Island Hopping is a 3d retro-arcade style platformer originally developed by one of our team members for the Ludum Dare 48-hour competition. The objective is simple: don't hit the water. The player will attempt to navigate through an ever faster path of island that vary in size, shape, and point value. When they inevitably hit the water, your distance and score (among other statistics) are sent to a high score leaderboard.

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Version 1.2 Release. This is a major release and contains a number of adjustments, bug fixes, and new features.

Posted by CzarAurelian on May 17th, 2010

Version 1.2 of our game Island Hopping is now officially released (testing and final adjustments took a bit longer than we expected)! On top of containing a number of adjustments, new features, and bug fixes, this is also the first version of the game we'll be releasing through ModDB. To celebrate, here's a trailer:

We've also uploaded a number of new screenshots to show Version 1.2, which can be found in our Gallery!

Here is a list of adjustments, bug fixes, and new features added to the game:

  • Difficulty levels adjusted.
  • Distance reward points adjusted.
  • OGRE screen removed (and along with it a couple of glitches that occurred through it).
  • Jumping is now mapped to most keyboard keys as well as the left and right mouse buttons as opposed to just the space bar.
  • High Scores (both Online and Local) added.
  • Double jumping added on Easy and Medium difficulties.
  • Options menu, with some new option choices.
  • New post-game screen.
  • News ticker on the main menu.
  • "No Island Spawn" glitch fixed.

Download Links (make sure to read the Readme, it contains important information regarding controls, instructions, etc.):

NOTE: For optimal experience with the Installed version, run the game as an administrator if the game is installed in the default location. If it is not, settings and scores will not save.

Gameplay instructions can be found in the Readme or HERE.

Although development of this game will now be slowed so we can focus on other projects, we still would like to know about any Bugs or Issues, Suggestions, or Questions that you might have!

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Avenger2150 May 17 2010 says:

So the basic point is ... jump over the green "Island", make combos and finish the level with the highst score and submit it ? sort of original
and yet Neat.

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Schroz Creator
Schroz May 18 2010 replied:

The only point is to get the highest score possible. Green islands get a lot of points, and can be strung together into combos, orange islands have pickups (points/multipliers), brown islands get a few points, and red islands lose points. It is procedural, so the islands are always different, and will never end.

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Avenger2150 May 18 2010 replied:

Ok i played and well i dont know why but i love it oO
the game is so stupid i love it. it reminds me of mario
but in 3D and alot faster AND without the mushrooms.

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Nozzy May 17 2010 says:

Seems extremely boring... =/ I guess if you like games like Tetris and Pong this would be fun. I just... Don't. =P

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Schroz Creator
Schroz May 18 2010 replied:

I thought the same thing, give it a shot though, it's much faster paced and addicting than pong/tetris.

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MrEmjeR May 18 2010 says:

maybe you should make an internet game of it...

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HeadphoneHalo May 18 2010 replied:

What the **** is "an internet game"?

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8472 May 18 2010 replied:

A game played on a web-site, generally. Like Flash games.

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Cremat0r May 18 2010 says:

Sounds fun, basic game idea and very arcade like.

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wbokunic May 18 2010 says:

Seems like you're getting some negative comments, but don't listen to them. It was a game built fast, can't expect the next Crysis from that. Here's some thoughts for future versions:

1) Add a bit to the graphics. I'm getting a cyber-punk vibe at the moment, so you might want to expand in that area. Make the water statically charged and such.

2) In conjunction with the above, I'd remove the black fog of war. I know you need it for the procedurally generated stuff (is it?), but if you go with the cyber-punk thing, you can use a fancy intro animation for each island instead.

3) Add a few more game mechanics, maybe a rail to grind on periodically and such. Just pressing the mouse button can get a bit tedious eventually.

Well, there's my 2 cents. Hope to see improvements.


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CzarAurelian Author
CzarAurelian May 20 2010 replied:

Thanks for the ideas and support! We're definantly going to continue developing this, and your ideas will definantly help us with our plans for the next version.

Also, to answer your question with idea #2, it is indeed procedurally generated :)

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oWn4g3 May 18 2010 says:

Awesome, I just played the gane for about an hour competing with some friends via VoIP.

Great expample of a simple but extremely motivating game :)

Tracked, hope to see some updates.

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Avenger2150 May 18 2010 says:

Well i think i found a bug here [or did i ?]
You are the Spider man ! Bug.
Basicly when you double jump your out of "Stamina"
and you can't jump again 'till you land on a "Island"
so if you double jump and hit the "Island's" lower back
the "Island" is "Captured" [Some times the "Capture" is succussfull and some times not] and you recive your "Stamina" back.
after that you have a chance of jumping again even if you hit the
water. i probably manged to use this Bug on every type of "Island" and on every type of difficulty. as for "Upgrades" for the future versions. i think that the "Water" you fall in should be replaced with some other liquid such as Lava or Acid. I think you should keep the Cyberpunk'ish style of "Islands".

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CzarAurelian Author
CzarAurelian May 18 2010 replied:

Not so much a bug as it is a feature at this point. It adds an extra little mechanic to the game and it makes the game a bit less frustrating. Plus as you pointed out, it isn't always successful, so you have to use it with caution :)

Haha, on an earlier version of the game, I changed the water texture to look kinda like lava (partially transparent lava ;) ). It actually changed the whole atmosphere of the game, which was scary. But yeah, at the least having different options for water ("classic" water, lava, acid, etc.) would be cool. Here's a pic of a comparison between water and lava-water:

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Avenger2150 May 19 2010 replied:

Ok thanks for liking my idea and telling me that the "Bug" i found was a in-game feature :D.

that feature saved me lots of time but some times i got the stamina but i didn't jump so i drawned.

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KompressorIsCool May 18 2010 says:

my only gripe with this is the annoying constant bass drum or whatever that thing is in the background, there doesn't appear to be an option to disable it. it makes my neck hurt for some reason.

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Schroz Creator
Schroz May 18 2010 replied:

From the main menu, select options, scroll down to 'music' and press the right arrow key.

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Kyou. May 19 2010 says:

this game is the shizzle i got all my mates into seeing who can do the best :D haha

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oWn4g3 May 19 2010 says:

yeah, rank 6 in distance, I've done everything I have ever wanted in my live :D

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DOLBYdigital May 19 2010 says:

Great simple concept that reminds me of the crazy stair maze/puzzle mods that I used to see people playing for CS and HL2. I'll have to check this out but can already tell I like where its going. I like the idea someone else had about adding rails to grind occasionally or other things to change up the combos and possibilities. I'll have more impressions after a thorough play through.

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nibbler234 May 20 2010 says:

This is absolutely wonderful, and simple! It's so addicting, and I really do love it. Since there is only one game mode, might I suggest a few?

Multiplayer (Survival, Points, Co-op, Fun) (2 players max)):

Survival: Which ever play survives the longest wins.(All grey platforms, points don't matter.)

Points: Which ever player has the most points wins. It's not whoever survives the longest, because someone can have a greater combo and die than a person who gets greys and reds.

Co-op: 2 players play together to get the most points.

Fun: 2 people just play together the same style as single player.

Single player (Accelerated, Levels, Earthquake)

Accelerated: The further you go, the faster your player goes.

Levels: You have to travel a certain distance in order to advance to the next level.

Earthquake: The islands are moving up and down.

I hope this helps you spark up some ideas, I really enjoy this game and the work your put into it. It's very original and creative, and I can't stop playing it! It's a perfect example for Indie developers as well because it shows how simple a game can be and still create huge success. Thank for the game, I really love it!


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CzarAurelian Author
CzarAurelian May 20 2010 says:

Those all seem like pretty good ideas for game modes to me. Don't be surprised if you spot one of them in the next release :)

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Cremat0r May 20 2010 says:

Anyone else who downloaded this got a message where it says:
"This program has almost identical behaviour of a keylogger"
Or something like that?

BTW: @ Nibbler, these are all nice ideas, would appreciate to see these in a newer version of Island hopping

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Praetor57 Creator
Praetor57 May 20 2010 replied:

That's strange, I guess the input system (I used OIS) looks suspicious to whatever security software you have... I can assure you it isn't a keylogger though (it doesn't do anything more than any other game's input stuff).

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nibbler234 May 21 2010 says:

One last thing. I know you're in school and you're busy enough, but maybe some graphical update would be nice. I like how simple and retro it looks, but maybe something modern like motion blur? Since you're moving all the time in the game, it would be a nice feature. Of course, people who have sickness or think it's annoying can turn it off.

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TheDaFox Jun 1 2010 says:

So I got a cake when I hit 50 million points from a friend. But Blast TRISTANLOL (who I do know) and plok!

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Guest May 9 2013 says:

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Guest Dec 12 2013 says:

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