Command & Conquer (a.k.a. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn or simply C&C/C&C1; the game is also often unofficially called Command & Conquer 64 for the Nintendo 64 port) is a 1995 real-time strategy video game produced by Westwood Studios for MS-DOS and released internationally by Virgin Interactive. It was the first of twelve games to date to be released under the title Command & Conquer; six subsequent titles having since continued the story set as sequels with one acting as a prequel, along with the production of several spin-off games. Met with universal acclaim by consumers and critics, Command & Conquer was released for seven separate platforms along with becoming the initiator of the Command & Conquer franchise, and today generally is considered as the title which originally defined and popularized the modern real-time strategy genre.

Command & Conquer Unofficial Patch 1.06
Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer Unofficial Patch 1.06

2 weeks ago Released Sep 19, 2008 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

The Past Ain't What It Used To Be... The first Command & Conquer received its last official update on the 21st of June, 1996. Since then, the game has...

Rift - C&C Red Alert 2 Modification with Ares.dll
Command & Conquer

Rift - C&C Red Alert 2 Modification with Ares.dll

2 months ago TBD Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Real Time Strategy

Rift is a modification of the game C&C Red Alert 2 by Westwood Studios. Its features are enhanced by Ares DLL binary coding, and has been in production...

C&C Gold Crazy Mod
Command & Conquer

C&C Gold Crazy Mod

4 years ago Released Sep 25, 2009 Single Player Real Time Strategy

A Mod For C&C Gold Bringing You The Best And Craziest Idea's To The First Command And Conquer, If You Have Any Ideas Please Feel Free To Post Them...

Command & Conquer
Windows, Mac, DOS, N64
Westwood Studios
Electronic Arts
Westwood 2D
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Released Aug 30, 1995
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