Cradle features a groundbreaking fast-paced system for melee combat driven by your intent and purpose. When you attack in Cradle it is not a stand-in for a random number generator, the actual strike of your weapon is what determines damage. Cradle’s highly responsive attack and movement systems provide unprecedented control and fluidity in player movement and combat. In Cradle, you fight with your wits and your reflexes, not dice.

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At home in the dark or in the deep wilds, the Ranger is both a ninja and a marksman. Wielding a combination of bows and glaves the Ranger takes down enemies from afar before he’s even spotted. Once assaulted, the ranger quickly switches to use his myriad of knives, bombs and daggers and goes about dispatching enemies with ease as she darts across the battlefield. Although she doesn't take damage well, the Ranger's quick reflexes and unparalleled speed enable her to run circles around her enemies, dealing death as she goes.

Always being one for speed and agility over strength, the Ranger thrives off the fast pace and adrenaline of combat. As she dodges more attacks, and dishes out more of her own at fast pace, she becomes more and more focused, eventually falling into a deadly cadence, allowing her to ignore both pain and fatigue (infinite stamina).

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Sep 11th, 2013
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