Enter the fantasy world of Midgård, where elemental magic rules the land, goblins and trolls are perfectly harmless – well, perhaps not entirely, and all the villagers are wise-cracking smartalecks.

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Outstandingly funny, incredibly enjoyable, and surprisingly expansive. Play it with your friends...but don't cross the streams!

I really don't have much to say about this game. The Single player (or coop) campaign is well done and lots of fun. Entertaining cutscenes as well.

The multiplayer adventure, vs, and challenge modes are fantastic as well. I would like to see more support for vs as well as bigger maps if that ever happened. But I doubt it will.

Regardless, great game.

a revolutionary, highly addictive coop game that will make u laugh and cry like Vlad the wizard [not a vampire]! :D

magicka's basic strength is in its plain approach, which provides relaxation after busy day, but through a revolutionary new gameplay that will keep u occupied for a quite a while, trying to master it. for sure, u won't get bored, and u won't feel overburdened by game's progression, which is something uncommon in contemporary gaming industry.

however, be ready to face some bugs and get annoyed by an unwise choice to develop on microsoft xna. also, forget about playing on igp and low-level gpus. but those issues r easily forgotten once u start playing!

The best coop-funny-game at the moment, a must buy-it game :=)

Its adorable, gameplay filled with depth, funny characters because of good dailogue, references to pop culture, and tons of things to freeze, electrocute, crush, burn, blow off a cliff, slice... and wet?

Coop, duels, vietnam? Its wizardry in its most addictive form.

Highly customizable magic system, witty/funny/fun story.
What is not to like?

This game is great:P

Awesome game!

OMG its awesome especially when you can press 'assff' and do over 1000 damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply, fantastic. Nothing more to say.

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