There is a problem with interplanetary civilizations: developing them takes more resources than a single planet can offer, and sometimes even a planetary system is not enough. Especially if you have competition.

In distant cosmos, two sister planets have reached a rather tense situation. The ancient greed, inherent to both civilizations, has driven them to most dramatic measures: the building of massive cannons, aimed directly at each other. Let the game of interplanetary artilleries begin!
Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux, featuring both single- and multiplayer modes. It is inspired by classics like DEFCON, Civilization series and old-school artillery games.

Your goal is to cause damage to the enemy's planet and to protect your own. Manage your planet's infrastructure using the limited natural resources and research new technologies to develop even mightier weapons and defenses.

At the end of each turn, there is a chance to shoot your interplanetary guns and try to hit major strategic points on the enemy's planet. Be precise, and you might manage to navigate your railgun slug around other planets and their gravity wells, straight into enemy cities!

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Ho ho ho! The jolliest holiday greetings from Team Jolly Roger! Hope you've been well, our dear Interplanetarists, and everyone else interested in our misadventures in game development!

It's been a while since we've been actively putting out status updates, blog posts and such. But now, right before we set out for a quick Christmas holiday, would be the perfect time to quickly go through what's going on over here and write about our general thoughts on the passing year.

Interplanetary Musings and Thoughts for the Future

And so it began.

May 12th 2015, we released our first big PC game, Interplanetary, on Steam after a year of open development on Early Access. It was a roller-coaster of fun and horror, as these things tend to be! In the end, everything went much better than expected, a lot of which is thanks to the enthusiastic and warm reception of the game. You guys are the best!

That said, not all the features we planned made it to Interplanetary. As most developers nowadays, we didn't simply throw the game out there and were done with it, but had great plans of supporting Interplanetary by fixing things, adding things, balancing things... Maybe even a bit too great, it turned out.

Some bumps on road to release caused a lot of trouble with our subsequent support of the game. Shortly, we discovered some difficult online networking problems affecting some of the players around the launch time. You can read more about it in our July status update. We had to push back the bigger, funner features on the list and concentrate fully on critical fixes. We even put on hold some of our regular events, such as Whack-a-Dev's, until it was certain that no player would lose progress over a networking hitch. But, as it turned out, fixing the networking problem would require diving deep into the roots of the game, re-writing the code extensively; and the schedule was tight.

With all the patches and trouble, we blew through the time we wished to spend on more interesting things. Eventually, most of the team needed to move on to different work-for-hire-projects, thus, having to leave Interplanetary support to the background, which was quite disappointing for all of us.

Now, although we're heavily occupied by other work and can't give you any sort of sensible timeline yet, we are looking forward to continuing to support Interplanetary once we are able. We do eavesdrop on the community all the time and are very grateful to the players, who are still sending us excellent feedback!


Things didn't always go as planned and we ran out of time. Now we're really busy with other work. We want to update Interplanetary, but don't know when it's possible. Hopefully soon!

Of course, it wasn't all pain and disappointment. After all, Interplanetary was our first significant project and, as tough as it was at times, it let us learn a great deal of things. Not to mention the confidence we found in the friendly reactions from the critics (even got to appear in printed press!) and eager participation of the community - great morale booster!

Interplanetary in print. Next to Farming Simulator 15, no less!

Speaking of morale boosters, even though enthusiastic players are the best prize any game developer could ever ask for, getting an actual award also feels pretty great. And that's how it felt to win Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award last May in Malmö, Sweden! Unexpected and absolutely overwhelming, such recognition from peers, only days after the release gave us the strength to go on and the public attention to get Interplanetary noticed by new audiences.

The conference was fun and we got a hefty souvenir to take home, too.

Aside from the Nordic Game Conference, we got to tour inside Finland and all across Europe, showing off Interplanetary and meeting some of you guys! Among the events we got to attend in 2015 are: Paris Game Connection, Slush in Helsinki and Unite Europe in Amsterdam. Pretty out there, huh?

To round up:

Patches released: 6

Events attended: 11

Coffee packs consumed: Countless.

Yeah, quite a busy year! It's been mostly behind the scenes, out of the public eye, working on secret projects and such. Makes for a kind of a boring retrospective when we can't talk much about the things we're been working on, but we hope we've been nicely transparent and answered some questions.

Thank You For Your Patience!

And now it's time for us to take a little Christmas break. We'll be back in business early next year. Enjoy your respective holidays, everyone! Take it easy, play lots of games and we'll see you again soon!

May the Blast be with you!

 Inside Interplanetary: Behind the Sound

Inside Interplanetary: Behind the Sound


Our sound designer, Jack Powell, offers insight into the process of creating the sounds of Interplanetary.

Interplanetary Development Update and AI Speed Patch

Interplanetary Development Update and AI Speed Patch


Lighting fast AI processing has arrived! Also, a quick look into the current development status of Interplanetary and its future updates.

Interplanetary Released!

Interplanetary Released!

News 4 comments

It's been quite a journey. Back in 2013, when we first started active development, we were still working from school, with no idea what would be in store...

Interplanetary 1.0 Coming to Steam on May 12! Also a Trailer!

Interplanetary 1.0 Coming to Steam on May 12! Also a Trailer!

News 1 comment

After a year on Early Access, Interplanetary is finally about ready to be released as a full game! Whoa.

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Looking pretty good! Can't wait to try it out :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

ai aiming is very good but i would like to see a more tactical less guns blazing ai. :p. great work on the game though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jeoo Creator


It does depend a lot on the "mood" of the AI. Of course, we're still developing it, but an aggressive strategy often is a very effective one in this game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

looks good but my computer probably won't run it :(.Do you have demo in plan?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Chocomophin Creator

Hi! At the moment we don't have any plans for demo. But, perhaps, you could leave us your computer specs, so we can let you know if the game would work for you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

There's a typo in one of your description.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This game looks great guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Wow! This is a totally awesome project, definitely tracking and waiting for more news.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I posted a comment here and got a alpha key in a PM over a year ago, thing is i never knew PM's where a thing on desura XD. Only found out about the message today... oops. anyway before i found out about the message i was bored and looking through my bookmark tabs and found a link to this page buried away in there. after taking another look i'm impressed. nice to see it still being worked on and even green-lighted too. I've seen lots of cool larger scale games like this and usually after the first little while of development the game just kinda fades away but its great to see this alive and well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jeoo Creator

Hah, glad you found your way back here! Hope you're having fun with the alpha!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oohhhh man! You guys should have worked together with these game-teams,
(1) SpaceEngine: Moddb.com
(2) Paragon: Moddb.com
And Universe Sandbox: Store.steampowered.com
and designed ​​a super game...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jeoo Creator

Interplanetary 2...? :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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