Island Hopping is a 3d retro-arcade style platformer originally developed by one of our team members for the Ludum Dare 48-hour competition. The objective is simple: don't hit the water. The player will attempt to navigate through an ever faster path of island that vary in size, shape, and point value. When they inevitably hit the water, your distance and score (among other statistics) are sent to a high score leaderboard.

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May 18 2010 Anchor

Goal: Don't land in the water!

You automatically move forward at continously increasing speeds and must jump from island to island to avoid the water. Your score, distance survived, number of islands hit, and best combo for any given run are tracked and added to an online leaderboard (as well as a local one on your own comp).

Higher difficulties award score multipliers (but you have to deal with higher speeds, smaller and more spread out islands, and more movement momentum).

Different colored islands give different points:

  • Green islands give you an additional 500 points plus combo points for each green you have hit in the current combo "string".
  • Grey islands give you 50 additional points, but end your current combo.
  • Red islands take away 500 points on top of ending your current combo.
  • Orange islands give you 50 additional points and also have a bonus on them (750, 1500, or 3000 additional points or a score multiplier (2x, 4x, 0.5x). Sometimes you'll also run into a Ludum Dare related easter egg.

In-game Controls:

  • Move Move: Look/Aim. Note that you can make subtle trajectory adjustments by aiming up and down in mid-air (i.e. looking up makes you jump farther, looking down makes you jump shorter distances)
  • Mouse Click, Any letter key, Ctrl, Alt, Space, Enter, Shift, Up Arrow: Jump and (on post-game screen) run reset.

Menu Controls:

  • Left/Right Arrows: Adjust menu option.
  • Up/Down: Change selected menu item.
  • Enter: Select menu option.
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