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A Turn based strategy/Tower defense/Empire management hybrid, with a black humor infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world.

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Empire In Ruins
presents a new take at strategy by merging the Tower Defense genre's detailed, recognizable gameplay with elements of Turn-Based Empire Management, in a hybrid never before seen.

Conquer, build, defend and lead Sgt. Hans Heimer in his own personal vendetta against everybody and everything.


  • Plot driven campaign - betrayals, diplomacy and nasty twists
  • Turn based strategy - quell the rebellion, kick back the enemy and restore the law.
  • Empire management - conquer back the provinces, strengthen your command, chose your best governors and grant your military campaign a steady flow of resources
  • Tower defense-based combat - fight your battles in a new, advanced tower defense style that winks at advanced real time strategy
  • Dark humor, dark humor everywhere! - Don't smile, it's punishable.

What sets Empires in Ruins' gameplay apart from other games is the fusing of the Turn based strategy & Empire Management components (Main Map & Research) along with Tower Defense enriched mechanics (Combat maps)


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Combat Maps Features

  • Erect your buildings in real time and avoid having your workers killed if they walk the wrong path
  • 17 towers with unique special abilities and feats and 5 additional buildings
  • In battle resources management
  • Combine the special abilities of your towers to obtain even deadlier effects (Ever tried a flaming arrow on an oil covered enemy?)
  • Manage multiple resources, productive and special buildings
  • Deploy heroes to command and enhance your towers
  • Beware of nasty, canny enemies. They will open new unexpected paths, sabotage your towers, blow your production and get through your defenses in surprising ways.
  • Ground, air, water, amphibian and secret enemies paths to defend against.

Empires in Ruins
main map is based on turn based strategy and empire management gameplay.
The whole plot-driven campaign will be managed through here. From the main map you will access the single combat maps (according to the plot flow or in order to defend/replay maps), manage diplomacy and access regions to improve or study their assets.


Strategic features

  • Expand, fortify and expand further taking advantage of the conquered regions reach and infrastructures
  • Improve the regions' production, increase the flow of resources to fund your brutal military campaign. Don't expect much help from above.
  • Handle diplomacy - Like a bull in a china shop
  • Assign trusted men to govern the regions. Beware of betrayals.
  • Manage research - More than 100 technologies to research and implement in your war
  • Each decision you take will influence the course of the story

Zoom 1

Few things make progression in a game as interesting as unlocking new technologies to empower your troops, weapons and economies.

Each owned region of the main map, according to its assets (libraries, blacksmiths, etc),produces every turn a certain amount of research points that are used to unlock the technology you'll need.

We’re working hard on making the system as easy to understand as possible, with the automated queuing of the requirement needed to reach the technology you want, tooltips and visual feedback to never run the risk of confusion.

Mirroring modern day society, Empires in Ruins settings dwell in corruption, betrayals and vices of the seeming noble societies. Under the gilded plating, the only truth that remains, are the Ruins.

What begins as a simple uproar in the western peripheral regions of the Principality of Koth, might in truth hide far more dangerous realities. Who's really behind the rebellion of the poor sods of the Western Marches? Who in their right mind would choose an unruly soul like Sgt. Heimer for this campaign?


If you like what you saw so far, you can reach for us, and take a look at the past, present and future progress of Empires in Ruins on the following places:
H&R Official Website :
H&R Twitter Page (@Ham_Rav) :
Empires in Ruins Twitter Page (@EiR_TD) :
Empires in Ruins FB Page :

Thanks for reading till here, we really appreciate it. Empires in Ruins is also live on Steam Greenlight. If you think it that what we are doing is worth the effort we are putting into it, please give us a yes vote to help us moving on further!

Cheers, H&R

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Ok, up until now we paid a lot of attention to the CPU stress in the development of Empires in Ruins, both in terms of Update and Fixed Update loops, but also a lot in terms of keeping the drawcalls and fillrate low. And what about RAM? Well, here we need to declare a Mea Culpa; about RAM we always thought "Even not-so-new computers have far more than enough RAM to run a 2D game". I would probably deserve a lash for each character of this sentence.

Screenshot 97


Meanwhile we added a higher zoom factor in battle, then we raised the resolution of the spritesheets, then we increased the number of frames per animation, then we had to reference all the tower and units prefabs from the inspector instead than pooling them up from Resources at game load (because of the 4 GB limit of the Resources file in build, the one that nobody ever told you about), etc etc.
And then one day we checked the profiler, and HOLY CRAP oh! 3 GB of Ram in use constantly during the battle map and we still don't even have all the enemy units in!

I mean, 3 GB is still "humanly acceptable" in a sense, but:

  • We still needed to add more Units, including the three largest ones, the vehicles (Tank, Paddleboat and Zeppelin), that can't have tiny spritesheets if we wanna have them look sharp and clean.
  • It's a 2D game. And mind this: a developer will often understand why a ultraHD 2d game with realistic smooth animations and a lot of zoom does use a lot of RAM. A generic gamer quite often will not, and it might easily be that flames will raise on your store pages.
  • It is quite pointless and dumb to have all the units and towers referenced in RAM even if you don't need them. Very pointless and very dumb.

A mistake we surely made was, specially for the Artillery towers, that can rotate 360 degrees (discretized in 45 positions) and reload/shoot in 8 directions, to have in some of them (Cannon and Bombard being the main culprits) the pre-rendered VFX of the shooting embedded in the spritesheets.

Screenshot 96

That caused, specially for the Bombard, the need for 4k or larger sheets (we got started using 8k ones for full resolution but that was just madness). Now if you do some math, a 4k sheet is approx 21 Mb in Ram, and a 2k sheet is 10 Mb, so 21x8+21x8+21 = 357.

Screenshot 95

So here you go, one single large artillery tower reference (not per instance, mind), uses 357Mb of Ram. We have 3 large ones and 3 smaller ones that are probably around 200 Mb each. That is a crazy 1600 Mb of Ram used for artilleries that you might not even be using (they are powerful and expensive, so i've rarely seen players having more than 1-2 of them in the workbench map). The first step was then to strip those sheets of all the VFX, and minimize the size of the spritesheets. And that was done outside of Unity, using Blender, Texture Packer, Houdini and Gimp. 2k spritesheets, if well packed and made, are absolutely fine enough for a good quality and good res animation.


So, this whole premise took me to investigate what one could do instead. Googling took me to one of those mysterious Best practices pages of the Unity documentation you wished you had read and found years ago. I loved the intro even though it was a "useless" warning at this point as we already ditched the use of Resources: "Best practices for the Resources system: Don't use it" - Ok :D
Through googling, searching and asking around, I found two possible alternatives to pick: additive scenes loading (aka loading, on top of the main scene, small scenes that have been prepped with no camera and just some prefab referencing) or the always heard about and always feared (let me tell you - without a good reason) Asset Bundles.

The first couple of tests showed right away that time-wise, there was no comparison between the two approaches, Bundles are much much faster. To load an additive scene with a single cube on top of an empty scene took approx 50 ms, while loading an asset bundle with a cube into the same scene took approx 14 ms. Tests made with more complex assets gave more or less the same results, and so it was one more choice taken: Asset Bundles seemed to be the way.

To summarize the possible approaches to use an asset in a scene :

  • Have the object already in scene from the editor at building time
  • Resources (but we saw above why it might not be the best idea)
  • Referenced in a public variable of an executed script (but in this case the whole asset will be always loaded in the scene, no matter if needed or not)
  • Loaded as additive scene (but again, we saw above that for multiple small bundles it might not be a convenient solution because of the loading time)
  • Asset Bundles.


How do AssetBundles work? Well, these pages will tell you mostly everything, but let us give our short version as well. Rough as hell but fairly straight to the point.
An AssetBundle is a pre-packed set of assets with a header to handle the collection. It can be streamed into the game from network or from files folder and they need to be built for a specific deployement platform.

Screenshot 94

The network use is easy to figure out when you think about web or mobile applications (an example, years ago i wanted to make a unity game for Kongregate, but Kong only accepted a limited size executable, so the way to add assets and contents was Assets Bundles or in case of mobile apps, it might allow you to stay below the mobile network download threshold).

We said what they are, we mentioned what alternative approaches they have, now time to explain exactly how we use the AssetBundles for towers management in game.

  • Each archery, magic or scouting tower has two spritesheets and three prefabs (Built, Damaged, Destroyed). The base towers have also the UnderConstruction. Each tower is packed in a bundle with the tower name (trimmed whitespaces, all lower case). Sprites occupy approx 3.5 MB all together, with the packed assetbundle being around 7-900 KB.
  • Artillery towers do have a building part that is identical in size and type to the ones above, then comes the large one, 8 attack sheets, 8 reload sheets and 1 rotation sheet, for a total of approx 50 to 80 Mb according to the artillery, that compressed in the AssetBundle become 10 to 15 Mb. The artilleries are split into bundles. One small one with the building only, loaded at start time of the map if the tower is unlocked (because of research), and one large one, only loaded whenever the player gives the building command for such a tower (and no other towers of that type are in map). After the command there is the walking time of the Builder + the building time of the towers (6 to 10 seconds) before the prefab is needed. The loading takes approximately 1 to 2 seconds, so that we are always on the safe side. Unused bundles are unloaded and kept so until needed again. Given the nature of the game and battle maps, it is fairly improbable to have more than 2-3 different types of artilleries loaded at the same time in map (they are costly and slow to build).

How much memory did this save? Well, according to a map unlocked towers, up to 460 MB. It might not seem "much" give modern hardware, but if you sum that up with the amount we are gonna spare with converting the enemy units into AssetBundle (estimated memory savings there are up to 1-1.5 GB compared to the actual manager managed pooling approch with all the units prefabs referenced on start.), but for example, in a 32 bit environment, such a difference that would be far more than enough to make a difference between being able to play the game or not at all.

Screenshot 99


As mentioned before, making a 2D game, is a risky choice when talking about minimum required hardware. Keeping drawcalls and memory consumption under control, has become nowadays fairly difficult, with most of the optimization and R&D focus going towards 3D. As developers, we know the problems that HD 2D might cause and why it might have very high hardware requirement. Keep in mind that the player does not, and he might easily get into the state of thinking "if a 2D game is using that many resourced, definitely it's because it's badly programmed". And we all know where this might lead your game and brand reputation.

NOTE, this is a bug encountered on shaders used through Asset Bundles and here is a useful link i found almost by mistake about Asset Bundles troubleshooting
Then ofc go to the manual and read it all through and through before starting
The full resources and assetbundles management best practices pages

Last reminder : Make sure you check the Dependencies of the AssetBundles and store them in a specifically made asset to avoid duplication. Check the bug on shaders and materials before you go mad about it.

And if you have any question feel free to ask. I might not know the answer, but if I do, I will be glad to help! And as usual, prove me wrong so that I can improve further!


Emiliano, H&R Lead Dev

EiR on Twitter
EiR on Facebook

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Archbishop Von Siemens-Gotsler Wallpaper 1920x1080

Archbishop Von Siemens-Gotsler Wallpaper 1920x1080


Archbishop Alberich Von Siemens-Gotsler - Field leader of the Church of Kaer

Sergeant Hans Heimer Wallpaper 1920x1080

Sergeant Hans Heimer Wallpaper 1920x1080


Sergeant Hans Heimer - 1st Sergeant of the Kothian Army

EmpiresInRuins - Combat map alpha - Windows build

EmpiresInRuins - Combat map alpha - Windows build

Demo 11 comments

Empires in Ruins Tower Defence combat map alpha. Windows 7 build. (other builds can be made available on request). Survive the waves of sneaky enemies...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 11)

Ah this is looking good,I've been roaming moddb for games and then your's stood out.It looks great,Can't wait to see its outcome.Lots of potential here if it isn't already near completion,I'm definitely going to follow.

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drHogan Creator

Glad to hear such words mate, as you can imagine they fuel up our team big time, so thanks! The work is near completion, but at the same time, I think that the most interesting stuff is getting in right now, so we will definitely try to keep on pushing out juicy contents till the end ;) (Our twitter and fb pages are probably more up to date as IndieDB takes longer to produce nice contents, but we're trying to keep everything updated). Cheers!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

good job :p

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
drHogan Creator

thanks Paratuyo!! ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Look great! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
drHogan Creator

thanks SenSei!!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I saw some of your screenshots on Twitter and was drawn here - absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the snowy mountains with the clouds passing by. Maybe the settlements could use a visual upgrade - it does look picturesque, but next to the snowy mountains it stands no chance!

I haven't played your demo yet, will check it out when I get some free time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
drHogan Creator

hi mate, first of all thanks for the kind words! we are right now working on the settlements look indeed. the thing is, we want them to look sharp, but also to look old and falling apart to give the idea of the poor region where the campaign takes place. As for the demo, i would suggest waiting as it is a very old alpha with only the a single prototype combat map. given some weeks, we should start with a closed round of beta if you are interested.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Really nice how you were able to add so many customizable components to the towers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Damn, looks really cool :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
drHogan Creator

Thanks Angel!!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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We did slow down a bit for 3 weeks,blame it on @DokHgn and his releasing of @RzW_NW but holy crap, we're coming bac…

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