Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

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Finally, DevBlog 7 is here!

Chromium is back!

After long thoughts we've decided to switch back from Autodesk Scaleform to CEF, as it is much easier to develop cool interfaces on it. Chat has been changed as well, and now it is powered by HTML5 too and can be easily customized (yeah, it's semi-transparent on screens and non-transparent when new message appears or when it is opened) :



New User Interface

With CEF update, we've also updated our UI. Now it's more accurate, minimalistic, with bits of Material Design by Google:

GTA Orange 11 06 2017 12 44 28 t


Nobody knows if this feature will ever be used, however. We've included some tools to work with DrawPoly, such as loading .obj models or drawing 3D-texts. There tools can be used for creating GTA:SA-like pickup icons, as there are no such icons in GTA:V.

Картинки по запросу gta san andreas pickup icons file thumb gif dc49bd4c12e7907b1


...maybe something more dynamic?



You may have noticed that serverlist on the screenshot with updated User Interface doesn't look like a template. The data about servers is actual, as the masterserver has been launched recently. It is protected from the most of attacks and is very fast.

New officially supported languages for scripting:

  • NodeJS
  • Python

With our C++ SDK it is possible to implement any language, so, this list might probably increase in the future12 slight smile2x

GTA:Orange Server for Mac OS Xunknown thumb png 5e3c3bf6bd1274

There are plenty of servers powered by Apple's OS X, and we thought having GTA:Orange Server for Mac might come handy. Who knows what will happen?15 yum2x

I must also note that this is the latest DevBlog until Open Beta Testing. This means that it will appear very soon.
We know that you guys are waiting, we are doing our best to make thing go faster.

There are also two more developers in our team:
@Hexaflexagon and @GAMELASTER
And, of course, special thanks to our contributors:
@Xenus oida and @Jonniboy

Thanks for supporting us 783 heart decoration2x

GTAV Mod OpenIV No Longer Banned By Take Two

GTAV Mod OpenIV No Longer Banned By Take Two

OpenIV 20 comments

Rockstar has issued a statement on its reversal of Take Two's decision.

Take Two Issues Cease And Desist For GTAV Mod OpenIV

Take Two Issues Cease And Desist For GTAV Mod OpenIV

OpenIV 65 comments

Rockstar's parent company claims the mod defeats the game's security features.

Take Two Shuts Down Red Dead Redemption Total Conversion For GTA V

Take Two Shuts Down Red Dead Redemption Total Conversion For GTA V

News 18 comments

After two years’ work, "Red Dead Redemption V” will no longer continue development.

Australian Police And Media Outraged Over Grand Theft Auto mod

Australian Police And Media Outraged Over Grand Theft Auto mod

News 34 comments

A Grand Theft Auto mod that includes New South Wales police force reskins is raising concerns.

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Realistic Driving V, version 2.4

Realistic Driving V, version 2.4

Realistic Driving V Full Version

Realistic Driving mod version 2.4 features new driving physics for 332 vehicles in GTA V. Physics definitions for each individual vehicle have been created...

SectorXMissionOne v1.00

SectorXMissionOne v1.00

Sector X Army Mission One [.NET] Full Version

Info: Go To the yellow map marker just outside the army base and press J to start the mission. Join a government agency known as sector x and complete...

FamiliesMissionOne v1.00

FamiliesMissionOne v1.00

The Families Gang Mission 1 [.NET] Full Version

Info: Goto the yellow map marker location and pess J to start the mission The families will come out and talk to you and give you a gang mission to kill...

v2 10

v2 10

Claude Speed Living In Los Santos [.NET] Full Version

Change Log v2.10: -you are welcome at claudes house as long as your not hostile or they will attack you. -claude speed has more health now. Info: This...

Secret Underwater Base Expansion [.NET] v1.10

Secret Underwater Base Expansion [.NET] v1.10

Secret Underwater Base Expansion [.NET] Full Version

Discover secrets being hidden in this secret underwater military base Here the government are experimenting with zombies and strange alien eggs that change...

Merry Weather Secret Island Base [.Net] v2.00

Merry Weather Secret Island Base [.Net] v2.00

Merry Weather Secret Island Base [.Net] Full Version

change log v2.00: -Fixed some code so npcs are in a group so they dont shoot at each other, they will only shoot at the player now. Info: This mod adds...

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While the little kids state that the free updates being made aren't worth the trouble, I think they forgot that at any time Rockstar could charge money for it. Like other companies.. The fury I bet would be amazing.

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Damn this is awful

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Can anyone for the love of god create a mammoth tank mod?

The model for the X66 version from Renegade are everywhere to find.

Its depressing that there isnt a double barreled tank or a Halo scorpion tank mod for this game.

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Wow... how long where they working on GTA V Online? It looks like they didn't even bother to test it all out. Terrible design decisions for keeping a match going (abrupt restarts when one of the members of the "teams" are killed, and no way to change teams). why even bloody have teams then! why why have unskippable cutscenes in multiplayer? Do they not know what a veto is? When atleast half the players veto a cutscene then it should end.

They should have designed teams in a way where other groups of matchmaking people can join 'maps in progress' as the other teams, and finish a different objective of that server. If one team dies, it won't end the map instead they will just respawn at the beginning with their main car/truck/motocycle spawned just outside with all the mission related NPC's back to where they where before. If one team finishes their objective (they get credited for it) and they can choose to rejoin the server and play as one of the other teams (if they are still available), then servers only end or do a clean restart when all objectives are completed. A dynamic world and no frustration of abrupt restarts.

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Please, someone port the Crazy Drivers Mod from XBOX! Here is the video:

( No Not Carmageddon V, that mod is boring).

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Finally I can buy this game on my new PC with better performance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hahah, Rockstar banning mod users... Way to kill their GTA PC sales!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

They've backtracked, mods are good to go again, thankfully.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I know right?The reason behind it is good(prevent cheaters and hackers online) but they also ban innocent people who use mods for SP or FOV. And that is just plain stupid.Then again,it isn't entirely their fault as there is yet no way to detect whats a hack and whats not because of the way they are injected.Unless they create an official modding tool,there is no way for modding to be safe.

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PC Master Race Release Update It functions well, the few heists I've played are damn good, and I can only assume singleplayer is not much less interesting. After all this time... at least the game is what it ought to be for once. ------------------------------------------------- I detonate this ratings bomb in the name of the PC Master Race, HD Textures, and SSAO! Down with the dumbass at Rockstar who denies PC such greatness! LET NONE SURVIVE OUR GLORIOUS WRATH! DOWN WITH THE HERETICS! DETONATE…

Sep 17 2013 by ComradeWinston


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