Years ago, the Locust Horde gathered under every major city and launched a surprise attack. Untold numbers died on Emergence Day, and rather than allow the Locust to keep the spoils of their aggression, humans used chemical weapons and orbital particle beams to destroy them - and their own cities. With most urban centers and military installations rubble, survivors gathered on Jacinto Plateau, whose solid granite strata could not be easily penetrated. When the Horde breached the plateau's defenses, Marcus Fenix defied orders to save his father at East Barricade Academy - but he was too late. Charged with dereliction of duty, he has been sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary...

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It's pretty generic, just like most third person shooters this days.

shoot the **** out of lods'a monsters, hear a annoying briefing that won't help you even a bit, use bigass machinegun, face different enemies and all the **** you can imagine(in a action game of course).


i had a bit of fun, but sometimes, this game gets too damn boring and wanky.

i say, it's not the best game in the earth, so far it's not the worst.

btw, the mutiplayer in this game is pretty good, check it out once you get da game.

The chainsawgun is fun and satisfying. Rarely got to actually use the chainsaw.
The other guns were pretty much useless. Except for the sniper-rifle. And the hammer of dawn which is a heat laser coming down from the sky from a satellite, but you can only use it in specific locations.

I dislike that you have to stop to pick up ammo on the ground. I dislike that your character goes into walking mode whenever speaking on his ear-radio. Ruins the pacing.

The characters at first felt very stereotypical, but they grew on me. And i started to like them.

Being able to give your team commands is completely useless. And they never actually cover you.

There are 4 of you in total, but there is always a new reason to split up so its usually just 2 of you.

There isnt much of a variety in enemies. Nothing special about the story.

The reload mechanic is fun.

Some stages are very atmospheric.


Awesome Game. Good Memory's!

As a hardcore Gears of War Fan aka Gear Head.
I will give this game a 9 out of 10.

I hope the next installments will be awesome as Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3.
Gears of War: Judgment wasn't that great but it had potential mechanics in it and a few great game modes.

i have played this game for 9 years........

Not much a great game. At least is enough to have fun for a while. For being a co-op, it's not bad either, but there are not much strategies to do. In fact, in higher difficulties, most of the times you have to wait for a long time taking cover to avoid shots. Though, in some parts the real action appears and the game becomes more entertaining.

The graphics are excellent, really well worked, but the background remains similar along the game. After a while, the gameplay can get boring (I think just a few times) and also the story, that by the way I've never thought it was interesting. The game was long enough and has lots of gore, at the point I almost thought was unnecessary, but that's personal choice. And the end, though short, is the best part in my opinion. If you really games for just killing guys and with lots of blood, you won't regret playing it.

The very first third person shooter i ever played. I was amazed by the realism to the cover system. Overall, great game.

The best game type i ever played, Gears is the king of cover system TPS,fun hot battle, bloody chainsaw , over the shoulder camera like Residenti Evil 4,all these just perfectly made.

Thanks to Epic, not always make boring FPS,but bring sth, new to TPS realm,after Gears,a lot of cover TPS coming, that's great.

Cover system TPS never felt boring, it became a popular type these years now. Already played PC GOW for more than 4 years,as long as no more Gears come to PC, i'll play this 4ever....

Thanks to those modders and bot mappers...

I didn't get it the first time and I still don't get it now. :/

Playing this on my friends Xbox left a sour taste in my mouth, even though I'm aware that there are new features in the PC version, I'm just not interested in the series.

The story confused me and the men were just hulking dudes in armor with no personalities (Although Marcus Fenix sounded exactly like Jake the Dog so that at least gave me a good chuckle), and the levels, while they were eye-catching and run-down, were depressing and rather dull.

My ultimate gripe with the game, besides it's over-use of gore, it was just too boring!
Much of the combat is done behind cover and running at enemies almost always ended with me getting killed.

The first game failed appease me, and while I can understand people like this sort of thing, It just doesn't reel me in :/

great Game

the bad:
profanity is not completely filtered. not hard enough, storyline a bit confusing, to gory even with the mature filter(scenes).

the good:
extra levels, graphics, action splashing everywhere. it is those kind of games that one will play once in a while.

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