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As promised in the last dev update, we are here with a big update related to the terrain engine.

Posted by Betelgeuze on Mar 18th, 2008

Flavien Brebion (aka InfinityAdmin) has been working hard on finishing the terrain engine the last couple of months. We are now at a point that we are ready to show the results of all that hard work. We still have a lot of things to do before its finished so keep in mind that this is all work-in-progress.

On the to-do-list:
- coriolis effect for clouds
- storm effect
- clouds have patterns
- terrain too blue
- over saturation to white
- areas too sharp / contrasted
- terrain only based on altitude / too randomized
- jagged / aliased shadows
- lack of bloom
- only one type of clouds

Enough talk, here are the screenshots of the terrain engine with terrain texturing, god rays, vegetation ( not procedural) and a lot of other new features:

Terrain Terrain

Terrain Terrain

Terrain Terrain

Terrain Terrain

Terrain Terrain

Sorry for the lack of anti-aliasing.

Want more information and screenshots, take a look at our latest Development Journal update on the Infinity forums.


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STPDeveloping Mar 18 2008 says:

*Stares in shock at amazing detail...*
You could've been gods, you people! Creating universes and planets like that... :P

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Aeneas2020 Mar 18 2008 says:

wow truly impressive

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Soviet_Deso Mar 18 2008 says:

That is really something :)
Very impressive, i agree

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TAU! Mar 18 2008 says:

If your ships engines fail, or anything like that, and you end up colliding with a planet. Will the planet's terrain, in the area where you crashed, be changed? It would be nice to have a little trail of torn up dirt after seeing that my crappy tin can in space crashed onto a foreign planet.

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 19 2008 replied:

No, you can't deform the terrain.

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Forsete Mar 18 2008 says:

Nom nom nom.

+1 vote     reply to comment
formerlyknownasMrCP Mar 18 2008 says:

this deserves a big "HOLY ****!" from me :D

how the hell are you guys doing this and where can I subscribe :D I feel like I am looking at Elite 4. Thats how good this game looks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
pedro0930 Mar 18 2008 says:

And you are an indie?!
Shame on all commercial game company

+3 votes     reply to comment
vfn4i83 Mar 18 2008 says:

And we only flyby ????

Cant we walk also.

Impressive work, cant wait to see this game finished.

+1 vote     reply to comment
awesomepossum Mar 19 2008 says:

crytech will be very jealous when you beat them to a the first realtime universe simulation

+1 vote     reply to comment
Harimau Mar 19 2008 says:

wow.. the sheer scope of this game is amazing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SAHChandler Mar 19 2008 says:

I think my brain just exploded.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 19 2008 says:

No walking in Infinity, it's a space sim ;)

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formerlyknownasMrCP Mar 19 2008 replied:

but still I'd be willing to pay money for a future expansion :D

remember battle cruiser Online - if only it had happened. But aw well I'd love Infinity to try it some day once the current scope is finished.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 20 2008 replied:

Maybe... but I doubt it. It would be a lot of work to implement a walking feature(avatar, interiors,...) and it wouldn't add anything to the gameplay.
For example: Why walk days from mountain to mountain if you can fly over them in a couple of seconds?

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Rossy Mar 22 2008 replied:

for the experience, and visual acuity of course!

Avatars would be cool though, seeing other people, and stuff.
procreation, possibly =D
Spore style creator, prahaps!

(ok, maybe a tad unrealistic, your work is already incredibly mind blowing)

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 23 2008 replied:

That would be more than a year of work, just for some eye candy; something that doesn't add anything special to the gameplay of a 'spacesim'.

You can't walk in a flightsim either, thats not what the game is about.

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freedomorfire Mar 19 2008 says:

cant wait for this one!

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ThunderGames Mar 19 2008 says:

*Stays frozen in that position*

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zynic Mar 20 2008 says:

Now this is really amazing! Keep up that excellent work.

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Terminal58 Mar 20 2008 says:

Looks pretty cool, trees are repetitive, be nice to see a dynamic organic life engine.

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eroneous Mar 21 2008 says:

"Players can discover a huge galaxy with billions of planets and can explore, combat, trade, socialize.. the possibilities are endless!"

Hmmm, billions of planets seems a slight exaggeration. Can you fly down to the planets surface from outside the stratosphere ie space, or am I away with the fairies with that comment. Most space sims use some sort of gateway to change the setting so I'd assume nothing much has changed there..

+1 vote     reply to comment
Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 21 2008 replied:

It's no exaggeration, we are recreating the whole milkyway.

Yes, space to planet is real-time, no loading screens, no level warping, no tricks.

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eroneous Mar 21 2008 says:

"Scales are also realistic: you will not find a planet of a few kilometres radius in Infinity. Our approach is pretty close to a planetarium software, like Celestia. How is the transition between space and ground level done ?It is completely seamless, with no loading times - actually, what you see from space is really what you see when you land. This is one of the key technologies behind the game engine."

Well that seems to answer my previous question. However, Celestia more or less blurs as you zoom in. Is it anything like the technique employed by Maddox games in il sturmovik with their map/full terrain editor, whereby they change the proximity from map to full 3D terrain..

+1 vote     reply to comment
eroneous Mar 21 2008 says:

"However, with a hundred billion worlds to explore, you can bet some of them will be pretty uninteresting."

OK, strike my very first comment.. MMORPG as well, now I'm losing interest fast.. Procedurally generated, explains a lot about how you're able to generate vast amounts of data.. Nice, but not what I'm looking for..

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 21 2008 says:

No, check our videos.

The I-Novae engine used to create Infinity is far more advanced than the Celestia engine. Celestia doesn't have terrain, its not made to see planets in close-up.

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 21 2008 says:

Well tbh I don't think you understand what we are trying to say with this.

Uninteresting planets are planets like Mercury, The Moon, Pluto; dead, atmosphere-less cratered/icy worlds.
We have 47 planet-sized objects in our own solarsystem, how many of those are interesting to you(and the general public)?

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D3VIL Mar 24 2008 says:

I hope this project makes a release, and isn't one of those games (Duke Nukem: Forever) that gets people's hopes up, and then destroys them by the project being cancelled. Infinity looks awesome, however gameplay is something which is more important. I would like to see more gameplay releases, however this release is brilliant. Great job guys.

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Mar 24 2008 replied:

Duke Nukem Forever has never been cancelled ;)

Have you tried the Infinity Combat prototype?

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itago Mar 30 2008 says:

Will this be anything like Freelancer? I miss that game..

+1 vote     reply to comment
J.B. Apr 7 2008 says:

So is this a multiplayer or a singleplayer game? It's awesome either way :D Also some of the screenshots remins me of supreme commander. Will there by any chance be any big walking robots (actually thats not a half bad idea)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze Apr 7 2008 replied:

Have you read the FAQ on our website?

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BlackOpsRacoon May 28 2008 says:

this looks amazing... I don't know what else to say...

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