Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters. Build your own house, or set up a guild to build a keep. With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies will be able to rule an entire nation. Choose from many different races and professions. You decide your own style of playing and whether to focus on PvP or PvE, both sharing the same game world. Devote your life to crafting, combat, magic, thievery, trading and more. Discover new skills, tools and resources or be the first to explore new areas to put your name on the map.

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The people who hate this game, really hate this game. Only because they have at one point really enjoyed it but been soured by gms, bugs or other ingame events. The bottom line is that if you love sandbox, open pvp and full loot - you should try it for sure.

The most immersive MMO I´ve ever played. I have never had my heart racing as much as when I play this game. If you want a sandbox in the same style and spirit like UO but with better graphics, MO is the way to go. The dev team is very small, but they do wonders with what they have. It´s still unpolished here and there, but I rather have a buggy sandbox like MO then a smooth themepark like WoW. Also SV sommunicate with their playerbase almost on a daily bases, and really take in the opinion from their players when it comes to what direction the game should take.
For some weird reason the game has some truly horrible haters. That stalk the game all over the internet to paint SV like liars etc. It´s truly amazng to which extent some of them go. And to read Kuthura, if that is Kuthura from Koto, puking lies here, then I feel sorry for him. I was in Koto and Kuthura was butthurt by SV when they didn´t go our way in a siege that ended with us losing our keep. Talk about taking the game to personal. They had the facts. Not us. And we would have lost that keep either way. But soon after he left and now come here to rage. So sad.
So all new players, I recomend making up your own mind. Don´t listen to much to fanbois or haters. Make up your own mind like your parents would tell you. The gaming world need more games like MO. Not more themepark crap. :P

Post Awakening release (after crucial patches): Game with many and unique, working sandbox features in fantasy theme MMO. With its sandbox features it currently has no competition. I would recommend it to true fantasy theme sandbox fans. Game visual is high quality 3D open seamless world with FPV combat, Elder Scrolls style. Still, game suffers from many, quite irritating, bugs that drive away less patient players. Specifically, inventory assets that turn temporary invisible and pets that disappear on node crossings are what plagues this game in time of writing this text (not all players experience this), besides other smaller, but many issues.

Learning curve is quite steep, but rewarding, still open PvP world is harsh to unaccustomed players and many player successfully grief uninformed noobs, but not true PvP. Still griefing is quite simply avoidable if you know the game basics. Game features extensive flagging system to punish criminals. Gameplay is smooth and fun without standard MMO grind, players have many genuine game style choices (true crafting, true PvP, true tamer, true alchemy etc). Game needs a lot of polish which is received in small steps by regular updates from really small development team. Since game is free to play, I would recommend a try to everyone that likes sandbox genre.

Well, what can i say?
First 10min of this game got me really hooked!
The freedom, the danger, it all makes it feel so real :)
So if you are tired of limitations in games, you should really try this game.

Don't go in expecting your typical MMORPG....the world of Mortal Online is harsh and unforgiving but also a wonder to behold. You are not the ultimate hero, you are a pleb, an everyday citizen out to make a life in this medieval fantasy world.

Starting out with the bare minimum to survive, it is up to you which direction your life will take you. Do you want to be a blacksmith, a lumberjack, a fighter or even a bandit...the choice is yours.

Graphics wise, the game is really nicely done, with more than its fair share of wow moments when you first see a palace or other grand structure. Those that love exploring will have a field day on Mortal Online.

Gameplay wise, just remember this isn't an instant gratification wont be out hunting minotaurs within the first few minutes; you will have to build your character up to that level. The full world open PvP is harsh, and yes can lead to moments of severe frustration...but you enter the world knowing it's there and aslong as you are careful (keep money in the bank, only carry what you need to) you can minimise the damage done if you are killed and looted.

The game does a very good job of immersing you into your character, with the forced first person view (more MMO's should do that in my opinion), twitch based combat and the ever daunting thought that the player mining next to you might be thinking about chopping your head quickly learn to think like your character would.

Downsides of the game...yes it does have some bugs which can be annoying at times but so far I haven't found any game breaking ones. A quick relog and whatever went wrong is fixed (so far). Another downside which is also one of the games plus sides, you never know who to trust. No global chat (help chat vanishes after 48 hours in game) means you can only chat to people within range, again adding to the immersion.

My advice, if you like a more serious adventure, give it a's more than worth it.

My Score 9/10

Cool awesome looking game!
Like nothing i've ever played before, in a good way!

Great mmorpg for a indie game developers. They are 3-5 people working on it and they are release cool stuff very fast.

It's a sandbox mmorpg, very hard to start but now with the tutorial it is a little easier for new players.

I suggest you to start in Tindrem and follow the tutorial. It really helps you with some basics.

This game is not a 10/10, it has some bugs but the dev is working on fix them every day and he is making a great job!
I vote it 10/10 because there are too mane 1/10 vote from people that got banned for exploiting/hacking or they are just raging.


It's funny seeing all these bad reviews, after been playing this game for 2 years i actually recognize a lot of these reviewers names as players thats been banned for exploiting or trying to cheat.
I guess you guys got your feelings hurt :(

So in short, don't believe the people who is trying to trash talk the game, instead download it and try out the f2p! Cheers!

The game has come a long way and can be a lot of fun once you get going. It offers things that no other MMORPG does. I got tired of doing the SAME thing in every other MMO and Mortal Online is the only game that gives the freedom and action I want.

I assume most of the low ratings come from people who played a long time ago.

Straight up the hardest game ive ever played... If anyone bashes this game its because they cant figure it out

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