Prepare to unleash the absolute latest in modern weapons technology against the world's most powerful Generals in Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. In the next era of military strategy and might, you'll need to command a more technologically advanced arsenal to defeat new, more powerful enemies.

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Also known as the unofficial patch 1.1 to both Generals and Zero Hour, this beta mod release as experimental contains some of the balance changes to improve Generals and Zero Hour.

Put the folders in C:\Program Files\EA Games or C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts (whichever installation folder you install in). No files are needed to be overwritten and both C&C Generals & Zero Hour will overwrite the changes on what's in those files. Please do not modify and re-distribute this mod without permission from the author.

Global Changes:
-- Speed increased for the slowest units on the battlefield.
-- All text names used in menus, HUDS, command bars and buttons are in lowercase. The primary font for all strings is Arial, except for the Generals font used in buttons.
-- Difficulty settings for the skirmish and MP renamed to Easy, Medium and Hard.
-- All vehicles and drones doubled their health (except civilian and misc vehicles) and dozers tripled their health. Infantry increased their health by 50%. This is to reduce the fragility of the units.
-- All infantry building times nerfed to minimize spamming.
-- Gun and rocket/missile armor damage to all vehicles decreased slightly.
-- All superweapons are equalized to seven minutes before firing.
-- All rocket soldiers in all factions have their attack range equalized to the same range of most tank vehicles.
-- Emergency Repair reload time for all factions: 2 minutes.
-- Capture Building upgrade for all factions now cost 1000/20.
-- Transport slots used by ground vehicles all reduced to two except for the Overlord, Troop Crawler, Listening Post, Nuke Launcher and Battle Bus with 4 transport slots each and Dozer(s) with 1 transport slot each.
-- Experience values increased for all units making veterancy hard to achieve.
-- When capturing an Oil Derrick with any infantry, you'll gain 500 credits on initial capturing and then 200 credits every 12 seconds.
-- All heroes have their cost and build times increased to 2000/25 with a limit of one each on the field.

USA costs and other changes
-- Ranger 250/5. Missile Defender 300/6. Pathfinder 700/10. Colonel Burton 2000/25.
-- Dozer 1000/10. Chinook 1200/15.
-- Humvee 700/10. Crusader Tank 900/12.
-- Ambulance 800/12. Can also heal vehicles.
-- Tomahawk Launcher 1200/15.
-- Paladin increased to 1400/16 and requires Strategy Center. No science ugprade required. Scan range to counter missiles increased to 150. Can now scan for stealth material on the field at a range of 200.
-- Commanche 1500/20. Raptor 1400/15. Stealth Fighter 1600/20.
-- Cold Fusion Reactor 800/10. Barracks 600/10. Supply Center 2000/20.
-- Patriot Missile System 1000/20. Requires Barracks to be built.
-- War Factory 2000/20. War Factory re-ordered command set lines for the five vehicles.
-- Strategy Center 4000/60. Uses 4 power and requires war factory/airfield. Increased health to 2000.
-- Supply Drop Zone 3000/40. Detention Camp 1000/20. Particle Cannon 5000/60.

USA support power, upgrade and unit ability changes:
-- Daisy Cutter reload time: 5 minutes
-- Paradrop reload time: 4 minutes
-- Carpet Bomb reload time: 2.5 minutes
-- EMP Pulse reload time: 5 minutes
-- Crate drop reload time: 5 minutes
-- Missile Strike reload time: 4 minutes. Radius cursor radius increased to 100.
-- Particle Cannon reload time: 7 minutes
-- Spy Satellite reload time: 1 minute
-- Spy Drone reload time: 1.5 minutes
-- Ranger capture building reload time: 15 seconds
-- CIA Intelligence reload time: 2 minutes
-- Advanced Control Rods upgrade 500/20.
-- Flash Bang Grenades upgrade 800/20.
-- TOW Missile upgrade 1000/30.
-- Commanche Rocket Pods upgrade 1000/30.
-- Laser Missiles upgrade 1500/40.
-- Advanced Training upgrade 1500/45.
-- Drone Armor upgrade 1000/30.
-- Composite Armor upgrade 2000/45.
-- Scout Drone upgrade 100/5.
-- Battle Drone upgrade 200/5.

China costs and other changes:
-- Red Guard 400/8. Tank Hunter 300/6.
-- Black Lotus 2000/25. Health increased to 300.
-- Hacker increased to 800/15. Gaining credits per second increased when using hacking ability: 5 for regular, 7 for veteran, 10 for elite, 15 for heroic.
-- Dozer 1000/10. Supply Truck 700/10.
-- Battlemaster Tank 900/12. Dragon Tank 1000/12.
-- Gattling Tank 900/12. Overlord Tank 2000/25.
-- Trooper Crawler 1400/15. Vision range and clear shroud increased.
-- Inferno Cannon 1200/15. Nuke Cannon 1600/20.
-- China Mig 1200/15. Health increased.
-- Nuclear Reactor 1000/10. Bunker 400/6. Gattling Cannon 1200/15. Barracks 600/10. Supply Center 2000/20.
-- War Factory 2000/20. Speaker Tower 500/10. Nuclear Silo 5000/60.
-- Propaganda Center 4000/60. Uses 4 power and requires war factory/airfield. Increased health to 2000.

China support power, upgrade and unit ability changes:
-- Cluster Mines reload time: 5 minutes
-- Napalm Strike reload time: 5 minutes
-- Neutron Missile (aka nuclear missile) reload time: 7 minutes
-- Artillery Barrage reload time: 4 minutes
-- Cash Hack reload time: 4 minutes
-- Tank Hunter TNT Attack reload time: 10 seconds
-- Hacker Disable Building reload time: 5 seconds
-- Black Lotus Capture Building reload time: 10 seconds
-- Black Lotus Disable Vehicle reload time: 5 seconds
-- Black Lotus Cash Hack reload time: 5 seconds
-- Red Guard capture building reload time: 15 seconds
-- Nationalism upgrade 2000/60.
-- Radar upgrade 500/10.
-- Mines upgrade 500/10.
-- Black Napalm upgrade 2000/45.
-- Chain Guns upgrade 1500/30.
-- Aircraft Armor upgrade 1000/30.
-- Subliminal Messaging upgrade 1000/30.
-- Uranium Shells upgrade 2500/45.
-- Nuclear Tanks upgrade 2000/45.
-- Overload Gattling Cannon upgrade 800/15.
-- Overload Propanganda Tower upgrade 400/10.
-- Overload Battle Bunker upgrade 200/10.

GLA costs and other changes:
-- Terrorist suicide weapon nerfed to 300 damage instead of unlimited. Speed decreased.
-- Normal suicide weapon nerfed to 600 damage instead of unlimited. Speed decreased.
-- Convoy truck suicide weapon nerfed to 1000 damage instead of unlimited. Speed decreased slightly.
-- Increased splash damage radius for all bomb trucks equipped with either normal or high explosive bombs.
-- Rebel 200/5. RPG Trooper 300/6. Jarmen Kell 2000/25.
-- Hijacker 500/10. Terrorist 500/10. Angry Mob 1000/15. Worker 200/5.
-- Radar Van 500/10. Scorpion Tank 600/10. Quad Cannon 700/10. Technical 500/10. Toxin Truck 700/10.
-- Marauder Tank 800/12. Rocket Buggy 1000/12. Scud Launcher 1200/15. Demolition Truck 1500/20.
-- Barracks 600/10. Supply Stash 2500/25. Arms Dealer 2500/25. Scud Storm 5000/60.
-- Stinger Site 1000/20. Tunnel Network 800/15. Demo Trap 400/10.
-- Palace increased to 4000/60 and requires Arms Dealer.
-- Black Market increased to 3000/45 and requires Arms Dealer and Palace.

GLA support power, upgrade and unit ability changes:
-- Detonation of a dirty nuke reload time: 5 minutes
-- Scud storm reload time: 7 minutes
-- Radar Van scan reload time: 30 seconds
-- Power Defector reload time: 7 minutes
-- Terror Cell reload time: 7 minutes
-- Rebel Ambush reload time: 4 minutes
-- Black Market Nuke reload time: 10 minutes
-- Anthrax Bomb reload time: 6 minutes
-- Rebel capture building reload time: 15 seconds
-- Scorpion Rocket upgrade 1000/30.
-- Radar Van Scan upgrade 500/15.
-- Anthrax Beta upgrade 2500/30.
-- Toxin Shells upgrade 1000/30.
-- Camouflage upgrade 2000/45.
-- AP Rockets upgrade 2000/45.
-- Junk Repair upgrade 1500/30.
-- AP Bullets upgrade 2000/45.
-- Buggy Ammo upgrade 1000/30.
-- Arm The Mob Ak-47s upgrade 1000/30.
-- Bomb truck high explosives 500/5
-- Bomb truck bio bomb 500/5

Global Changes for Zero Hour only:
-- Generals Challenge text names and buttons are in lowercase.
-- Any upgrade cameo icons that do or do not belong to some units and structures have been modified.
-- Some balance changes for all other generals sub-factions and will be mentioned in full detail on a future release. This part may have issued a crash(s) during the balance changes' experiemnt.
-- Edited USA Mission 4 map to have the Airfield, Supply Drop Zone and Colonel Burton buildable.

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C&C Generals & Zero Hour Reloaded
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GeneralKhan Mar 13 2012 says:

GooD. Thanks

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crudehotrod Aug 13 2012 says:

how do i install this mod

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vin-zios Nov 10 2012 says:

crudehotrod its a .rar file you need to extract all files and put into file named maps you your command and conquer zero hour folder. hope it helps

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Guest Apr 1 2013 says:

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ImoogiX Dec 22 2014 says:

This is **** just a lie this dont even a mod

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