The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you.

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-amazing soundtrack
-amazing story
-amazing atmosphere
-RPG elements + FPS Shooter = awesome!

jeden z pierwszych i najlepszych gier typu RPS (role playing shooter) lub jak kto woli fps/rpg. dzięki fanowskim modom, patchom (i spolszczeniu :))) gra jest wciąż żywa. nie ukrywam, że to dzięki dużemu naciskowi na elementy rpg lubię tą grę, bo przyznajmy szczerze, że w większości współczesnych gier rps element rpg ogranicza się do prostych statystyk. pozycja obowiązkowa dla fanów rps, ale też rpgc i ambitniejszych fpsów.

My favourite game of all time. Incredible in every single way, even the ways some people would disagree with. New Vision, Kentie's launcher and HDTP (turn off all models) is worth it, if not mandatory nowadays. Also give GMDX a spin on your third or so playthrough. The original game blew my mind first, second and third playthrough and little bits after. The only other game to do that is the Thief series. I bloody love this game.

Deus Ex... good old CLASSIC Deus Ex is a perfect game. Not perfect in the way that it doesn't have it's (slight) share of bugs and flaws. Compared to modern game titles however, it can be considered bugfree.
No, Deus Ex is perfect in the way, that it offers a really, really, nice experience.
The gameplay is a mix between shooter, stealth and RPG. And YOU decide for yourself, how this mix is balanced in the end. You can basically play the game almost 100% like an ego-shooter or almost 100% like a perfect stealth-game. You can neglect all the RPG elements except for attributing some statpoints or cou can talk to each and every NPC and try to dive deep into the story.
Story is, besides the gameplay, the next BIG point in this game. Deus Ex has a GREAT story and you get easily sucked into it. And that's without 10GB of cinematics. It's really good old-school in this aspect. Story is told by the actors (NPCs) themselves and develops right before your eyes while you play.

Seriously, get this game for a few bucks and just play it. You don't really need any mods. Google for "Kentie's Deus Ex launcher" and "Kentie's Unreal engine renderer" and you should be allright with Deus Ex on modern systems.

The mother of all games, nothing has come before and few have come afterwards. Still one of the most open ended choice game in existence. Game is still alive with mods being done

The best game od all time by far. A perfect blend od open ended gameplay and rich cyberpunk atmosphere set in a bleak, not too distant future set in the year 2052.

One of the best games I have ever played. The story, the gameplay, the levels, the music. This game is mindblowing. It makes you addicted, you can't stop playing it. And when you get your hands on the mods... oh boy! I had to sacrifice my social life in order to play this game. I consider the trade more than acceptable.

This games was the begining of a great genre the FPSRPG. a game in wich every choice matters, gameplay matters and story is just great. the work of a masters. stealth, gunfire and discretion are words that define this game. even though it is old it is better than many games this age. so give it a try and mod it.

Однажды приятель дал мне диск с этой игрой. А до этого я играл только в Quake 2, Project IGI и Soldier of Fortune. И Deus Ex покорил меня с первых же минут. Покорил меня своими игровыми возможностями, геймплеем. Ни в одной игре ранее я не мог преносить с места на место предметы, даже если эти предметы находились на локации просто для мебели и не влияли на прохождение. Управление инвентарём - нельзя было носить с собой всё что найдёшь, нужно было выбирать. Да ещё и разложить всё это по квадратикам. При чём носить можно не только оружие, но и всякие шоколадки, а это опять же так мило... И к каждому предмету - текстовое описание. Читать газеты. В какой ещё игре можно почитать газеты? Говорить с людьми и при этом выбирать варианты ответов. Отдельные показатели здоровья на каждую часть тела. Механизм заметок, и заметки можно создавать и редактировать. Разветвлённые цели, разветвлённые локации, наконец - разветвлённый сюжет. И самое главное - атмосфера. Вот за это я люблю Deus Ex.

Perfection in the gaming field, you just can't compete

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