8 String_S1280

Mar 7th, 2010

No review provided

nitro404 says
10 nitro404

Feb 13th, 2010

No review provided

Hidraga says
10 Hidraga

Feb 3rd, 2010

No review provided

LoudCore says
10 LoudCore

Jan 30th, 2010

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