Crash Bandicoot Returns was originally to be a simple mod for Crysis. But thanks to Crytek and its graphics engine, the CryEngine 3, it finally gives us the opportunity to develop a game in itself, totally free and for PC. CBR will be a sequel and not a remake of the series.

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Anywhere [OLD] We are actively seeking an artist for the textures at Poulpefaction

we are actively seeking an artist for the textures poulpefaction anywhere artists our team is currently working on the project crash bandicoot returns. however, after several tests on various textures in the game, we have come to the conclusion that if we wanted a fun, cartoon rendering, we needed a designer for it. we are actively seeking an artist capable of making cartoon's textures and why not, some artworks if you want to work on it too. if you have these skills then, then you are welcome to the team!

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