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What is about "Dead Morning"?

Dead Morning is a open source standalone game based on the Darkplaces Engine with a new style of horror game adventure, mixing a lot of great games of this genere.

About the story of "Dead Morning"

You are Eliot Paulina one electrical and electronics Technician that work with the contractor Francosta S.A, in a normal routine labor that he takes, he has to fix the crucial electrical instalation of the Ex Club Hotel that is abandoned and the new ownership want to fix this building, but a lots of mysteries surround the Club Hotel that the player has never faced before...

Some features of "Dead Morning"

Some short features of the game will be:

  • Graphics powered by the DarkPlaces Engine.
  • Inventory system.
  • Flashback events.
  • In-game music and atmosferic sounds.
  • Video Cinematics.
  • Bilingual game (English and Spanish) subtitles and menu.
  • Platforms like Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Full Open Source Game.

Games inspirational for us

Some of the games that we took inspiration for do this game are Scratches, Which, Fibrillation, Quake, Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Alone in the Dark (1992), Silent Hill 2 and The Hunted Chronicles.

Who Develop this game?

Jerónimo Cabrera (Myself): Level Desgin, Game Design, etc...
And Nahuel Scorza: Programmer, Level Design, etc...

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A Dark Place... Update #3


It's time for a new Update Log!

Well so much things happend in this time, a lot of work was done in the game and now there are some new and great mechanics that reflect more the kind of game that is aiming A Dark Place to be. And also there are some good recibment of the people about this proyect. We where invited to show the game in the EVA 2016 (Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina),wich is the more big game show of Argentina,we show the game with some other proyects in colaboration of Gamexel,another game indie studio friend.

The game now is entering slowly to the beta phase,and we hope to make some release of the game at any time,so stay tuned for more news about the game.

So now,we go to the important,a lot of screens and exciting good news and features! :

(Warning! There are a lot of cool screens of the game,so take a time to load all this great pictures)

EVA 2016
Expo Show:

01 1- A Dark Place with some other projects from CatGazing together with Gamexel,and some other more games of the game expo.

02 1 - Dude playing the game and scaring himself a little.

03 1 - Playing in the big T.V for a more scaring experience.

04- Always turn on the flashlight or run, wherever you want to do.

06- All playing very focused in the games.

05- Running and watching that precious game field.

07- And the last picture of the expo, in the dark halls of the game...

It was a great pleausure to show A Dark Place in the game expo more big in our country,we have a very great feedback from the people that played and everyone enjoy the game and scary a lot also,dont ever play this game alone in the dark....

And now, a big bunch of screens from the last version of the game,with all the new features and things that you will expect to see:

engine 2016 11 27 05 28 00 41 - New work in the exterior map and the route part.

engine 2016 11 27 05 28 31 84 - New and beautiful trees and more ambience to the exterior.

engine 2016 11 27 05 29 05 50- Big and expanded exterior level with even some puzzles included.

engine 2016 11 27 05 29 10 45 - New system of interaction with notes and some important things of the game.

engine 2016 11 27 05 29 20 73- Some of that important things you will able to grab it and put it in your backpack.

engine 2016 11 27 05 29 29 34- And search that things in your inventory.

engine 2016 11 27 05 30 23 97- New and improved rain system with some great shader effects like wet dirt.

engine 2016 11 27 05 31 04 98- More work to the exterior design of the factory.

engine 2016 11 27 05 31 24 42- New expanded places to explore in the exterior level of the factory.

engine 2016 11 27 05 31 53 70- New puzzles to make a more enjoyable game experience.

engine 2016 11 27 05 32 08 44- New improved light effects and coronas.

engine 2016 11 27 05 32 26 77- New and optimised shader work with some cool texture effects.

engine 2016 11 27 05 32 52 98- New game interactions with the environment and a lot of detailing in the map,like some spider nets.

engine 2016 11 27 05 33 19 02- And of course,our great friend in this adventure (if you have enough battery) the flashlight!

engine 2016 11 27 05 33 48 27- The flashlight will serve you as a help to defeat the dark places of the factory.

engine 2016 11 27 05 33 56 12- A new system of doors interaction like the old school survival horror games.

engine 2016 11 27 05 34 08 27- New light systems like lens flares,light trace,and coronas.

engine 2016 11 27 05 34 56 03- We hope that you can pass through the dark with this great flashlight or die of scary in the try.

engine 2016 11 27 05 35 26 21- New exploring system,you can open all the lockers and search for objects,like batteries, flares, keys, and more.

engine 2016 11 27 05 36 04 74- And if you find a light that works,don't even trust in that light.

engine 2016 11 27 05 36 32 82- But in any case there is always flares that you can search in the game to light your way for a time.

engine 2016 11 27 05 37 03 99- Finding switches and interacting with them always make something in the game.

engine 2016 11 27 05 39 10 84- More improved and optimised storm system.

engine 2016 11 27 05 39 34 67- New textures and a more in depth style to the industrial environments.

engine 2016 11 27 05 39 47 16- More updates to the original level design of the factory map.

engine 2016 11 27 05 40 25 48- A lot of more dark places to explore and get lost.

engine 2016 11 27 05 40 48 16- Randomised switch system,so if you replay the game,switches maybe can change the original localization that they used to be before.

engine 2016 11 27 05 42 15 83- Improved rain,thunder and storm sounds to make a more in depth experience.

engine 2016 11 27 05 41 16 87- Your inventory objects will help you through the game progress if you use it wisely.

engine 2016 11 27 05 42 33 76- And more dark and creepy rooms to not get lost in them.

So,that it´s all for now,we hope that you follow the game here,or if you want you can follow the game and other CatGazing game developments in our Facebook page, or in our friend page Gamexel.

See you in the next update!


CatGazing Studios


Ico 2

A Dark Place... Update 1

A Dark Place... Update 1

News 3 comments

Big update with great news about the game and the new things that happen in this update time.

Introducing: A Dark Place

Introducing: A Dark Place

News 5 comments

This is the oficial introduction to A Dark Place, a survival horror adventure game from CatGazing Studios, powered by the DarkPlaces Engine in all his...

News and Updates about Dead Morning

News and Updates about Dead Morning

News 1 comment

Here I left one update about the development of the game and the new things and features that will be showing in this.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20)

project abandoned?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not really, but the team is not working in the game. JeroCabrera is busy at the moment. I am working in another project called "gray morning". The gameplay of "gray morning" is almost the same (i am using practically the same programming code), but about the graphic "gry morning" is simpler (yes, even more)- . I will release the new game soon :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

A horror game set in a lovely countryside? Oh, I am definitely game for that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

How can i download this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

No link to a repository? So while the game will be "open source" (which license?), the development is still behind closed doors?

And what about the artwork, sound, etc.? Under which license(s) will they fall?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Open source is a licensing model, not development model. You can release under an open source license but you don't have to take a 'bazaar' (or bottom-up) approach to development, you can take a 'cathedral' approach which is less common nowadays but still valid.

Open source is just the license you release under, the way you develop it is another story entirely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

*sigh* This is exactly why I abhor the term "open source" in favour of the proper term "free software". Or maybe "FLOSS", if you have to.
Tim O'Reilly, Eric S. Raymond (even before he went completely nuts) and their ilk did much harm to the community with their ********.

Developing closed and then doing a dump is just bad for everyone. People can't learn from the development process, can't spot problems, can't spontaniously help, nothing. And all too often, projects die without ever having seen a release (for various reasons), the work and time wasted.
I really wonder why this behaviour is especially prevelant in modding communities. People
- don't release
- vanish without trace
- won't release sources for modding tools (and get pissy yelling about "their intellectual property" when asked about sources, wtf)
etc.. It's sad, really.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

we are making a tech demo with a single map and a very clean base of qc, is a short storie different of dead morning, we are using gpl tools to make the game (fteqcc, quark, audacity, GIMP, etc.) we will release the code from the engine and the qc everything under gpl 2, aniway the depelovment is slow because we have busy lives and we are only two members. We need a modeler, a composer etc. but we do not call members if we do not have a tech demo released.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

In either case, I do look forward to Dead Morning. I only wish development would be more public. Not just on this project, but generally.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

sorry but we doesn´t have the time or work structure for a repository. the main problem is my native language, i do not speak english, any team member speaks english fluidly. I am the programmer and my qc code doesn´t have comments , i need clean it and add the comments but i can not to add comments and document everything in english because i can not write english, these work is imposible for me. You can see the qc code from xonotic and the repository, they are a very big comunity for a multiplayer game. We are just two guys wint jobs, university and school. The Xonotic qc is very complex and great (i only understand the 40% from the code). anybody will learn anything new reading the code from dead morning, because we are based in a very clean qc 1.01 from quake adding new stuff. Qc is easy but you need time to learn it, but if you know quake and xonotic code dead morning code will be very simple for you, if you do not know anything about qc dead morning is a bad base to start. I suggest read qc 1.01 from quake and xonotic code, after you can learn about dead morning.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah; aniway we can not use repository because dead morning have a storie, and we do not want show spoilers :)!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hello guest, we do not use repository, the development is closed doors because we are making the game using dropbox, and we only will release the game in the version 1.0. The code will be under licensed with GPL 2, and the art is in GPL 2 also, but the some music is under CC-BY (we do not have a composer yet).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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