Hеroes of Might and Magic V is the next part of the legendary strategy in the magic world favored by millions of gamers. The best series traditions combined with the new ideas and technologies will let you dissolve in the charming atmosphere of the regenerated universe full of the mysterious power of magic and noble longing for the battle. Essential graphic standards will make the magic world more vivid, while new heroes and creatures will make your journey more fascinating. * The game is rendered fully in 3D, unlike previous installments. * A new skill/spell/creature system is used. * There are six town types: Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Academy, Dungeon and Sylvan. * Players can see their opponents' tracks on the ground. They get deeper and last longer with the size of the army. Each faction has its own distinctive 'trail'. * The set of resources are the same as previous Heroes games, the fog of war acts like HoMM III, as does the retaliation. However, some creatures...

HoMM 5 Chaos Theory
Heroes of Might and Magic V

HoMM 5 Chaos Theory

2 weeks ago TBD Single Player Turn Based Strategy

Total conversion mod, that changes almost everything.

Sanctuary mod
Heroes of Might and Magic V

Sanctuary mod

4 months ago Released Jun 9, 2013 Single Player Turn Based Strategy

This is a modification aims to newly introduce to the game ancient race "Nagas". This city will allow you to command: water demons - Kappa, Myrmidons...

Heroes 5 TotE Mod Compilation
Heroes of Might and Magic V

Heroes 5 TotE Mod Compilation

7 months ago Released Jan 17, 2014 Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Turn Based Strategy

These are mods that I have created, collected and/or tweaked, with the purpose of having the ultimate Heroes 5 experience (oooo, flashy!). I am only responsible...

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