Adam Jensen was hand-picked to safeguard the secrets of America's top biotech firm. But when a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists he was hired to protect, using a security plan he developed, he is thrust into a conspiracy shrouding mankind's future evolution.

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I... can't... stop... PLAYING... IT....

JESUS! I've spent 18 hours within 24 hours PLAYING THIS DAMN THING! I've never been this addicted to a single game before, it's just too good to ******* leave or take a break from. The atmosphere, story, voice acting, graphics (minus some crappy facial animations at times, like some woman sounding as if she's really sad but her face looking like she's ******* happy), soundtrack, gameplay are ALL ******* BRILLIANT!

This is much better than the first game IMO, it keeps the old things but also makes them better and adds other new, really useful things too.

Excellent game, definately worth playing, definately worth buying... DO IT

+Many different weapon upgrades
+Hacking is actually fun now
+Many different ways to augment yourself that are all viable
+Exciting combat & very immersive experience
+Interesting story and many mini choices to make that can affect the storyline in various ways. A few moral questions arise.
+Beautiful graphics and sound design.
+A varied amount of locations.
+A few different routes to take & ways to tackle the objectives, thus allowing you to play how you like, which is essential to Deus Ex.

-Forced you with auto health regeneration & 25m radar. Previous games it was an optional aug. They should have stayed with that. Makes the game easier.
-No lean keys, instead you have to use a 3rd person cover system. So you can see around corners without having to expose myself ie makes the game easier. It also makes the Stealth Enhancer aug useless.
-AI can behave stupidly on more than one occasion.
-Allowing you to choose your own playstyle was crucial to the Deus Ex experience, but somehow they didn't figure out that assigning different amounts of XP to different playstyles encourages you to play a certain way. Thus discouraging player choice.
-Readables are all about science & not the more interesting subjects like philosophy, theology, like transhumanism ect
-Many things you can't interact with, emphasis on graphics means alot less objects with physics which hampers the realism.
-Bosses have no backstory & you are forced to kill them. Sneaking players can't even hack turrets or get passed. You won't even know these bad guys unless you read the Icarus Effect.
-Lame way to pick your 4 endings.

What makes or breaks the game is the level design, I've talked about the importance of this many times before. It comes down to whether you can reliably choose different approaches to avoiding enemies and achieving your objectives. I've found some areas like the city, way to linear and simple to navigate but I also had a similar issue to the original Deus Ex in that regard. But for DX:HR I extend this also to the combat areas as being a little to easy to navigate through. One hard way, and one sneaky way. Levels don't seem as big or 'labyrinth-like'. This is something thats becoming a issue with most FPS these days as just not providing enough secrets or 'viable' multiple path ways for those who seek it.


Easily one of the best games ever!

Just passed the game and i can say that its worth its price, the story is very interesting and deep, and when you finish it it gives quite a lot to think about, in a philosophical way...
(felt that it could be a bit longer, but thats because i was playing it every day lol)
I recommend it for sure!


So awesome! GOTY for sure!

It's a good game, for sure. But not as a DX game. It's much more a Splinter Cell-like than a DX-like, with all that console gaming infiltration and those very boring console mini-games in which you just spend half of your time.
Some essential points that do not correspond to what I'm waiting from a DX game follow:

The choices you (should) make are always pointed out by -ridiculous, as I'll explain- xp rewards. Never kill an enemy, knocking him out will provide better rewards. Use vents, as they always give you xp. Talk this way with this character, it will provide you more xp. Where are the choices that should be a part of DX games? F*ck that nonsense rewards system.

When you encounter an enemy, the very best infiltration approach would be to just avoid it, sneaking in the dark, right? Sorry, but it gives you 0 xp, so it's the worst. Ridiculous.
When you have to use a computer, unlock a door, etc, the best approach would be to find the code for it, right? Of course not, it gives you 0 xp, it's the worst approach, you should hack everything. Ridiculous. Once more, f*ck that nonsense rewards system.

Augmentations. Most of them are either always active or automatically activated. Ok, the game is more approachable, probably, but a big part the augs principle interest is dead now.
And you just start with the very better augs in the game, the health regeneration (oh yeah, modern gaming) and the radar. Come on...
That radar... It's what your gameplay is based on in the whole game. Always. And it's ridiculous. You always know exactly where your enemies are and what they're doing. They just can't hide. On the other hand, you are always hiding yourself. How credible is that?

Also, bosses are too easy, endings are disappointing, characters are not interesting and I won't keep many of the game locations in mind. I just finished it and can just think about one or two special places.

Ok, as I said, it's not a bad game, far from that. But it's miles away from DX1 greatness.


Such an awesome game, i can't stop playing it. However, i still prefer the first one.

9.6 rating?

I never asked for this.
JK Great Game.

Great game, excellent story and great score and characters! The cyberpunk ambient is very realistic and really awesome! Good longevity, and a great work of modeling and texturing by the eidos montreal band. Very good game, perfect prequel for the original masterpiece.

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