CrossCode combines retro-style 2D graphics with the unique theme of
throwing energy balls at everything.

By throwing balls you will:

  • Solve challenging puzzles
  • Defeat many enemies and master epic boss fights
  • Destroy boxes Interact with your surroundings

All this gets delivered as a plot-driven Action-RPG. Now that's at least the plan. The development of CrossCode is still at a very early stage. But you can already get an impression on how the game feels by playing the TechDemo!

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4 comments by Regiden on Oct 20th, 2014

Hello again!

CrossWeek is over and boy it has been a blast. I never thought we could create/design/polish so much things in just 6 days. We even planned out a lot of new things we will show you over the next few updates. So this is going to be a longer post, since we also need to compensate for the last update. Also, in this update we'll announce the demo release date! Sitting comfortable? Having something to bite next to you? Alright, let's rock!



This time our goal was to finish a new part of the plot within an all new scenario. While this sounds like a simple goal it's really a larger milestone and everyone needed to concentrate on his task. So here's a list of what we wanted to do:

  • Extend existing tileset for the outside area of the new scenario
  • Create new tileset for inside area as well
  • Plan layout of area & build maps
  • Create effects/animations for cutscenes / combat segments
  • Make Re-Skin of an enemy
  • Extend plot on cargo ship
  • Add sounds to existing maps on cargo ship
  • Add new features to the level editor (file dialogs and height maps)
  • Create new music for boss battle and post-boss battle scene

New Area

Tina and I were mainly tasked with handling the new area. Tina created all the awesome new graphics while I planned (with a little help of Felix) and build the maps. While the maps still lack some details we did a pretty got job to make the path clear and we achieve the feeling we're going for. But take a look yourself:




What do you think? As said, we plan to add more details and variations over the time.

New Effects and Enemies

Noticed the small little dust or sparkle effects on the previous screen? This a are parts of the new effects Felix added. We call these Environment Particles. What you can't see on a simple image: These particles move around the map and are layered on multiple levels to give you a deeper sense of 3D movement (kinda like parallax scrolling). Have a look:


'Tis but a short gif, but it adds so much detail to an area and we're even able to customize these particles. So while there are small dust particles inside the cargo ship. You could see seagulls or other effect on outside maps. We can also spawn these particles via events. This will become handy when adding scene-related effects.

T-Free created tons of effects and animations for the scenes in the new area. We don't want to show too much because we want you all to be in awe the first time you see it. But I can't help myself not at least give you something. So here's a little image and gif for you to enjoy:



On top of that T-Free also created finished the 2 remaining enemy types for the autumn area, Meerkat and Buffalo:



New Sounds / Music

Teflo worked all day to create custom sounds for scenes and reusable sounds. He also created new background sounds for the cargo ship, such as machines rumbling in the cargo hold, or the sound of waves and seagulls on deck. Both the scenes on the cargo ship and the default map feel much more immerse. Of course it's hard to show you this by simply giving you the sounds. So you'll have to wait for the demo release for this one!

Intero was busy remixing the Teleporter Theme (also called Awakening), the Exposition Theme (called CrossWorlds) and creating the Escape Theme for the scene after the boss battle. And because this is still not enough he also created a Boss Theme prior to the CrossWeek. The Escape Theme is not quite ready yet but the other 3 are!

So check out his SoundCloud here and listen to these new and remixed tracks (includes cheesy Lea cover art!):

Hope you like it!

Scenario Extension

As already mentioned in the previous sections, we extended our plot by a lot. Everything from the boss battle to the end of the demo is now basically done. There are some missing bits and dialog changes, but it works and you can completely play the story part of the demo from beginning to end now. These were implemented by Felix and Henning over the week. Of course we have a little teaser for you again:



So here's a big one. We designed all important characters on the CrossWeek. That's right, we had a really awesome and lengthy design session where we discussed characters and environment and gave each character a basic shape. Now we don't want to share every single one of them (some still need a proper concept art anyway), but we picked out 3 we want to show you. All of the characters are part of a guild inside the game and you'll meet them often on your journey. Note that these pictures are only rough sketched that will still be polished for the final concept art.

Codename "Schneider":


Codename "Old Dude":


Codename "Upbeat Girl":


We don't wanna talk too much about the personalities of these characters to avoid spoiling you. We always aim to create different types of characters with little quirks and edges that make them more human. It's hard to convey this into a small text.

Remember this character from the last update?


While we still won't tell you who she is, we decided to at least tell you her name: Shizuka. And yes, this is the character you'll play in the new area which you visit before the real game starts on the cargo ship.

On the environment side Frece worked on all the different places you will visit in the game. Yes, he basically got them all done. Of course we want to hold back some of these for later but here are 4 different areas he designed:


Some of these were designed on the CrossWeek while others have been created before the event. He also helped on the characters and did some pretty nice concepts of some character we'll show on a later date.


Phew... okay that covers the basics. But we're not done yet. While we worked on all this, we managed to squeeze in some other stuff. We added various new editor features to help us quicken the workflow of creating maps. First there is the new Height Map. Felix added this awesome and very handy feature to create cliffs and rivers much, much faster. Explaining it in all detail is probably worth a special technical post. Here is a little summary of what it does:

Consider this map:


Switching to the height map, reveals this:


This represents the different heights, the blue covered tiles are water while the green/cyan tiles are land. Now if we add these green tiles here:


This automatically changes to this by means of a single button press:


If you want a more detailed explanation, let us know!

Felix also added more feature to our flexible enemy system to make it possible for us to hold enemies in stun/place for longer attacks and make them move away from the player through our navigation system.
Apart from this, I added file dialogs which help to quickly navigate sound files or maps in events. Before this we had to write out the precise file path by hand, which surprisingly resulted in errors quite often...


We managed to finish a lot of the things we wanted to do. What's left is to combine all these individual pieces to get the final game content for the new area. This will be done over the next 2 weeks. I would say we completed 80% of our TODO-List. As always there were a lot of issues that needed fixing before we could implement new things. The engine is still growing and so is the game. On the bright side we added features we can reuse, so over time these issues will fade into the background, leaving us with more time for content.

And that's it! No wait... something is missing...

Demo Release Date

That's right! Almost forgot! We have an official release date for the demo:

November 30th 2014

That's right people. Get Hyped!

And with this little piece of information we come to end of this massive update. As always, we hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time!

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VoltreySDA Oct 10 2014, 8:31pm says:


I played Lachsen's Velsarbor a few years ago and enjoyed it very much, definitely one of the better maker games out there (if we count unfinished ones). When i heared that Lachsen is on a new project i had to look it up.
Damn this is awesome, you had me instantly hooked up. The thing you said you are focusing on (level design, polished controls, high quality assets, many animations), are definitely the things i value a lot in games which makes me even more excited.

I played through your tech-demo at least 30 times to see how fast i could beat it. It feels very responsive, fast paced, smooth and dynamic, I'm loving that, i can't wait to fight hords of enemies and bosses with this kind of gameplay.
I started with a controller, the compatibility is very good, it feels nice. When i switched to keyboard and mouse it felt a lot faster and more precise, mostly because i can't handel the control stick too well in this game. I especially noticed this in the bonus level where you have to walk on top of the blue barrier, the L-turn with keyboard was obviously very easy while i fell of a few times with the controller.
If i would decide to play on the controller i would rather have the movement on the D-pad than the control stick. You think the controls on the controller will be customizable as well? I would be fine either way, keyboard and mouse feels superior to my taste.

I love your dev-blog by the way. It's so up to date and you update regularly, it's very easy to see where thing are going. I mention this because sadly i had some bad experience in the past with games that were in developement that either got cancelled or got stuck in Alpha/ early access buld but you give me confidence. I see a lot of dedication going into this, your attention to detail is incredible and something that should be cherished by game developers. I will be paying very close attention to this, i'm loving everything i see.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Regiden Oct 17 2014, 7:16am replied:

SDA in the name, I assume you're a member of the fine Speed Demos Archive Community then? A pleasure to read you.

Thanks a lot for all the praise! It always makes us very happy if people like what we do. If you liked the TechDemo get hyped for the first real demo! It's going to be awesome (I know it!).

30 times? wow. That's a lot. Did you stop the time? I'm a great fan of speedruns myself, so I get especially hyped if a runner plays our game. That's actually one of my personal "DO WANT" for CrossCode. A speedrunner running the game, finding tricks to abuse bugs/glitches we didn't find :D

Sadly, we wont add customization for controllers. Reason being that for controller the complexity of the implementation would be pretty high. In the full game the D-Pad is used to switch between the elements but we could swap the D-Pad input and the Left-Stick Input in some way. I can't promise anything but I wrote it down as a nice-to-have-feature :)
We tried to work around the disadvantages of the controller be giving the player full 360 Movement and the ability to just hold the R1-Button to rapidly fire balls. However we changed it a bit so the controls should feel more responsive in the next demo. Hopefully this will help!
For aiming mouse + keyboard will always be a bit better though. The disadvantage is that you only have 8-way movement. But as you said, this can be an advantage in certain puzzles :D

The Dev-Blog is a no-brainer for us! We are developers and we like to share our stuff if we can! And all this feedback already helped us to make the game so much better. It's very nice to read people enjoy our blog. Although we often fail to deliver all those promised technical post... It's difficult to create such post, because we want them to be as awesome as our updates.

Thanks again! Hope to read you again after the next demo ;)

+3 votes     reply to comment
VoltreySDA Oct 17 2014, 1:49pm replied:

I haven't used a timer but i finished it in about 3 and a half minutes looking at a clock. From start to the credits that is, with the bonus it takes me almost 10 minutes mainly because i haven't found a fast and consistent strat to kill the enemy waves yet so it feels way more sloppy. Also the killer mice are crazy they killed me a few times.

I'm looking forward to the demo. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
ili53 Aug 12 2014, 1:03am says:

Please don't forget to add the possibilty to customize the controls. I mean every key and additional thumbkeys for mice.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Regiden Aug 19 2014, 5:52am replied:

Don't worry, it's planned since the initial release!

+3 votes     reply to comment
why_me Jul 22 2014, 9:40pm says:

After countless tries and fails, I have finally beat wave 2 of the bonus level! But then I realized wave 3 has 7 enemies at once. I surrender!

The tech demo is just so much fun by the way. I really can't wait to try whats next in store for cross code. All I hope is that there's no wave 3 with 7 enemies again. T_T

+4 votes     reply to comment
Regiden Jul 23 2014, 6:21am replied:

Thanks a lot!

You will find 7 enemies at once again! But they won't be as hard (maybe :p). For optional fights however such a challenge will become interesting again (like arena fights)!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 6 2014, 4:32pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Regiden Jul 7 2014, 6:39pm replied:

We plan to release a demo at the end of this year. The final game will be done by the end of the next year (+ 2 months at max maybe. It depends on how smoothly development goes).

+3 votes     reply to comment
NickCh Jun 23 2014, 10:31am says:

Im in love with the game guys! good work!

+5 votes     reply to comment
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RT @lachsen: Just posted an issue for chromium about micro stuttering: This is a real problem for any HTML5 game. #…

Oct 22 2014, 1:57pm by radicalfishgame

RT @lachsen: Just posted an issue for chromium about micro stuttering: This is a real problem for any HTML5 game. #…

Oct 22 2014, 1:57pm by radicalregiden

Is the movement of the ufos on this page fluid or jagged at times? Please let me know!

Oct 21 2014, 4:19pm by lachsen

Just posted an issue for chromium about micro stuttering: This is a real problem for any HTML5 game. #gamedev

Oct 21 2014, 4:17pm by lachsen

@PixelFerrets Wow! You guys, stahp.

Oct 21 2014, 3:09pm by radicalregiden

A good test that shows the lag issue. If you sometimes see stutters in the 60 fps, it's a problem. #gamedev #html5

Oct 21 2014, 6:15am by radicalregiden

@Inno_Sanguinis @InnoSanguinis Dat kommt mir bekannt vor.

Oct 20 2014, 1:58pm by lachsen

RT @RadicalRegiden: Noticing strange lags over multiple web games (Treasure Arena, Elliot Quest, CrossCode), over all browser. Urgh... #gam

Oct 20 2014, 11:07am by lachsen

RT @HerrDekay: Uiuiui, der Soundtrack von #CrossCode klingt schonmal richtig gut! Freu mich auf die Demo Ende November °3°

Oct 20 2014, 9:50am by lachsen

@MarvSee @HerrDekay !!!

Oct 20 2014, 9:47am by lachsen

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