Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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Hey folks time for a quick Community of the Dead round-up. First up, the latest news on the public test build R that's soon to be released on our forums has come up against some unexpected save corruption bugs – so we’re going to have to try your patience after our ‘two days-ish’ statement. Clearly we can’t release the build when it’s in a state that could potentially foul up all your progress.

Posted by Batsphinx on May 6th, 2012


Irritatingly, for you and us, these are also the sort of bugs that could take half an hour to fix, or two days, or a day and a half, or two days and a half, or ten minutes, or... well you get the picture. The only thing we can say is ‘Watch this space’, and assure you that we’re working all hours to get this lump of code deposited on your hard drive. As soon as we know, you’ll know.

While you’re slamming f5 on the forums and cursing our names, however, why not serenade your vigil with the third episode of the AllThingsZomboid podcast? This time round our writer Will Porter was the man hooked up to Skype – and shoots the breeze with hosts Matt and Dan on the narrative future of PZ, and the work that’s ready and waiting to be slotted into the Knox County mainframe post-update.

Meanwhile, you might have noticed little nippage and tuckage on the front page – with our various international communities now delicately placed in their own sub-section. If you’re a part of a growing foreign language community then please get in touch, as we’re more than aware that the moans and groans of the undead can be heard in dialects beyond our own. The newest addition to the family are the delightful Polish peeps from, while we’ve also provided a fresh link to our Russian friends at

In terms of modding news it’s starting to look like we’ve found a writer willing to pick up the baton of PZ friend StinkyTiger and provide regular round-ups and guides to the wonderful stuff our community are coming up with. In the mean-time, however, we’d like to draw your attention towards Thuztor’s work in progress ‘Project Zomboid on Vacation Island’. It’s like going on holiday, only with zombies! Book now!

That’s about it for now, keep on watching the @theindiestone twitter feed for public test build R update news, plus any amusing pictures of kittens we feel should be shared.

Oh, and hey, we recorded this the other day while testing. Thought you might like a peek.

Spiffo the Community Raccoon assures you that the long wait for R will be worth it, and reminds you that two days in ‘Raccoon time’ is, in actual fact, a bit more than two days.

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narvard May 6 2012 says:

waw its scaring !

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Mr_Cookies May 6 2012 says:

Well... how about a major achievement ? like... on X day, a helicopter goes in a random building, and stays there for 6 hours to rescue, and then, it fly away... ?

it would really make the players pushed to survive till the X day on the game... and gets some radio pieces or something like that to keep track on radio about the rescue...

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ImperialKaskins May 7 2012 replied:

But i thought Project Zomboid is the way how you die... No happy ending :3

Although good suggestion

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flop201 May 7 2012 replied:

it was originally but there starting to change due to customers suggestions like introducing saves etc.

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nomim May 8 2012 replied:

The developers want you to die in the game. There is no survival, only for as long as possible. By escaping you win, defeating the purpose of the game. However your idea of and X day was what I was thinking about. Perhaps the Helo landed with supplies, only to be swarmed by Zed? Or a crackpot team of self dubbed "Zombie Killin' Squad" shows up that wants to kill both Zed and you? Or the army sends in people to help any survivors? The Radio would be a good idea. Perhaps you can use it as a means of entertainment by talking to others, or trying to find others to help carve out a safehaven/superfort? Just throwing out ideas now hahaha.

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Thombomb64 Jun 2 2012 replied:

Great idea Cookies. But say if you do get on the chopper, how about a crash and you're stranded on the northern highway. You barely make it out alive and get out with minor - Critical Injuries.

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VandalSQ May 7 2012 says:

OMG What a horde !

+2 votes     reply to comment
myxale May 7 2012 says:

The Horde was colossal. Wow, Dude, run.

+1 vote     reply to comment
themofey2000 May 7 2012 says:

i think that they just copied project zomboid or something and i think that it is just a mod to make it look like this (not sure and please reply)

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moomind1 May 7 2012 replied:

im sorry are you saying this isnt project zomboid? lol they added a new 3d animation system so it looks a bit different :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Daerchador May 7 2012 says:

and dead.... :(

nice, now continue!

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sethfc May 7 2012 says:

They never changed.

Saving was always planned.

They simply don't wish to have some cliche way to survive/get away.

If you want to be technical we all die in the end of life itself thus the story is always about how you, eventually, die. that doesn't mean you can't make your own safe zone and town, Protect people from harm and try your best to save everyone, be a ruthless raider and stay alive despite any cost, Or just try to flee the area and escape the military zone. thing making some sort of 'rescue' event or something you cheapen that experience by giving the player a predefined goal rather then the freedom to find their own path.

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Mr_Cookies May 7 2012 replied:

So... they need to add more freedom to the game than rather die by the zombies... yes, i'm talking about things like he said, such as escaping the city... but, just by having a RANDOM, PLAYER CHOOSEN and HARDCORE achievement, I think it would add more replayability to the game rather than just die... or atleast with a different ending to the thing, you would still have the option to die like that... think it as a dead rising with random generated MAIN quests...

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lethu May 7 2012 says:

Good luck squashing the bugs, can't wait to play a more stable version (in fact a version that starts up at all).

+1 vote     reply to comment
ChuckaboJenkins May 8 2012 says:

Anyone know when the next update is?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sir_Epicosity May 8 2012 replied:

nobody knows (well at least i dont) so stop asking cause your like the 9000 person to ask that

+1 vote     reply to comment
darkabyss555 May 8 2012 replied:

u can get 2.0q at the main site

+1 vote     reply to comment
nomim May 8 2012 replied:

Are you kidding me? The whole point of this post by the devs is to tell you that THEY don't know. They're ironing out bugs and fixing the whole 3d rendering thing so that you don't crash the game on day 34, or have a corrupt save of your mega house that you built in the woods.

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thewarplay May 8 2012 says:

game looks awesome are you going to make a map maker and if you do make it as simpel as you can i really like this game its so fun :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
DaggerClassStudio May 12 2012 says:

Am loving the updates :), every single texture etc is amazing .. will be really good to get to play with modding our own maps, skins etc.. hopefully eventually helmets/caps can be added so we can create police uniforms and military uniforms etc.... the more that is available to do in this game the better it will be. .. but from the forums I have been downloaded the updates and they are very good.

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Towl3r May 16 2012 says:

Hey i bought the 7.99$ version (not fanboy version), and i see all these amazing updates but am unable to update, is it because i'm just an idiot and do not know how to update or has it not been released... or both? :/ Just so you know i'm stuck on version 1.5d i understand its the pre alpha but can i update to the alpha is what i'm saying.

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Scottvrakis May 18 2012 replied:

1.5d is the CURRENT STABLE VERSION, They will be updating to 2.0 Stable soon..

Question is will we be able to play it THEN?

+1 vote     reply to comment
strangers May 23 2012 says:

i dont know if anyone working for zomboid would look at this but i have a suggestion what about water. everyone needs to drink it is the number one killer during a zombie apoclipse (after zombies) without clean pure water ou will die and if you drink unpure water that could possibly contaminated you will die. i only have been playing for a little while but i have seen no needing for water and how about antibyotics for colds. im not a complainer just trying to make the game better

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Limeni May 27 2012 says:

ok there are a LOT of great ideas but please just relese a stable verson SOON so i can play a bit,i can't zoom in when i play and its a bit lagy/slow. so... there will be more updates and versions but lest keep it stable and going..thats what im thinking. :D

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Auzar May 31 2012 says:

As a true zombie apocalypse I've always imagined in a game, I want this to be it.

Im going to be very blunt about everything.

Im not really liking the new zombie animations with all of them just wobbling weirdly towards the player.. It just looks like someone taped and put on there as well. I dont like how there all moving with their heads forward in slight bending positions and a mild form of half jogging..

I want a zombie game with just plain slow walking... all sorts of animations with zombies looking up or have a look to the side etc. Like the George A. Romero movies and maybe a mild form fast walk but no jogging.

The arms just woggling back and forth on all the zombies looks very weird as well.

Although huge improvements on the older animations and characters I was kinda hoping it would stay that way. It had its own little 2D awesomeness.

Anyways cookies there should never be a game ending.


Back to Zomboid, make the game how it was envisioned. I don't want people wanting a way out. It must not happen! he he he he heeeeeeeeeeee.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Auzar May 31 2012 says:

Dead rising was horrible of how they made it. I cannot believe they made zombies from mutated bees and theres special running zombies in the next game that just don't die!. (Sorry for spoiler I had to say it) It really made me mad....
Furthermore I really hated the 3 days and the game ends crap. It really made me down... :'{
I hated how people and bosses had so much health. It made the game really crappy with just that...

Still I beat both and want to still play the next installment with Frank. The story itself is awesome in general just how they made it and the boss battles etc make it go way down in review for me.

Good story but gameplay could of been better.

Its what you get from a Japanese gaming company where everyone loves Manga.
And Hentai....

Dead Island sorry but sucked of how I thought it was going to turn out. (Left 4 Dead similarity)
Weapons degraded to fast and I have to restart my game or get help from online but my xbox broke, cause everytime I died on this escort mission my weapons stayed the same degradation when it reloaded. So I can't kill any zombies and theres no weapons anywhere. Stuck in a scripted path setting :( was almost done the game...
The special zombies really screwed the game up to...
And where are your friends when your playing? They are in every cutscene but you never see them help you in game to kill zombies. That also made me grumpy..

+1 vote     reply to comment
Auzar May 31 2012 says:

Oh and one more thing, When most zombies see you, they can have hands out trying to reach you even though your a long way out of reach.

I would actually like to see the zombies move a lot slower.

One more thing, never have or implement special zombies in no way whatsoever. I don't want a fat exploding zombie. :\

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supertuho Jun 17 2012 says:

When will there be 2.0.0 update on desura!?

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