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LordIheanacho Uzorchukwu Iheanacho
Nov 27 2009 Anchor

We need Voice Actors and UnrealScript Programmers for our non-commercial game located here. If we are to even go anywhere with our game, we need some voice actors for the following:

Multiplayer Gameplay Narrator (i.e. Blue Team Score),
Voice Commands,
Death Sounds,

Elite Shock Troopers,
Protagonist (Player),
Unique Characters

We would REALLY appreciate it VERY MUCH if you would help with getting this indie game succeed.

Contacts Listed Below

Skype - hawkx4
Windows Live -
Xfire - gmax5

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Nov 29 2009 Anchor

Hello there, id be quite happy to help you with as many of the voice's as i can if you need.

LordIheanacho Uzorchukwu Iheanacho
Dec 13 2009 Anchor

Need some more Voice actors the position is still open.


Group: Lord Iheanacho Productions

Current Indie Game (WIP): Army Men III

M.A.Blacklock Composer/Sound Designer
Dec 18 2009 Anchor

I do voices, I do many voices. One is on my profile with my music, and you can check my webpage for more.

Mar 16 2010 Anchor

I can do voices just tell me what to do. But it has to be someone young.

Admiral_Nemo Designer
Mar 16 2010 Anchor

If you are interested I could lend my voice to your mod. I will require a script with a good character description. It has to be an English mod though.


"Not lazy, I'm passive progressive."  

Mar 17 2010 Anchor

Give me an email at and let me know some more information and I can see what I can do for your guys. I'll send you a sample I just sent off to a client for an idea to what I can offer.

You can also check my website at and there are some older samples on there. I recently setup my recording studio from home.

Apr 2 2010 Anchor

Alright, I feel kind of inadequate here, after cdreams did his little "Call me. Let's have lunch!" post with his website and email address. I don't have a website, and this is my first time voice acting on a mod, and even off mods I'm not a Ross Scott, but I'll give it my best shot. I can do quite a few different voices. If you want to ask me for a certain voice sample, just let me know. To sound more professional, here's my 8-year old email I still occasionally check. Thanks for reading this far.

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Apr 18 2010 Anchor

I would be very interested in working on this project. I have just finished building my studio and this will be a fun way to make use of it.

Please email me at :)

May 2 2010 This post has been deleted.
Jul 3 2010 Anchor

I can do some voice acting.

I can probably do a young person's voice (not a kid voice). I can give a demo but I'm not sure what you would need me to say.

LordIheanacho Uzorchukwu Iheanacho
Jul 11 2010 Anchor

Still open for more voice actors

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exanity UI/3D Artist
Jul 19 2010 Anchor

I would love to give voice acting a shot for this mod. I don't really have any example work accept for this one video, I can always do more examples just let me know what you would prefer me do example work of.

You can contact me at or Thanks alot!

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Jul 19 2010 Anchor

You want a good voice actor that will do just about any role you have look up Mike Hillard (he is on ModDB as well) he does a lot of voice work for all sorts of mods and indie games.


Jul 26 2010 Anchor

I do voice work and im currently working on Point Zulu and Vampire Slayer. I have my own home studio and have a deep voice Email me at if you want me to send some samples.

AcidBarrel -- Torment --
Jul 26 2010 Anchor

Greg is amazing. I must say. His work is epic.


Grenades... are your friends.

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